rooms, tambourine leg, and art

September 09, 2012


Thank you for all the love sent over about
my living room...some of you have made me
feel extra fancy featuring it on your
fabulous blogs like ArchCandy.

I  hung some of my
art on the wall and
even stopped myself from making things
symmetrical on the other side of the fireplace.
Personal growth, kittycats.

I don't know if I have shown you this perspective.
The artwork is a gorgeous painting by
Melissa of Aimless Olive.

You may remember this canvas I painted when
commissioned to do a similar one for an office.
I cannot even tell you how many layers of paint there are.
I also employed wax and secrets. 

The coffee table I created from a table tossed in
a church's garbage is working nicely.
It has two drawers for holding ugly remotes.

This is my lounge/music studio.
Out went the leather loveseat and ghost chairs,
but the swing remains cuz a girl needs to swing. 

The trunk is from my childhood.

Something else from childhood...the piano is now in here,
and I am loving the acoustics of 10-foot
ceilings (paintings are by artist friend Malik).

I wanted flirty skirts for the kitchen chairs,
but sewing them would involve a machine.
Me and machines don't get along.
So I bought linen Shabby Chic shams
by Rachel Ashwell and sewed on linen ties.

I melted candle nubs and added the wax to
my old English crocks for instant candles.
*Now brace yourself, sunshine* 

This is my leg after Thursday's garage band* rehearsal.
*6 middle aged professionals who jam and get funky in
a friend's garage and aspire to perform for intoxicated listeners.

Yep. Tambourine leg.
The most massive bruise I have ever incurred
from percussion.
Further googling reveals I should be proud.
Whatev. Today the bruise is black.
Our name (for now) is
Under Observation, and with just
4 rehearsals under our belts,
we have a gig at a carnival on September 15th.
I'm singing WALK THE SAME LINE and backup on 11 other songs
The wardrobe will be casual, and here is a t-shirt I made to possibly wear:

Get down, mama!

Still with your funky friend?
Thanks to close blogmates featuring
my beachy abstracts, they sold out in a few days
(thank you Tina and Sherry!)
so I have added more.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Ouch - your poor leg! Love your place and the art on your walls! :-)

  2. Oh hey! Your tambourine playing isn't good enough if you didn't have blisters on your legs or hands...thats how the saying goes right? GREAT JOB. Now I know you played some fantastic tambourine.

    Wanna know a coincidence? a spooky one? This weekend we jammed too and I played tambourine. A hand held one and I have blisters all over my hand. But the jam was sooooo good!

    Why are we always so similar? :)


  3. Question- do your talents have NO end? Seriously your paintings are gorgeous!!!!! So not surprised they sold out, you are in demand lady!!!
    Your home equally feels so soft and airy and inviting, such good karma. Like I landed on a big white fluffy cloud:) Love all you do!
    Take care of that leg...I am waiting for a video!! You know we all want to see you in action belting one out........

  4. Michele, isn't there something you can do to protect your leg? I hope so, but it is obvious you are having a blast.
    Love your rooms. So serene and full of beautiful things, and I love your art. The art on the piano is great too.
    Happy Monday.

  5. Michele, isn't there something you can do to protect your leg? I hope so, but it is obvious you are having a blast.
    Love your rooms. So serene and full of beautiful things, and I love your art. The art on the piano is great too.
    Happy Monday.

  6. Your home, a gorgeous sanctuary. Your art, just beautiful. Your leg, ouch! Not so pretty. Poor thing. Glad you are having such a blast, though! When does the demo come out? Happy Monday, talented one! XOXO

  7. i think i just need to change my method, teresa. i'm workin on it.

    roy--how cool that you are a tambourine freak too. i have more tambourine stories for you and blisters! three on my hand and they are more of a problem than the bruised legs!


  8. Sounds like you all had too much fun! :) Michele, your paintings are really beautiful and serene. I like them unframed and grouped just the way you have them.

  9. Everything is beautiful except your tambourine leg. Love, love your style, all of the white slipcovers, baskets, and your lovely paintings.

  10. OUCH! Your poor leg! But your living room is lovely. Love the asymmetrical art, and that great industrial table next to your chair.

  11. Love your living room, it looks so Restoration Hardware. Beautiful :)

  12. I love your paintings! I love your livingroom! And your tambourine leg makes me smile :-)

    Love Lisanne

  13. YOU are a true
    renaissance lady
    for the 21st Century,
    if that makes any
    sense at all! Your
    multi-talents and
    spirit make me smile
    and lord knows, I
    can always use more
    of those : )

    Happy Monday and
    hope that coochie-
    coochie mama leg
    heals FAST....

    xo Suzanne

  14. Ouch Michele .. you crazy girl! If I lived out your way I'd be coming out to watch you do you thing! ;)

    Love your shabby chic skirts and your paintings ate gorgeous!

  15. Your home looks very charming, Michele. The dining table and the white piano are my faves! Adore your artwork too. They are beautiful, no wonder they sell like cupcakes!

    P/S: Come by and enter my smokeless scented candle giveaway, if you like. :)


  16. Love your paintings...So, so pretty! They look so good grouped all together. Hope your legs is better soon.

  17. the leg is better today. the blisters on the tambourine hand? mercy.

    i can't wait to let you know how it went. i will try to capture some video too.


  18. I love all the details of this room! I am in LOVE with your painting, the one that has tons of layers, it is just stunning:). Yikes, your leg looks like it really hurts but it sounds like you gals are having a great time, good for you!!!!!Good luck,Jen

  19. Why have I not stumbled across your blog before today?... I have slapped myself in the face for being so careless...
    I am so happy I have found you now!
    Bec x

  20. Your home is just lovely! And, your art is gorgeous. I'm your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by Posed Perfection today and leaving me a sweet comment about Lee's Caramel Frosting. I hope you'll visit again soon and maybe even follow me back. Have a great week! I hope you leg feels better soon.

  21. I love your chairs, the material looks so soft. I really wish I was close to a Rachel Ashwell store that I could see her fabrics in person, and to touch them, such great quality fabric. I did search your blog looking for the chairs, but couldn't find them, thanks for sharing with us.

  22. New to your blog... and I loved reading it and looking at your calming and beautiful rooms!

    Thank you!

  23. Michele...
    I just love and get the biggest kick out of reading your make me smile!

    Except for that bruised leg (yikes)...everything is simply beautiful! I so love your quietly done and comfortably gorgeous living room...a big wish... but may not be in this lifetime for me to simplify to this level.

    Thank you and keep on creating beauty!

  24. Your home is so beautiful, its so peaceful feeling. Good luck with your band, thats really neat.

  25. So clean and crisp....but youre leg!!! Poor thing <3 The twigs you were asking about is hazel ;o))
    Smiles and hugs to you


  26. Mini gallery wall of your work is fabulous as are your very creative flirty skirts! You have so many talents my dear, you really should master that sewing machine - just stick with it and I have no doubt you could turn up some truly awe-inspired prettiness. Speaking of prettiness, those paintings you have for sale are totally underpriced because goodness me, they are WONDERFULLY soft and moody and sultry. Yum yum... Your leg? Erm.. not so much. Bless. Hope your ouchies heal up soon! At least it shows you had a great time ;) Big smooches missus xxx

  27. wow, i love the simplicity of the chaise by the fireplace, the total lack of fussy detail. Love the choice of navy and neutrals.

  28. I love all the soft colors. SO my style.

  29. Your artwork is fabulous Michele! Can not believe someone had to twist your arm to hang it. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Your paintings evoke was my beloved Maine "feels" like to me.... that's a gift my dear!

  30. Michelle -
    I shared your little industrial stool turned side table today on Mod Mix Monday. I love your whole living room and dining room. Especially like that you put the shabby chic shams on your chairs for seat covers. I've done that before on some chairs in my living room and no one ever noticed they were just pillow shams. Believe me...I'd do it for my dining room too if I could find six at a great price. Just love the way they look.

    I'm your newest follower and am adding you to my blog roll.

  31. Hi Michele,
    love your living room and your art
    Hope your leg is better..
    have a nice day! hx

  32. OUCH ! no skirts for you I guess...:( hope it gets better soon...thank you for sharing your beautiful everything about it and the art is breathtaking...thanks again...happy to see you join me at the linky party...xo


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