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April 10, 2012

Swarovski Golden Crystal Round Disc Charm Earrings - Bridesmaid Earrings - Crystal Earrings - Disc Earrings

Ever grieve the loss of a piece of jewelry
that was special to you?

It happened to me a while back
with a pair of go-to earrings
that were a gift from my husband.

You know those comfy ones you reach for everyday?

Swarovski Golden Crystal Round Disc Charm Earrings - Bridesmaid Earrings - Crystal Earrings - Disc Earrings

But the grieving is over. The search is off.

So happy to have discovered
these lovely crystal discs at Bellatrina
where you'll find more than just lovely ear bling.

Hammered Circle Gold Filled Ring - Gold Ring - Circle Ring
hammered circle ring

Loving the new crystals more than the old!
Here is why:

Swarovski Golden Crystal Round Disc Charm Earrings - Bridesmaid Earrings - Crystal Earrings - Disc Earrings

THESE crystals have an interesting, unusual shape,
not the common flattened disc variety.
AND there's more.
They can be created in a variety
of gorgeous-licious shades,
all of which appeal with their
sophisticated, understated charm.

 Bezel Set Aqua Chalcedony Double Gemstone Earrings - Gold Filled Gemstone Earrings - Bezeled Earrings - Bridal Earrings
Bezel Set Aqua Earrings

Bellatrina's designer, Melissa, says inspiration
for the gems comes from her daughters,
so it's safe to say they must be
unique and magical little girls.

Look at that faded pale aqua color's a color
straight out of my dreams.

Bet you'll fall for Melissa's pretties...

Gold Filled Hammered Bar Necklace - Everyday Necklace - Gold Filled Bar Necklace - Gold Necklace
hammered bar necklace

Is there a piece of bling you reach for everyday?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. I have a string of pearls that my husband gave me, and I wear them almost everyday. Your earrings are gorgeous!! Would love for you to email me sometime when you have a chance. Can't seem to find your email address. Mine is

  2. @designchic

    just sent an email.

    pearls are so so classic chic.

    i bet they're stunning.

  3. I'm a pearl girl, too! Simple strand paired with simple studs. Off I go! I've even been know to cut the lawn whilst wearing said pearls. I LOVE your new jewels, Michelle. you! Much love, Lisa

  4. pretty - pretty... love the ring!

  5. I would have grieved to, they are beautiful! SO glad that you found your bling my dear.

  6. I wear my Grandmothers cocktail ring on my right hand almost every day. I GRIEVED it for a year!!! It was lost and I thought gone forever: my hubby found it out in our backyard in the dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know my Grandmother led him to it. XO, Pinky

  7. You would laugh at my go-to bracelet. It's a cheap silver bangle that my mom brought me from Mexico YEARS ago. It's two-toned, and I wear it on the same wrist as my two-toned watch. I always think I should give up the bangle because it really is so cheap-looking, but I can't give it up because my girls like the way I "sound" when I wear the two (the bangle and my watch) together. They comment about how they always know where I am in the house because they can hear me jingle. So the bangle has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with my mom and my girls. I'll never give it up.

  8. thanks for stopping by Hampton Hostess--I love your blog and am your latest follower!

  9. i don't know why really, but i hardly ever wear jewelry anymore, except for my wedding ring...maybe i should start again with these pretties!

  10. The earrings are beautiful! Your husband has a wonderful choice!!

  11. Oooh my heart is actually beating faster at this gorgeous gorgeous shop! I love all of these pieces - those pale aqua beauties are amazing and the gold hammered ring... oh yes. Yes indeed.

    I used to wear a lot of cheapie 'fun' jewelry but in recent years, I've "grown up a bit" (she says with a smirk) and have purchased a few pretty bracelets and earrings in simple gold that I tend to wear with anything. These pieces would fit right in.

    Thanks for sharing lovely and so pleased your search is over! xxx


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