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Every day HL's inbox is flooded with submissions for press for creative décor-related projects, new products for home, and interior design happenings.

Hello Lovely has become a popular source for interior design ideas,
décor inspiration, DIY, and lifestyle...sort of Pinterest's chic little sister.

We're highly Pinterest-happy in that when breathtaking images are posted, they are passionately pinned and re-pinned! In the last 30 days, the blog garnered  4.4 million Pinterest views.

If you have a business, blog, interior design project, product, DIY, or before-and-after you want to promote on this site for increased visibility, here are tips to help.

Compensated Sponsored Posts

>Pay for a Sponsored Post.

The cost of a sponsored post does not solely reflect payment for a few hours of writing, but the social media reach value of the aired post.

With your images, or mine, and commentary from me, I'll create a story to spread the word. Get in touch for a customized quote and proposal.

>Product Exchange For Sponsored Post.

Sometimes a product exchange with little or no other costs involved is possible...think quality furnishings, high-end linens, hotel stays.

Place an ad to run 12 months on Hello Lovely's sidebar and receive a devoted blog post to introduce you as a sponsor. ($100 per month)

Guest Posts

Suggest a Guest Post Exchange.

I loved doing these as a new blogger, and I can occasionally do guest post exchanges with decor-related brand websites and personal blogsBrowse my archives for ideas. The mutual benefit is we create backlinks to improve our google rankings. This works favorably only if we're in the same home decor niche.

Contact me:
michele AT hellolovelystudio DOTCOM.

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