Lovely Finds: Your Best Face...Now {Skincare}

June 19, 2016

I shared a few weeks back how a sunbathing past
did zero favors for my complexion and inspired this
#healthybeautybrainstorm and quest for
high quality healthy options to repair and improve it...
so I'm excited to share an impressive, new-to-me line:
YOUR BEST FACE by Darrell Owens.

Can you imagine having your own private skincare
consultant to offer personalized care for your specific needs?

That's how Darrell and YBF make me feel.

A skincare routine is wise at any age;
and since I'm prone to skin cancer
(BRCA2 genetic mutation), I especially
want to baby it, treat it to nourishing goodness,
and seek the best of the best...

Check out the specials on Control & Correct

...that's a fake tan, yo!

YBF-Skincare creates yummy & innovative potions,
and two winners in particular earned their way into my daily/nightly routine (bonus: they're specially priced right now):

1. Control 1oz Advanced Rejuvenation

2. CORRECT Invigorating Eye Cream



(When we midlifers are together, we still feel 15...
but lordy, we need antioxidants & collagen boosting help!)

I have recently begun to test/enjoy three more YBF hopefuls:

Advanced CE Concentrate (lightweight lotion with high concentrations of vitamin C and E)

Defend (for daytime face/neck/hands)
Restore (for nightime face/neck/hands)

and will keep you posted in a future review.

Feelin' saucy enough to add gamechangers
Control 1oz or Correct to your
healthy beauty anti-aging arsenal?

 Peace to you right where you are... whatever skin you're in!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I had not hear of this product, so I will have to check it out!

    1. personalized service from darrell owens makes me feel like i have my own private skincare consultant...he's fabulous!

  2. I will be following along to see how you continue to like it. Always open for new healthier alternatives to younger and healthier looking skin. Thanks for the heads-up!


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