My Home: dare to be spare: my KITCHEN

June 23, 2011

Sharing glimpses of my very
'dare to be spare' kitchen and yet to be styled
kitchen today.

This not a styled photo shoot, btw.
(Notice there are no bowls
of fruit or of anything on the island?)
I snapped these quickly this morning.

Highlighting in bold
some of my favorite aspects of the space,
but my all-time favorite part:

If it's sparkling, I'm one happy mama.

We were going for timeless,
simple, and uncluttered.

(Reality check: I live with 3 men,
and this kitchen is
always cluttered with

*white oak hardwood flooring (fruitwood stain)
*solid maple cabinets (custom color)
*quartz countertops (ivory coast)
*stainless appliances
*pewter hardware (Thomasville)
*antiqued silver and crystal chandeliers
*paint colors:
walls, White Sand by Benjamin Moore
trim, Dove Wing by Benjamin Moore

the table was ugly and less than $100 new...
i painted it and topped it with glass and now love it.

I have plans to add linen panels,
a rug, and slipcovers for the chairs.
And texture (a metal sculpture?).
It will never be 'done.'

I opted to spend part of my kitchen budget on:

A screen porch...we use this space and adore it.

Thanks so much for stopping.
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Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Love your kitchen. It's so open and airy. My kitchen is a galley kitchen at the back of the house and is closed off from the rest of the house. I'd love to have an open kitchen like your's. I love that staircase too.

  2. wow! I think you may freak out in my house… haha! I would say it is clean… but it has stuff everywhere and full of random colors! I love your style of simplicity though… just not sure how to get there!

  3. My first time visiting... and I must say~ Gorgeous. Super clean.Light and spacious.
    Are you sure this isn't a MODEL home and YOU'RE NOT a sales rep?...LOL.

    on the inside, I'm a minimalist crying to get out!
    love your kitchen.

  4. WOW! Everything is stunning! A job well done. I wouldn't want to change a thing either. Just lovely!!

  5. Your kitchen is so beautiful and so clean!!! I love it!! I love all the open space and all that wonderful light shinning through, just gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing my dear. :)

  6. lovely, lovely, lovely Michele - warm, inviting and swoon worthy. Enjoy!

  7. Gorgeous design & colours, clever girl! Well done to design it yourself! I love your blog, I am so glad we met via Sarah's Kitchen Party! Oh & your dress is divine!!!
    xox Kerry

  8. Michele, I found you during Sarah's LAST linky party, and I've been following you since. Your kitchen is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! So different from mine (which I will put up at Sarah's place tomorrow--no time today), but one in which I could live very happily. Love it!

  9. I can't believe you get to live, cook and eat in that kitchen! So jealous, you lucky girl! :) It's so fresh and clean and, yes, uncluttered. All the exact opposite of mine, *sigh*.

  10. Wow.....Your house is magazine worthy!! I adore the uncluttered look. Neat. Clean. Airy. You are so blessed to have such nice big rooms and tall ceilings! Adore your house!!!! :)

    xoox laurie

  11. Your kitchen/dining room is lovely and spacious. I love your screen porch off the kitchen and also the butler's pantry. Very nice!

  12. Hi Michele!

    Your kitchen is so bright and airy and it sparkles too.
    Love the room for "dancing" around the table....your chalkware... and your porch and screened in porch too!

    Beautiful.... simply lovely.

  13. Oh Michele,

    Your kitchen is so big and spacious and airy and beautiful. I love all your photos. And the colours. So restful and caloming. I LOVE it!


  14. I love your kitchen. I also love that even though it quite minimalistic you haven't compromised on style and personality. Good on you!

    Thanks so much for dropping by and visiting my blog. It's lovely to meet you.

    Best wishes,

  15. That's a great kitchen and I especially admire the staircase.

  16. Your kitchen is AMAZING. So gorgeous and calming and serene. I'm in love with your beautiful chandeliers too! Definitely swoon worthy my dear!

    And the dungeon dust will all be worth it if you have a hand in the design, your taste is impeccable!


  17. It's P E R F E C T I O N !!
    I like stuff, but I like
    spare, as well. Recently
    I read about an artist that
    I love, who furnished her
    studio with "tastefully
    edited" furnishings. Loved
    that phrase, and your home
    reminds me of it. SO glad
    you stopped by today. I'll
    be back!
    xx Suzanne

  18. New to your place!!!
    This is a kitchen to love!!
    Its my kind of simplicity !!



  19. i love the colours!!! {especially dove wing as my name means white dove :) }

    such a gorgeous home!!!

    lots of lovely thoughts

  20. Timeless, simple and uncluttered -- it certainly is! Lovely!
    (visiting via Modern Country Style's link party)

  21. OK, so whered u hid all the stuff when u took the photos? LOL, i much admire ur self control, i tend to constantly bring things in, til the whole house is cluttered........LOL, Bonnie

  22. You have a gorgeous, open and airy kitchen. I really admire those hardwood floors and the generous size of the eating area. A great overall look.

  23. You have a wonderful space and your style epitomizes serenity, so chic and beautiful! Ah, and gorgeous outfit!

    Meera xx

  24. Well, I'm not telling you what I wore to the party...cause it wasn' as glamorous as fact I think there may have been Ugg boots involved!! Gorgeous kitchen, gorgeous is fun designing and building your own...we have built 2 in Aust. and of course recently renovated the kitchen...and I'm hoping I've still got at least one more new build in me...Robx

  25. Oh my...what a beautful home you have! I can see why you would do a lot of entertaining there...and if I could fold laundry in such a pretty space, I'm sure I would enjoy every minute of it ;) Thanks for visiting...and I am definitely going to follow along! Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  26. Oh my I love love love this!! I just found your blog I envy that kitchen!! I wish mine were that clean. Also that the fact that your pointe shoes are that worn. I couldn't handle it but I love to watch it. I opted for contemporary and HIP HOP! Love the blog! I'm new to this blogging thing come check me out.

  27. Your home is lovely! Very dreamy and peaceful. I'm sure that is needed with 3 boys :)

    By the way, what are the potted plants next to your kitchen sink? I love them!

  28. wow, what a light and airy space! i love that window box! where'd you find it??

  29. You have just a beautiful home! Thanx for sharinG!

  30. Hi Dear,

    Back from Portland - but how on Earth did I miss this feature!?

    I have always loved your home! So calm, serene and beautiful. And clutter free! I can never have you over to my home...

    The porch is wonderful - I would hang out there too!

    But tell us more about the large painting next to the tall windows in the family room. Whatever it is, I like it!

    Warm hugs, Mon

  31. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the bright clean look. Dove Wing huh? I will have to check that color. I just picked up a sample of cloud white to test out on ours. The tall skinny topiaries are so cute. I love your round table too.

  32. It's just gorgeous! Everytime I see more pictures of your home I fall more in love!!!
    Thanks for linking!

  33. The kitchen is so pretty! I love how fresh and bright it looks!

  34. Your kitchen is gorgeous! We are the middle of a serious decluttering/purging project at my home and it started with the kitchen cabinets, pantry and coat closet. I also took down blinds in the kitchen window to allow more light. Our next goal is to paint the entire inside of our home Benjamin Moore's Navajo White. I just need a white kitchen like yours next! Thanks for sharing!

  35. As I am reading your post, I'm glancing at my kitchen and thinking how I would *never* dare to show it on my's such a MESS!!!! I love how white and clean and uncluttered your space is....congrats on having such a nice space to share with family and friends.

  36. Your home is really beautiful! Stopping by from Restore It Wednesday.

  37. Ahhh...what a calm space that lets everyone just be...

  38. Michele I love your kitchen! Is that an Aidan Grey lamp I see in your kitchen? Love it! I'm with you hate clutter on the counters and you so spent your money wisely I would have taken the porch too...great job! I'm already following you becaause I love your blog! Enjoy your evening!

    Hugs! Debra

  39. Wow!! What a BEAUTIFUL space!! If I had a kitchen like that I would never leave!! Seriously GORGEOUS!

  40. Just beautiful! I love the simplicity of everything and that patio looks heavenly!

  41. Beautiful kitchen! It is so light and airy.

  42. adore your light and airy spaces...and wanted to let you know that i'm featuring this post on fridays unfolded this week...have a lovely weekend.

    stuff and nonsense

  43. Michele,
    I LOVE your house and the way you decorated it. And that dining room table is gorgeous! The white is so soothing and peaceful.

  44. Even though my style could not be more opposite, I truly appreciate the beauty of your beautifully clean & simplistic look. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I'm a new follower.

  45. Simply gorgeous, I think you hit the nail on the head! I heart white kitchens!

  46. I would love to be able to pull this off in my home. It's absolutely beautiful!

    I'm a new follower.


  47. This is so beautiful! I also light bright kitchens and simplicity (which doesn't happen often with three little ones). I'm your newest follower! Thank you for sharing - I found you through Miss Mustard Seed!!! Also, if you are interested, I am currently hosting a photography giveaway on my blog. I can't wait to see more! :-)

  48. Love the kitchen, in fact, I love the entire house. I so remember thinking as I was watching, that I could definitely live there!

  49. Your kitchen is so beautiful! I love white and clean kitchens!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  50. Gorgeous!! Looks warm and inviting!

    I'm a new follower. Please come by for a visit.

  51. very beautiful!! what is the colour called on the walls?

  52. the wall color is benjamin moore white sand. but we have changed it since then!



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