My Home; Minimal Holiday Decor

December 05, 2011

December means remembering
that little details, that the small things,
aren't so small afterall.

Bringing just a bit of earthiness
in the form of twigs and branches inside...

my photos

brings balance to what would otherwise be
too precious, too girly, or too cute.

Remember the painting Cindy
(my sister in all things fractured)
created of our Bella Luna?
Lit from above and with a touch of greenery,
in December the piece breathes with
(if it's possible) even more serenity.

A bare branch seems just right
(at least for me!) for dangling festive
felted wool beads silhouetting a summery abstract.

 With strong and graceful outline,
With branches green and bare,
We fill the land through all the year,
With beauty everywhere. (Robert Frost)

Right on, Robert.

Maybe it's my indoorswoman-ish-ness
which causes simple details from nature... 

to glow.

How is your December shaping up?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Love the hanging felted pom poms. Beautiful post!! Leahx

  2. So true. It is indeed the small things of life that finds significance at this time of the year.

    Love your home Michelle :) Specially the coffee/ breakfast table with the sheepskin rug and little lights.

    I would cherish a cup there.

  3. Love how simple and elegant your decorations look. That picture of Bella Luna is so precious!

  4. I believe its the simple things in life that are most beautiful another lovely post my friend, Enjoy your day :)

    Always Wendy

  5. simplify. simplify. right? i have to remind myself constantly.


  6. Hi gorgeous girlie,

    I LOVE your home - that rug is lurrrvely!¬

    My December is shaping up very well - slowly but surely!!! Maybe more of the slowly...but the surely will come along in its own time!!


  7. Hello daaarling!!! I love your indoorswoman-ish-ness!! The greenery and natural elements are so beautiful and are what I have been attracted to this winter as well, just something so calming and cozy about it all.
    I hope you are having a wonderful week and thank you for your sweet words of friendship and brightening my days!!

  8. Gorgeous as always! I love all the natural elements you used. The wool beads caught my eye!

  9. True about the simple small things, and funny how only as we get older we see their "hidden meaning" that is so lost on us when we are young. Youth really is wasted on the young!
    Loved your comment yesterday, are you coming in Dec.20th or Jan.20th? If Dec.20th for me thats crazy time, the night before
    "The fam" comes in but if Jan. let me know!!!

  10. Awwwww.... i love that you called me your sister in all things fractured, makes me smile inside and out. Your simple touches are natural,beautiful and creative, just like you...


  11. I love those little pompoms!

    I was inspired by your simple touches to grab some gorgeously fragrant rosemary, wrap it with a simple ribbon and set it on my chest of drawers in the living room.

    Thank you my darlin for always being such an inspiration xxx

  12. You are so right on this one Michele, so about the small things ...adore the first image!!

  13. You are such an inspiration, I adore your simple, decorative, beautiful touches. My December is hectic, I've done all the main decorations, but still need to put in some little touches around the home in time for the entertaining we're hosting this weekend. But work is also busy and leaving me with very little time for anything else. No rest for the wicked, they say ;) I'm just making sure to have fun all the way!

    Meera xx


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