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December 11, 2011

Today I'm sharing a peek of a close friend's house,
and (big surprise) I forgot to photograph
the collage I created for her when these
photos were snapped back in July.
You'll have to trust that the piece is
perfectly at home in this blissful setting.

Can you blame me for forgetting?
My tres chic friend Dr. V. has an incredible eye for collecting
and decorating her primitively romantic home built only a few years ago. 

The exterior may look mostly European, but inside
it's all about the U.S. of A.

Isn't her wagon amazing?

She collects primitives, authentic vintage signs,
antique country furniture, and the coolest
Americana you've ever seen.

In the breakfast area sits a VERY old
farmhouse table from France paired with antique
wing chairs upholstered in old grain sacks.

Yes we sit here and eat. It's not a museum. There are kids
running around, laughter, and lots of hugging which
is rarely ever happening at the museum.

Loved the charming staircase in the kitchen
so much that we incorporated
the feature into our own home's design.
Annnnnd the beadboard detail on the island, annnnnd the corbels...
mercy, these friends should honestly smack us around a little!

Thank goodness they gave us the green light
to borrow so many gorgeous design ideas.

We owe them big time for their help on our project and for the amazing
holiday party they threw last night where we were spoiled rotten.

The family's collection of signs displayed throughout
the house is out of this world fabulous.

Recognize the front doors?
They put us in touch with the folks
who created these beauties, and it became
the starting point for our home's construction.

The main staircase is the most well lit one
I have ever viewed.

An angle taken from the catwalk.

Wait til you see Dr. V's soaring Christmas tree
that drinks a gallon of water per day and
a special fireplace I photographed just for you!
There may or may not be a photo from the party
of moi with a grimace & stilettos in hand.
Apparently, 8 hours hobbling in them is my limit.

If this is their place in July, can you even
imagine how amazing it looked lit up last night
all decked out for Christmas??????

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Not surprised
    that amazing YOU
    has amazingly
    lovely friends!
    What a fun house,
    so full of personality.
    Bet you had a blast
    at their party!

    xx Suzanne

  2. Barn doors! Is it? Forgive the novice me. Also, Dr. V's house is my new favorite with all those old woods. Lovely Michele...

  3. What a great home - all those signs and the kitchen - lovely !

  4. What a beautiful and elegant but super cozy and inviting home. Tons of curb appeal so it had me at the front door:) The front doors are them.

    And i am a big fan of signs and love how they used them so cleverly! I can't wait to see the "big foot" of Christmas!

  5. I love the doors best they are beautiful thanks for lettin us take a peek!

  6. I can see why you wanted to recreate those doors. Your friend has a wonderful home and some of those rustic antiques are very hard to find so great for her. Thank you for sharing Dr. V's home!

  7. The doors are fabulous!! I love the gilded signs in the brown dining room. It is really stunning.

  8. Good morning my dear friend (I am coming up for air..!).

    You have the same architect! I recognize the wonderful doors and the staircase!

    What a beautiful, personal and invititing home! I can very well see it being a place were feet get tired after hours of hours of socializing (and perhaps dancing!?).

    I love when you invite us on house tours. (Your own too!).

    Happy new week.


  9. Beautiful! That farmhouse table is incredible. The history it has the stories it could tell... amazing!

  10. Um that is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Those signs are amazing, I love love love them!! She certainly has an eye for design. I can't wait to see more photos of her home and the party, I am glad that you had a wonderful time.

  11. OMG this house is amazing! That staircase is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous! HURRY, I want to see the Christmas decor!!!! How lucky of you to ahyve such great friends! XO, Pinky

  12. What do you NOT do you amazing talented women?! Does not surprise me - you have such a gift for design and creativity!! I love the home, so cozy and charming. I love the transition from old world to hints of Americana - fabulous! I hope you're having an amazing holiday season!

    Much love,

  13. Gorgeous home! Those front doors are so wonderful, and I love the staircase in the kitchen too. Give it an "upstairs/downstairs' feeling! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  14. Oh wow, this place is seriously amazing. I love the touches of Americana throughout and all the rustic touches. So gorgeous, cozy and yet classy - stunning share!! xxx


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