My Home: Dining Room

March 27, 2012

Still an evolving space as we need some chairs.
Or maybe we need to clear the decks and start from scratch.
This is how I roll. I am so lucky my partner has a creative spirit too.
I'm thinkin maybe 4 tree stumps
silverleafed or natural.
I won't make you sip chardonnay on a stump.
But the room is never used.
I may design some skinny farmhouse benches
for that partner to build.

The hutch was an antiquish white,
and it was just making me SAD
with its old dollhouse-y demeanor.
Now it is layered with Martha Stewart
"flagstone" and "sharkey grey."

A friend sent this chic moss-covered heart from Sweden,
and it is tied with a ribbon that friend also shared.
The most fabulous shade of grey.

Treasures from the sea.
A few curiosities...

A photo (original color) of my mom at age 3.
Hopefully she does not mind sharing
shelf space with a sheep's jaw.
(This aint no disco. I told you, curiosities!).

The fresh air felt so refreshing yesterday.

More filling in to do, but the
framed oil of Bella is a crowning glory.

Beachy abstract on wood painted
a couple years ago.
I like it more draped with this
Asa Daxberg greige cross
necklace from Splendid Willow.
The glass beads have the most amazing texture,
and when you wear it, you WILL be asked about
the statement piece everywhere you go.

Our interiors would likely bore many of you to tears,
and the decor gets tweaked with each new chapter of life.
But one constant is an abundance of airy-ness to dream.

Anyone have a creative use of their dining room
they care to share?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Oh, my! L-O-V-E-L-Y! Did you hand paint the letters on the wall, Michelle? Perhaps one of my fav elements of the room. Oh, and the ghost chairs. Gotta get me a couple of those! Much love, Lisa

  2. Oh I think this is anything but boring!! I love it~so elegant but approachable. Love the ghost chair, the chandy, the color palette, and Cindys artwork~xxoo

  3. I wish I had your restraint because you seem to know exactly when to stop - the rooms breathe but there's a casual elegance as well. So gorgeous.

    I love the initials on the wall as well, perfect personal touch. Actually, there are lovely personal touches everywhere which is why the restraint doesn't read cold. Definitely beautiful, definitely inviting. (oooh kinda like the lady that lives here)


  4. Wow! You have the most gorgeous dining room that I have ever seen! Simply stunning! Love your blog and I am your newest follower. xo

  5. When did you say you wanted me over for dinner? (:

    Very lovely, calm and serene. A wonderful Scandinavian vibe if you ask me! And you are so good at adding personal and interesting touches, Michele.

    I need to hang Asa's necklace on a pretty painting as well!

    Love to you wonderful lady & friend.


  6. So lovely and dreamy! I am in love with your hutch and all your treasures. I am all about adding memories to make rooms feel like home.

  7. I like the idea of skinny benches :). Love the fresh and open feel. Thanks for letting us take a peek! I hope your week is going well :)

  8. I love the soft monochromatic feel of your dining space. I use to have my clients use their dining rooms as a library/office, or just a sweet sitting area to have a cup of tea and read, comfy chairs or a chaise. Michele what color are your walls, it is the prettiest color, not too cream not too beige and definitely not taupe, love it, perfect warm color with some brightness and light. Kathysue

  9. yes. yes! as i look at my photos i think what is missing here is comfort and upholstery (which may or may not be sitting on a restoration hardware showroom floor).

    dinner, yes! absolutely. but the space is not yet worthy of my blog friends!


  10. I saw this room on Pinterest and i fell in love with it without even knowing it was yours! It's completely totally perfect just the way it is. Beautiful... I love the way you mixed the lucite chairs in with the wood and natural and frenchy shabby. You have a wonderful decorating style... it's so uncluttered, and light, so that the pieces you do have out, become objects of art, one can actually see and appreciate them.


  11. Your dining room is lovely Michele, and I love your quirky touches...I'm sure your Mum wouldn't mind the sheep's jaw next to her photo...and the baseballs and mitt appeal to me also. The colours are very subtle and restful. Have a great week. Robx

  12. Your dining room is beautiful Michele and how about a dinner party to share it with others? Like you ours doesn't get used often but I'm working on that and need ideas too...anyone?

    Enjoy your day!

  13. What a beautiful dreamy space. The light is postiively ethereal! I love it........most dining rooms see little use but with one as pretty as yours you should think of reasons to use it. Love the colors, the vibes and all the unique things you have done to give it your personality...fabulous!

  14. You have such a beautiful home! I love what you did to the antique cabinet piece - the colors are fab! I know what you mean of not using the dining room as much as you would like. It only seems to be used at Christmas or Thanksgiving around here... oh well... at least yours is eye candy! Best wishes to you - you amazingly talented lady!


  15. M...

    You take my breath away w/ these pictures! Serenity... that's what I feel when I see your home.

    So much love to you, my friend.


    Luciane at

  16. My vote goes to the french benches! Would look fantastic.

    Love your dining! And oh wait, is that snow outside or fairy dust?

  17. I love your dining room - it's ethereal. I can feel the personal vibe, beautifully edited and with soul, humour and quirks.

    Did you have benches before? Benches sound good!

    Love to you, sweet lady!

    Meera xx

  18. A lovely room - so calm and relaxing with the neutral, natural shades.

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dining room!!!! So airy and dreamy and beautiful!! Will be sharing at next weeks party- and coming back to visit it again soon :) thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  20. your newly redone hutch
    is gorgeous

    and those acrylic armchairs?


    thanks for sharing
    at Fridays Unfolded!


  21. a lovely peek into your ethereal dining room that is so you!
    beautiful touches everywhere and i do love those "Ghost" chairs!

  22. It's heavenly Michele! Light and bright and float-y!

  23. Not boring to me - it is so peaceful and serene, oh my word!

    And the bones of your space - the rounded archways and that DOOR!

    WOW- looooove that door!

  24. What a lovely room! It's dream like. I had most of my home in these colors for a while. It is the most relaxing color palette for me. Everything is perfect for me, except perhaps the jawbone. LOL

  25. divine !! love your white table the most :)

  26. So beautiful! Thank you for linking up to Home Sweet Home!

  27. Oh my! So graceful and stylish. Thank you for sharing, Happy Easter, take care and enjoy! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  28. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! The front door is too die for! I'm a new follower as I'm in love with your style!


  29. The sconces, the chairs, the rosary, I just really enjoy your style!


  30. Boring?? Not!!! Very classy and it!!

  31. Love Love Love!!!

    Those ghost chairs are so lovely!!

    I have a thing for lucite....sadly at the moment, I don't have any :(

  32. I LOVE the dining room light fixture. Can you tell me where you purchased it??? Is it old, or just looks that way?? It is lovely.
    Thanks so much!!

  33. Brandy~GreyLaneHomeMay 12, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    PERFECT. Even without chairs this is a calming and beautiful space.

  34. Love your paint colors! What is the dining room color!!!?? Want this color in my bedroom!!

  35. the color is benjamin moore white sand in the dining room (it's been painted a different color since this post--now it's benjamin moore white dove).




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