park hyatt paris vendome

October 31, 2012

If staying at a palace in Paris
ever appears on your bucket list,
the lovely Park Hyatt Paris Vendome will deliver.

Vendôme Suite Terrace

We knew it was exclusive.
And posh. And fabulous.

Yet I could not fully appreciate
the Park Hyatt's 'luxury is personal'
concept without experiencing it.

Designed by Ed Tuttle,
Park Hyatt Paris Vendome
is located in the heart of Paris,
near the Opera and Place Vendome.

Located on Rue de la Paix (Street of Peace),
think truly peaceful comforting retreat awaits
with spa amenities, gourmet dining,
and even complimentary bicycles.

Oh, yes.
And the rooms are to die for.
All of the furniture is handmade,
and the duvets are luxurious silk.

Polished mahogany walls.
Gilded mouldings.
French windows (which we opened
frequently to the glorious courtyard).

Bronze sculptures by Roseline Granet
adorn sconces and door hardware.

The room was appointed beautifully with electric shades,
a comfortable bed, beverage station, and large desk area.

I think it is true God is in the details.

The bathroom spoiled me forever.
Heated limestone everywhere, two large
sink areas, and a seriously spacious and
powerful rain shower and soaking tub.

The Park Hyatt Vendome commissioned
bespoke parfumeur Blaise Mautin to develop
the signature fragrance of the hotel
and toiletries, and I cannot say enough
about their transcendent beauty.

The scent is understated and mysterious.
I may even term it the scent of well-being.

Vanilla, tabac, woods and magic combine
with other top secret sexy ingredients.

There are lovely hotels in Paris which cost less.

When planning our visit, we decided
to splurge on a shorter stay at the Park Hyatt
rather than opt for more time at a lesser hotel.

We also knew this particular visit would not center
on food or expensive diing so we put
those dollars toward luxe accommodations
and lived for a little while like royalty,
making memories for a lifetime.

Each morning,
I claimed this area of the bath,
and must I even explain
the splendor of applying makeup
here in natural Paris light with open windows
welcoming fresh air and birdsong?

I let my beloved sleep in and took my own sweet time.

Re: Secrets

It's Paris! Of course there are a few:

Le spa is one...very romantic spa, and I loved every bit
of the complimentary luxuriating.

Blaise Mautin is another...these signature
products are available only for a few hotels.
If you care to take it home, you can purchase
a room spray or candle from the front desk only.

Les Orchidees (which I will blog more about soon)
is an incredible spot for an elegant breakfast
or lunch, allowing you to experience a measure
of PH magic even if you are not a hotel guest.

If you google the hotel, you will see it is a
favorite of many celebrities and lil' ol'
writers like your friend here.

Park Hyatt Vendome
5 Rue de la Paix
Paris 75002

+33 1 5871 1234

* * * * *

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Looks gorgeous! Looking out the window reminds me of the Waldorf Astoria Chicago. Would much rather be in Paris though!

  2. Beautiful photos, love every single one! :-)

  3. Appears your planning paid off! This is one luxurious and beautiful place, Michele. Thank you so much for sharing these images.
    Happy Thursday.

  4. so many luxurious and thoughtful features to admire in the room, but the windows def set this one apart since they add so much to the paris experience.


    it was sooooooo pleasant to prepare for this trip!

  5. LOVE Paris!!! AND your blog!!! Thanks for stopping by mine!!! xo

  6. Wow, what a beautiful hotel!!
    Guess you hade the time of your life there:))

    Nice pics ♥

  7. Michele, I may have never left the hotel...and perhaps would have spent my entire trip in the bathroom. Nothing beats a "zhushy" hotel. Dying to smell the Blaise Mautin shampoo!! So glad you got to live in the lap of luxury! XO

  8. Fabulous Michelle... I would have stayed in all day... :) xv

  9. I think the luxury hotels are worth every cent you spend, and then you have memories for a lifetime. Lovely post !

  10. Divine and tres chic, Michele! I'm traveling with you next time. We usually just stay at the Novotels, haha :)

  11. Hello!

    I have been following along on your adventure! I love this hotel! We have been staying at the same hotel in the 7th for 21 years, and we love it because of the location, the size and the owners. Each year when we go around Christmas, they put little Christmas trees in our room and are just so nice and helpful.

    There are so many wonderful sights to see I never ever tire of going. I laughed about your "croissant top" I am not of fan of those but I manage to eat at least one or two eclairs a day! While there!

    I cannot wait to see more of your adventures, thank you for stopping by.


  12. What a lovely place to stay! I´m planning a weekend with a friend this maybe we go to Paris..?

    Have a nice day. Hugs from Lottemora

  13. Ooh, it looks so luxurious! What a wonderful place to unwind :) Thanks for sharing

  14. Oh La La!!! So jealous. What an amazing experience. The hotel stay alone is worth the trip - worth every penny, right? Thank you for posting this series, so fabulous. :)

  15. def worth the trip. the closest i have been to walking the red carpet!


  16. looks like a lovely place to enjoy - Paris is on my bucket list - lucky you!

  17. oh michele.......such splendor, i can only read about here and drool!!! i could feel like smacking you :-), be i want MORE!

    ps; any chance you are going to the event by chi. magz. 'chairs for charity?"

  18. Oh that looks and sounds just amazing! Paris is on my list of places I really really really want to visit someday. I like your advice about how and where to stay!

  19. Such a luxurious hotel! Love every bit of it. I really enjoy reading this post!

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway, Michele!


  20. Look at you Michele! You look like you belong there :) Gorgeous place to stay and a signature fragrance?! Wow! I'm sure everything was beyond perfect and I'd agree, getting used to putting your make up on here every morning.. yes, I could get used to that. What a view and such a wonderful spa on site. Perfection!!


  21. Michele what a luxurious place to stay, I can almost smell the fragrance, feel the silk, experience the shower through your words. I am so glad your stay was so special. Paris has a heartbeat and rhythm and soul of its own, doesn't it?!!

  22. Wow, what a beautiful place! And it looks so relaxing too!

  23. it looks amazing!! number one on my bucket list is to go to the paris flea market!

  24. Ok, i am dying of curiosity about that scent. You must put some on a cotton ball and send it to me!!! Is it a fragrance you can buy as a perfume?
    And Holy Moly... LOOK AT THAT PLACE! I can't even imagine being in a place so luxurious! (We don't get out much) It really is just beautiful. I love the window boxes too. Wow...


  25. Absolutely gorgeous!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Paris~ and this looks like a most perfect place to stay! Thanks for sharing!!

  26. me. I'm sooo checking in.
    What a brilliant setting and how romantic those wooden walls are. This post really goes with my morning coffee- it'll make rest of my day dreamy and floaty.

  27. @cindy
    you can't buy it. i'm blogging more about it later!


  28. Looks dreamy and beyond, Michele!
    Oh my heavens. I need to get back to Paris soon.
    What IS it about that place?
    I am spiritually connected.
    Love your images and hope to crawl into your suitcase
    and go with you next time!

  29. Hi witty lady,

    You crack me up! Smiling from ear to ear.

    I (Moi!) am checking in with you next time - before we both head for Swiiiiiiden.

    And yes, I am smacking you for raving about those posh duvets and for smelling like an ueber chic Parisienne.

    I will call you à demain.

    oxox, Mon

  30. Oh my, you've lived in style, trés chic!
    And you look like a million dollars yourself in your stunning killer heels :)
    So glad you're letting us in on your trip and it seems like there's more to come...
    A lovely day to a lovely lady, x

    1. Hello Michele,
      This is a lovely post, you've really recreated a beautiful set of images for la belle Paris! The hotel looks simply divine and your style is reflected in the photography and choice of subjects.
      Thank you for sharing!
      Zoe xxx

  31. Omg Michele!
    That must have been a lovely stay! Wow, what a beautiful hotel!
    Next time you're in Europe please come to Sweden for a weekend! Would be great to meet you! I could show you our beautiful Stockholm...
    Susanne ♥

  32. Do you know what TOTALLY caught my eye in these photo - YOUR SHOES!! I LOVE 'EM!! The heels, the shape - just gorgeous! Oh, and the hotel's not bad either!!!!!

    You lucky thing, Michele, this looks like an awesome trip - I'm loving these posts.


  33. Oh please may I go there right now!!! WHat an absolutely beautiful post!! You suit that suite my friend!! Cest Bon!!!

  34. i am so ready to see stockholm now!!! let's go!

    those were my hotel stiletto booties. outside of the hotel it was comfy boots and converse!


  35. I feel like I just spent some time in Paris! What an absolutely gorgeous place. I have added it to my bucket list!

  36. How beautiful, Michele - dreaming of being in Paris, again. Thanks for the gorgeous tour!

  37. Bonjour Michele. Thank you for stopping by chez French Girl in Seattle. I have just popped by here and love what I am seeing... I am your newest follower! Can't wait to return this weekend and browse some more :-) A bientot. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  38. Oh my gosh, Michele! How gorgeous!! I do believe you're having waaaaay too much fun there, though. But keep it up. I'm having a little Paris vacation of my own....vicariously through YOU! :)

    xoxo laurie

  39. That hotel looks amazingly glamorous, Michele! I am soooo jealous! :) Thanks for letting me daydream a bit about Paris today.

  40. Oh wow, gorgeous delights everywhere you look!! You deserve to be spoiled rotten my dear and this hotel looks posher than the poshiest poshy thing. Yum. xxx

    PS Do you do what I do and not let your other half even set down the bags before you take loads of pics? Guilty admission right there. ;)

  41. Oh I have walked by before and lovely!

  42. This is what I would imagine staying in Paris would look like!!!

  43. i knew you would appreciate snaps of our room more than masterpieces at the louvre! you are my kinda peeps!

    some celebs who like this hotel: gaga, clooney, rob pattinson, and eva longoria.


  44. Oh wow! That is really luxurious! Not not in an over the top way, you know? Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  45. O la la, this looks so luxurious!

    Have a nice weekend


  46. Yes... I think I'll definitely be checking in with you next time;) Two blondes strolling the streets of Paris... my cup of tea! Love this place... you know how to travel well! I'm sitting here swooning - dreaming of Paris! Thanks for giving us a peak into your amazing trip!


  47. oh this was nice~!thanks for getting me over here Michelle! It looks like money well spent on the luxurious accommodations. I have to say you look so chic and sexy sitting in your suite! You belong in Paris my dear!

  48. oh amy, this midwestern mama has nuttin on those parisien women. the staff at the hotel look like movie stars. i have never been as self-conscious about my appearance and manners. it was eye opening.


  49. *Groan* Oh so jealous! I think if I stayed in this hotel, I probably wouldn't leave the room (or the bathroom for that matter)! I particularly loved how the bed was made!

  50. Ah, feel like I just
    had a mini-vacation....
    lovely!!! I think when
    we went {10th anniversary,
    and we've been married
    now for 26} we stayed
    at the Hilton, which had
    a view of the Eiffel Tower,
    but not the luxury of your
    sweet spot.....

    Happy Sunday,
    xo Suzanne

  51. Are you freaking kidding me??? LOL My godness, M!!!! This is pure heaven... heaven in Paris!

    No... seriously... you can't find a better place and you have captured the essence of this place.

    I'm so happy you enjoyed your time there. Good for you, my friend!!!!

    Luciane at

  52. Gorgeous photos! I'd love to visit Paris someday.

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  53. wow!! looks like you had an amazing time in paris.

  54. you guys make it so fun to re-live the excitement of discovering this palace.


    you just said 'freaking' luciane!

  55. Absolutely beautiful!! I'm so glad you had a lovely time, the pictures are amazing!

  56. Not sure if I'll ever get to Paris, so thank you so much for taking me there a second. Absolutely drool worthy.

  57. Hey sweet you
    Thanks for your kind comments
    Lucky you who have been to Paris. Sounded amazing. And what a beautiful hotel!
    Wish you a great new week
    Hugs Tonje

  58. a lot of you have picked up on what i experienced at the hotel. surrounded by so much art within the hotel and beautiful amenities elevated the stay in paris so much more because of the access. not perspiring on tiptoes behind 300 tourists with cell phones pointed at the mona lisa at the louvre to snap a glimpse of the classic, but smelling, tasting, and seeing masterful thoughtfulness up close. just priceless to me.


  59. My husband and I stayed here a couple of years ago, thanks to a deal through Visa and Hyatt -- we each applied and received a new credit card and each got two free nights at any Hyatt hotel anywhere in the world. Well, we happened to be headed to Paris, so the Vendome it was. Four nights of total luxury -- free. It was amazing.


Your comments add to the beauty...thanks in advance for your kindness.


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