{Hometown Hero} nellie's barn sale

July 22, 2014

One of the most charming aspects of living where I do
in the Midwest is the summer fleamarketing!

Nellie's Barn Sale
is an annual must-attend for me
in the Rockford, Illinois area.
Many humble treasures from Nellie's
became mine the other day.
What did I buy?
Great big ol' heavy vintage laundry bag.
Faded-soft vintage American flag.
Galvanized pail with its old label attached.
Handmade round linen tablecloth.

What you'll find?
Galvanized everything.
Vintage textiles.
Painted tables and chairs.
Farmhouse style...and the unexpected!

A peek inside the barn.

How charming is the entrance?

Doris sort of steals the show, yes?

Two humans at a time shop inside Doris.

 Nellie's is the brainchild of this lovely exuberant kindred spirit.

What a pleasure to visit my hometown heroes
of Rockford and share them with you!

Have a favorite summertime fleamarket destination?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. "Hello lovely beauty" another name to add to your lovely list??
    Looks like you made out with the treasures, I so wish I could have snagged up these pieces!!

    As for prayers, always and you my dear are never far from my thoughts, if need be email me would love to be your shoulder.

    Love and prayers for what ever your hardships may be.



  2. merci, dore. oy vey, there are problems you can throw money at to make disappear, and there are REAL problems immune to cash. real ones loom right now. thanks for the prayers.

  3. Looks like a heck of a lot of fun. Doris does steal the show! I love a good treasure hunt - there aren't any really noteable ones in my neck of the woods, we just have estate sales and a big antique mall. Which just means I need to get to Paris for my flea market fix, right? Lucky you to have such a great one in your neighborhood! XOXO

  4. def a brilliant excuse for paris. i'm stealing that one too! do you know i still haven't made it to les puces! just local vide greniers i was lucky enough to find. :)

  5. Haha! I know you must have so much fun digging around there. What's better than flea marketing with a buddy!



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