House Tour: A London Penthouse {The Heron}

March 12, 2015

Breathtaking view from The Heron penthouse in London - found on Hello Lovely studio
The Heron penthouse in London

Does living in the sky (with the view above) suit you?
Say cheerio to posh London penthouse living
at The Heron.

Could the colors in this cityscape be more blushy peaceful?
No, they could not.

Need your apartment ceilings to be retractable?
Not a problem on the 36th floor, mama.

You may be wondering..."but darlin, how indeed do highrise luxury
estates relate to creative ideas for peaceful homes and your Prince of Peace lovin soul?

I suppose it's the inner hotel snob leanings...
the forever collecting of ideas and details
from the high-end to translate
into the peasant-friendly.

(Plus, it's tough to stop starin' at the
awesome von awesome Heron.)

I love interior windows too, Heron!
(With triple aspect views.)

Now scroll right by.

Just a friendly reminder that
here makes the perfect penthouse-sitter,
should you require your betchen skynest sat...

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Pretty gorgeous and those killer views! Wishing you a great weekend Michele:)

  2. Gorgeousness. If I had a townhouse like that I might become a complete shut in. Reminds me of one described in a book by Jo Jo Moyes - that one had a retractable roof, too. Neat trick. Here's to the lovers, the dreams, and etc. Happy, gorgeous weekend! XOXO

  3. Such a emotional view....

    Could you imagine having this kind of movement dancing about in these spaces.

    Beautiful soul you have for the art in living.


  4. Great views..but I would rather have a view of the ocean any day!

  5. OH my gosh, the ceiling retracts! Amazing. It is such a beautiful view, and exquisite place - but i could never ever live that high up! Ever! Second floor is my limit...



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