Celebrity Homes {Lauren Conrad}

March 24, 2015

This feminine lovely and cheerful kitchen
belonging to Lauren Conrad caught my eye.

Lauren Conrad

Enjoy these glimpses of her spaces.

Lauren Conrad Home Apartment Get The Look -5

Lauren Conrad Home Apartment Get The Look -4

In other news, life remains chaotic
after receiving an offer to buy our home.

With just a month before closing,
we are house hunting...over-glamorized
on television and truly a trigger of migraines.

I am learning the art of letting go,
and though I can't see what lies ahead,
I am making peace with the adventure.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Very exciting for you Michele! Onwards to big and exciting new adventures....if anyone can do it, you can!
    I love these pictures, so happy and cheerful, an uplifting space! Best of luck, look forward to sharing your journey!

  2. Michele, I too took notice of L.C home design following her since the Hills, and her designs in Kholes department store. I could move right into her home, couldn't you?
    I know your new home will reflect a softer side of you, taking this from all the postings of what you are looking for, and a simplier life style you have been leaning towards.

    Michele, I am looking forward to what you settle on, be it big or small, new or older....I know you will make it a beautiful place to visit from our blog view.

    See you soon dear.
    Take care of your health, relax, and let life find you.


  3. Yep, the process of selling and buying is tiring. When it's all said and done you will be happy;) Lauren's home is so pretty! Great kitchen and love the sink:)
    (My first comment may not have gone through.. So you might have two;)

  4. Yeah, moving is exciting and stressful ... and letting go is tough, such a process... but feels good once it's done I'm sure the just right place will manifest in no time at all! Take care of you....


  5. Wow Michele, you're moving....I have loved looking at and being continually inspired by photos of your lovely home. As I've told you before, I have used that inspiration in my homes. I cannot wait to see where you go and what you will do with your new space and I am glad to have pins of your current home to go back to...the new owners have found themselves a gem....xo, Mariaelena

  6. What a beautiful, dreamy kitchen!! And congrats on your house sale - WOW!!! Good luck house hunting - it's been frustrating finding a small home we like. Everything is so pricey and lots of competition. Exciting times ahead. Stay fabulous.

  7. Great space it makes me eager to move along with my kitchen too!

  8. We are thinking of downsizing but the thought of moving is terrifying...I do not want to pack up all of this "stuff"! Congratulations of the sale of your house, you are on to new and better things!

    Love this kitchen!

  9. thank you, friends. i think moving may be tougher than childbirth and am keeping my eyes on the prize. thanks for the support and good wishes.

  10. Wow Michele. I do think we're living parallel lives. It's been a whole year since we relocated cities and 7 months in our new place and maybe you're right. Maybe childbirth was a tad easier, at least we were totally done after nine months hahaha...I will be saying my prayers for a smooth escrow closing--which we did not have--because that's a whole other experience in letting go. And I'm glad to hear you're not rushing the house hunting process. It would be wonderful if you found a home to buy right away but leasing is a good option that will allow you time to be choosy. In retrospect we were SO glad we didn't buy until we lived in our new city for awhile and got a feel for the various neighborhoods. It took us over four months of constant looking and waiting for the right house.. before it happened. Another lesson in patience for this gal. Although I can't remember if you're moving locally or not.
    Wherever you end up I know you'll create a feeling of warmth and love.
    keep us posted on the house news....

    1. thank you, friend. i love that you know exactly what we're feeling. we're still hunting, and i'll have lots to write about a few months from now! peace.

  11. Hello lovely Michelle!! What a wonderful post!! I am redoing my kitchen right now so loved that space!! I hope you have a wonderful week! xo Leslie

    1. yay! it's such a cheerful space to be inspired by. :)

  12. Beautiful home!!
    I can relate to the moving. I have been trying to help my daughter get settled in for over a month. I spill down the stairs didn't help.
    Good luck in all that happens, sweet lady.


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