Decor Inspiration: Modern Farmhouse Kitchen by Sebastian Cox for deVOL

September 18, 2015


I was blown away by this kitchen
by Sebastian Cox for deVOL.

Sebastian Cox

Not only is it innovative, but it incorporates uncommon
materials such as beech and ash hardwoods from
Britain...and notice that even the interior panels of the
cabinetry are uniquely handmade with thin
woven strips of wood.

To see the woven panels up close, check this out.


We have been toying with using reclaimed brick in our
cottage kitchen, and I can visualize it painted white like this.


While I'm nutty for white kitchens, I think this
inky blue stain is beyonnnnnnnd.


deVOL's passion for simplicity, function, and
craftsmanship just shines through beautifully.


Wouldn't this organic modern Brit style be incredible
in a simple farmhouse or rustic vacation getaway!?!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Michele, love the organic and somewhat rustic nature of Sebastian's designs!!
    The beams are amazing!

    The Arts by Karena
    Paintings of Central Park

  2. Michele, I think the reclaimed brick would be a great idea. This kitchen is beautiful and I appreciate the minimalist approach. I get cranky when there is too much going on in the way of objects and color. Don't you love that kitchen table?! .. and refrigerator ;)

    1. haven't decided if we will commit to the brick. we love the idea but wonder if has wide enough appeal in case we decide to sell. time will tell!

  3. Oh yes Michele, this all feels so good to me here. I could move my pieces right in on the simple designs here, love the openness, the open raw cabinet, the painted brick walls, the everything about this homes spaces.

    You are so much a would sista to me! With so many likes in designs from one end to the other :)
    I visited your other two sites, loving your site names. Also the child site and text slang....
    You forgot a very important used slang amongst the guys more then girls..... But my daughter threw a guy friend for a loop with her usage of..... ratchet ! Which means like dirty, trampy, stripper girl and so on.... Well my daughter sent out on her, I.G that she was "Clatchet" which means a Classy ( Ratchet) a classy girl who likes to dance to stripper music ! So my dear if you have not heard this one I am sure your daughter has.... She is so Ratchet, to anyone without class, Lol !

    See you soon love, and I love how you think across the board.


    1. hahahaha. i would def like your daughter, the lovely Clatchet--what a hoot! no daughter here just the two boys so can we share her????? that's the thing about those slang humor articles i write for magazines--they never stay current so there's always another one! i am creating a new blog which you may have noticed so stay tuned. it will feature quiet, peaceful interiors and writing from my heart. i hope you will like it, my friend. your words never fail to cheer me as you have a precious gift for them.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful, Michele! The open plan, the raw wood, the natural wood tones, the sheer's just heaven. What a calming, serene space to create meals and entertain. Thank for always sharing such inspiration!

    xoxo laurie

    1. great to hear from you, lovely laurie. i must catch up on your blog!

  5. This kitchen fascinates me because it is a return to the basic kitchen of the time before built-ins. As an antique dealer and a person who admires the functionality and simplicity of pre-Edwardian rooms for cooking, eating and living, I applaud Sebastian's gutsy design. While everyone else seems to crave, granite counter tops and stainless steel, I've longed to tear out the modern cabinets and fill the room with a couple of antique preserve cabinets, a pie safe, a standing cupboard for dishes and a simple long work table to use instead of counter tops. I particularly like Sebastian's kitchen because it can be easily cleaned. This room is right up my alley.

    1. yes! and can we also applaud how it is entirely BESPOKE!?! how refreshing it is to see innovation and orginality that read 'simple' and 'human.' thanks for your wisdom, Ginene.

  6. Hi Michele, oh yes indeed the kitchen would be perfect in a farmhouse! Stunning! Love the simplicity of it.
    Wishing you a wonderfull Sunday my friend! xoxo Greet

    1. the simplicity and craftsmanship just blow my mind, greet! and you know something about craftsmanship!

  7. A beautiful article we are always following the novelty my wife and I love ..


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