My Home Renovation: Hello Lovely Fixer Upper {week 12}

September 30, 2015

I'm back with an update, and our biggest news
right now is we will be moving all of our stuff
into the cottage in two days!

I have had no time for leisurely reading design books
or for booze as the above photo suggests.
Instead, my mornings have been devoted to
the spiritual formation studies I'm enrolled in
and afternoons find me shopping/cleaning/painting.

We finally mowed the property after almost 3 months!

While we haven't tackled any exterior projects yet,
we have made progress on flooring (everything
is done except for the master bath and some carpeted
areas), trim, and the kitchen.

Some of the cabinetry is in, and we now have
a vent for the stainless exhaust hood.
I chose a modern European style.

Above you can see the refrigerator wall will be
ceiling to floor built-ins. In the corner will be
a tall cabinet that sits on top of the countertop.

Where you see the hammer and masking tape?
That will be a gas cooktop.
Not certain how we will finish the
wall...maybe polished marble subway tile
or horizontal tongue and groove painted pine.
What I'm leaning toward is installing a tile
backsplash above the cooktop and then deciding
whether I want that treatment for the whole wall.

As of today, I still have not chosen a quartz or marble.
My quotes are in so maybe tomorrow.
Above is LG quartz in Minuet which my sister
used throughout her new home and is gorgeous
and pure white.

I also like this LG quartz in Cirrus, which has a softer
feel in terms of veining but is more creamy in color.

And I still like Silestone quartz in Lagoon--it has a
nice translucency but is definitely a light grey rather
than white...I think all three would be great choices.

Lessons Learned in Week 12:
*Always allow more time for jobs that will be sub-contracted.
Life happens, and there are always delays and surprise
schtuff...our kitchen cabinetry for example cannot
be installed in a day since some of it has to wait
until countertops are in (and our installer!).

*If you at any point wondered "Who in their
right mind enrolls in a university's year long
spiritual formation program at the beginning of
a whole house reno?" I hear you.
However, the timing was SPOT ON.
The soul work I'm doing and the partnering
is sort of saving my life and sanity,
and I am so grateful I didn't put this off.

*The cottage makeover is so much more than
simply a creative project for our family since it
represents major changes in lifestyle.
Purging half of our stuff.
Leaving behind a beloved but high maintenance home.
Sacrificing a social life for 6 months (and counting).
Living very very modestly in a rental (bet you
would giggle if you saw my surroundings
at this moment).
The lesson learned is big:
we are not what we do,
we are not what other people say we are,
and we are not what we own.
We are loved, chosen, and broken but beautiful.

Wish me luck with the move, and when I have
internet I will keep you posted.

Thank you for following, friends.

Please come join me
in this DIY adventure by
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Coming soon:

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  1. It's so much fun watching this beautiful space take shape under your talented and guiding hands, Michele! It's definitely a reflection of your heart and soul. I love the look and feel of it all. You are truly an amazing designer/stylist!!!

    xoxo laurie

    1. what a kind thing to say! thank you, laurie. xox

  2. Yay!! So exciting!! LG Quartz is very nice and is a wonderful alternative to marble. Your kitchen looks so pretty and love the cabinets!

    1. thanks, leslie. i hope it comes together eventually! if it's okay with you, when we're done i think we'll sell and move to seattle. i'll blog from your beautiful kitchen and will stay out of your way, okay?

  3. Oh my goodness, two days! How exciting and I know a bit daunting at the same time. Living in your home will give you an even better feel for your choices that have to be made, I do believe houses will tell us what they need, we just have to observe and listen, Yes, I am a house whisperer. I have so loved following along with you. I love the LG choices of quartz. We got Arizona tiles quartz called Lyskamm and I must say it is a soft quiet look with subtle veining a bit quieter than marble, but the same feel, I love it and am so happy with the decision. The Lyra is too gray I saw it in person a whole slab so I would go with the lighter choices. You will choose wisely with your heat and it will be beautiful. I am totally impressed with all the work you have accomplished. Kudos to you, my lovely friend.

    1. great advice from someone in the trenches with me! xox

  4. Good Luck my friend......once all is in it's place I know you will be smiling:)

    1. thx, sherry! i think i will be too since i am never after perfection. what i desire is a good fit. :)

  5. Its well worth it when its all done! You should feel so proud of all the great choices!! I know its a lot of work from someone who has just finished my own!! xo Leslie

  6. thanks for the support, leslie. oh how i'd love to grab a glass of wine with you and pick your brain and let YOU make these choices since your talents are legendary. :)

  7. Hi Michele, when I was researching Quartzite and quartz, I released that the Quartz was a smaller slab than the Quartzite. Even though the Quartzite was more expensive a slab it was larger and it would of cost me the same amount because I would of needed more slabs in the Quartz....I ended up with the real deal and was glad I did.

    1. wow. that's a great tip, julie. i looked at some beautiful marble, and even though i would commit to treating it carefully, i'm not so sure my guys who like to cook now will commit!

  8. Hello, friend! Well you've made good progress! The kitchen cabinetry looks great. I love the simplicity of the Shaker style doors. And I spy a farmhouse sink :) Can't wait to see more. I hope the move went went. Stay fabulous! xoxo

  9. merci, loi. you should be styling this kitchen and making these decisions while i leisurely flip swedish pancakes and serve you champagne. that is how it all goes down on planet michele in daydream mode! hugs.

  10. Hey Michelle, just trying to catch up on you. Finally, you're moving in! Exciting! I can't imagine all the choices you are having to make right now. I would be obsessed over each one and driving myself and everyone around me insane. Kinda cool though to get to start over with all you know now...



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