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October 21, 2015


Mornin', friends. It's me, your buddy still muddling
through an entire house reno and trying to survive the chaos.

Mind terribly if today I whisk you away to New York
to explore why so many folks, bearded hipster or not
are ditching Manhattan to hang in Brooklyn?

Is it the low-rise small town feel of the borough?

Brooklyn is mostly low-rise buildings, and has a much more residential, small-town feel compared to the towering skyline and fierce pace of Manhattan

Is it that celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker,
Michelle Williams, and Maggie Gyllenhaal call the place home?


Is it simply that the former working class borough has
established itself as bon vivant heaven with cutting edge
bars and delicious eateries?

Brooklyn's lively Bedford Avenue is situated just one stop away from Manhattan's Lower East Side - or a 10-minute taxi ride over the East River

The case could be made Brooklyn is in full blossom thanks
to its artisans and makers...injecting heart and soul
into their crafts at a time so many of us crave and honor
organic creativity that harks back to a simpler time.

 Made in Brooklyn - photography by Heather Weston

I learned all about Brooklyn's fine makers
in this incredible directory called:
Made in Brooklyn: An Essential Guide to the Borough's Artisanal Food & Drink Makers(powerHouse Books, 2015)
by authors:
Melissa Schreiber Vaughn, Susanne Konig, and Heather Weston

Let's do the math.

Around 200 pages of 110 selectively curated
food and drink makers in Brooklyn with
1100 original (and gorgeous) photographs.

I'll do the math.

It adds up to a betchen bevy of delicious sources.


Don't take my word for it,
check out these reviews:

I know you've nibbled the Big Apple...bitten into Brooklyn lately?

Peace to you right where you are.

Here are my picks for beautiful books to inspire.

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  1. Michele,
    I could live in Brooklyn! I would like to live in Brooklyn! And, I wanted to tell you, Michele, that bevy is one of my favorite words! Love the old buildings and all the energy.

    1. ha! i do like bevy too, and it just seemed to fit with thoughts of Brooklyn. i cannot wait to visit someday! thanks for your bevy of positive energy, ginene. xox

  2. Would love to live in Brooklyn, at lease for awhile to experiance the amazing culture. I love that black building.
    You come up with the most interesting blog topics my dear :)


    1. why thank you, french goddess of the burlap. it's all about being a bookworm and a design freaky daydreamer i guess. xox

  3. Brooklyn is niece lives there and loves it. Working in Manhattan, it's a haven to come home to. :)

    Jane x

    1. how lucky that you have family you could visit there! i think we in the U.S.A. should all put it on our to do list since it's easier to get to than paris! hugs, jane.

  4. Michele how great that these NYC boroughs like Brooklyn are so styling and popular.It is so invigorating!!

    India Hicks Style Ambassador
    The Arts by Karena

  5. A really enjoyable post, Michele. My niece lives in Brooklyn and I'm planning a visit soon. Investing place for sure!

    Lovely blog, I'll be sure to pop over again!

    Jane x


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