That Chic Brooklyn Apartment in "The Intern" {Decor Inspiration}

October 06, 2015

Director and designer Nancy Meyers says it was Pinterest
that streamlined the set design for her film The Intern.
Remember how she hit it out of the park with

Meyers wanted the home of Anne Hathaway's character
to be youthful yet sophisticated, and didn't she nail it?

The charming Brooklyn Brownstone was decorated with
mid-century pieces, neutrals, brass, and pops of color.

Brooklyn has grown into quite the borough of
high hangability with its craft food and drinks
movement, and on my radar is this forthcoming
title (October 20) featuring makers in Brooklyn:

Made in Brooklyn (Powerhouse Books, 2015)

For me, Brooklyn still brings to mind J. Crew's
Jenna Lyon's betchen brownstone which provided
inspiration for Hathaway's apartment in the movie.

'Member Jenna's dreamy home?

Is it just me? I think Hollywood still underestimates
the power of sets with thoughtful, inspiring interiors
to lure design freaky kids like us into the cinema.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Michele, This apartment is gorgeous. I love the kitchen with the fireplace .. so cozy and that sitting area with the window view is so inviting. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day:)

  2. Michele I loved both the movie and the decor!
    One of the best of the season and Nancy Meyers can do no wrong in my book!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Lee Bowers

  3. I cant wait to see the looks very funny! Love the apartment!

  4. Lovely apartment and I really want to see this movie! I love the house in It's Complicated and bought the movie in big part because of that. I also watch Rosemary's Baby on Netflix all the time because I want to live in the NY apartment they live in!

  5. Yes I so remember the movie apartment....Michele, I have to tell you I get lured to a movie most of the time due to the set design more so then the story line....I am the worst person to go to the MOVIES with! I open my gasping mouth way to often, nudging a friend or my daughter talking out loud saying "did you see that Iron BED?" Or look at that bedroom, or wow I want to find an armoire like that! And worst I will say...."Why can we not find a home like that?"

    I usually disrupt the people around me, so I cannot be trusted with movie night out and what may come out of my gasp with words of wow-ness!
    I use to watch Something's Gotta Give, over and over because of Diann Keaton's home in the Hamptons it had to check out every inch of it....and even Its complicated for that amazing Santa Barbara Ca. Coast home and layers of coolness.

    I could so see us my dear never hearing a word in a great setting of a film, we would be to busy talking about the designs and decor.... I guess it's the interior designer in me that just can't leave designs alone for a minute :)

    Wonderful post.
    See you soon dear.


  6. I love the sets in all of Nancy Meyer's movies. The Holiday ( who could resist that charming English cottage or that amazing LA home!?),Somethings Got to Give, and even way back when, Baby Boom were all gorgeous. But It's Complicated was one of my favorites and I bought the movie too. We had just moved to Santa Barbara from CT and were looking for a house to buy. I was crushed when I found out that except for the exterior shots, the rooms were all filmed on a sound stage in NYC! I thought that after seeing the movie, I wanted a Spanish style home like Meryl's. What we ended up with was a midcentury modern house with lots of glass and open space.... :) What ties all of her movies together no matter where they are set is that you can see yourself happily living in any of those amazing spaces that she has created!

  7. I'm going to see the movie this weekend and after seeing these images, I'm even more excited. LOVE the kitchen, chic and sophisticated, and adore the open shelving!

  8. They are beautiful designs. I especially love the decoration with a high glass pot and tall trees inside.

    Helen @ Tesol Certification


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