Artist Inspiration: Justine Lacoste {Ceramics}

November 15, 2015

Studio 2

When things quiet down around these parts,
I so want to take a ceramics class to create
some simple pieces for our new home.

Check out this beautiful work by
Justine Lacoste.

Baladeuse #2 - Epure Justine Lacoste

Epure is Justine's studio, and its name evokes simplicity, authenticity, and the essential qualities of the objects themselves.

Porcelain boards

Purely self-taught, Justine developed her skills by working with established ceramicists, potters and mould-makers.

Atelier 2

Atelier 1

Assiettes - Collection point

Doesn't this spur you to get your hands on clay!?!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Beautiful studio and beautiful pottery, must be so gratifying to do:) I think you need a pottery room in your new home just saying.......enjoy your day!

    1. hahaha i will take that under advisement, tina!

  2. Yes, it really does Michele and I'm sure you would really enjoy classes and creating pieces for your beautiful new home. These kind of remind me of a husband/wife team that make pretty vases (and the name has slipped my mind but I will try to find it) . I've purchases a couple of their vases. The work is very simple and beautiful. Enjoy your Sunday! xxL

    1. obviously if i try pottery, it will not be those pristine, perfect pieces. all about the wabi sabi and character-rich pieces here! thanks, leslie.

  3. Oh Michele,
    Yes, i to havé béen in and out of the studio créating with clays.... POTTERY is a place of wonderment, a place you can lose yourself in, and best the beauty and soul in stacking those hand tossed piece in your cabinets.
    I plan to take on a more serious roll in creating with porcelains, Texas whites and stoneware, filling my cupboards full of all things pure and good. Authentic and real.

    Yes, my dear join a studio and create your heart out, the less perfect the more beauty you will see.

    I love Justines studio, so much so I could move in and make it a wonderful home studio life.

    Beautiful works.


    Ps, I bet some of her work will be under your Christmas tree as gifts that will be treasured.


    1. ahhh i was hoping you'd see this post, dore. reminds me of you so much! if you lived here, we would have to have a studio like this and hang out together with pia bleu as the mascot!

  4. Hi Michelle, Love the clean simplicity of these beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Michelle, Yes, oh my I adore these works of art!! Incredible!!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Blink of an Eye

    1. i love it when you stop by with all your positive energy, karena!

  6. Michele, thanks for the introduction to an amazing artist! I love each piece!

  7. Hello Michele,
    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!


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