prince fan {Personal Reflections}

April 21, 2016

I have few words available right now as I think
about the passing today of musician and artist Prince.

I lived near Minneapolis for many years
and grew up with his music in my walkman
and danced (sometimes under age!) at First Avenue
where he began his ascent to fame.

I so admired  his creativity and his struggle to
make art, please fans, and be a spiritual thinker.

I happen to think at some point, and maybe all along,
he was in on the joke and learned not to take himself
overly seriously...which is a struggle for an artist
with such a reverence for his or her craft.

I will never forget seeing Prince in concert with
some of my favorite people and being mesmerized
by his ability to hold an entire arena captive.

His music and guitar riffs were essentially
the soundtrack of my adolescence
which was quite the hormonal cocktail.

I created some quote pictures to honor Prince,
and this one below may be my favorite since
it is proof positive his was a sensitive soul,
tickled by the inner workings of music,
the cosmos, and even the minutiae
of Dunk-a-Roos.

He has been criticized for his reclusiveness
and need for artistic control, yet he evolved.

There are reminders everywhere that tomorrow
is not promised, and we are never too young to
think about legacy, dreams, and sharing our
talents and love with the world.

Peace to you right where you are.

have a favorite Prince song?

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  1. Hi Michele - yes truly a sad day. Living near the Twin Cities, I have been to First Avenue several times and my sister and I saw him in concert in Minneapolis back in 1983 (or 1982?) on Christmas Eve. I remember his stage show was beautiful and of course the music...classic.

    1. i was at his show with sheila e in '84 i think. and i was a biker babe in the 80s a la appollonia!

  2. AND LOVE your new blog layout, look, and feel....gorgeous!

    1. thank you! still tweakin it and having fun.

  3. I only saw him once in concert and it is one of those moments that I will never forget. It was in the late 80's when I was in college...the concert was on the campus of Stanford University so it was a smaller more intimate show. It was mesmerizing with the hall decorated in dark velvets like an old theatre. They even had rain shower down when he sang Purple Rain. I will always be grateful to have been there. He was artist to be honored. The black and white photo is perfect.

    1. thank you for adding rich beauty to this post with your story. xox

  4. Such a lost! Prince was a brilliant artist. I remember when Purple Rain came out. And remember all the other artists he mentored? Sheena Easton, Sheila E, etc. Wonderful tribute, Michele.

    1. thanks, loi. you are so right about his commitment to mentoring! there is so much to remember about his legacy!

  5. Love him! Such an amazing talent, Prince will live on! Beautiful tribute, Michele!


    1. that's the right spirit, holly. his gifts live on.

  6. Big big fan, having a hard time thinking of anything but our loss of genius.
    One of our great thinkers in lyrical writing is gone. Looking forward to perhaps more of his music being released..
    I have to tell you as I was finishing up pieces of art around here I was playing Prince music two days before his death loud enough for my neighbors to enjoy, and then such a shock to hear he was gone.
    Yes, attended his concert in the Bay Area of Nothern Calif, and was emotionally moved by his art and entertainment. Misunderstood by many, I connected to his lyrics, his music got me through the 70's as a young teen....I think we are all crying a bit of purple rain these days.

    Thank you Michele for this post.

    1. what a beautiful tribute you have written, dore. impossible for me to not dance to his music. xox


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