31 Beautiful French Farmhouse Style Moments {Decor Inspiration}

November 21, 2016

Beautiful fluffy dog on rustic linen chair in French farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio

I have yet to tire of beautiful
French farmhouse style whether
it presents as an authentic homestead
in Provence or simply in a timeless
and tranquil spirit outside of France.

I hope you'll enjoy this collection of lovely moments,

If you have been following the decor inspiration
journey on Hello Lovely, then you'll know my infatuation
endures with farmhouse style decor
and its many interpretations.

Stone French farmhouse exterior with clay roof and vintage bicycle on Hello Lovely Studio
French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

While I'm partial to French-inspired, traditional
yet modern, timeless, tranquil, and romantic
elements of farmhouse style, there are plenty of
other creative riffs on farmhouse, including
industrial, minimal, American primitive,
eclectic, and beachy.

It's all those nuances and variation that keep me
interested and engaged when it comes to
peeking inside beautiful homes with French
farmhouse style and modern farmhouse decor
represented on the web.

Breathtaking French farmhouse stone exterior with wisteria on Hello Lovely Studio
French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

What you'll discover in this collection of inspiring
French farmhouse decor ideas is that some of the
moments aren't even from farmhouses!
My own current home is a contemporary style home,
and our prior home (see the dining room shot below)
was a European manor style home.

French farmhouse white dining room with Nordic French decor by Hello Lovely Studio
Hello Lovely Studio

French farmhouse style interiors feature a mix
of country warmth, sophistication, and simplicity.
The decor is not singularly informal, but it's
never too fussy, loud, or froufrou.

Peaceful French farmhouse exterior with hydrangea and pea gravel courtyard on Hello Lovely Studio
French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration (Sharon Santoni)

My home - Hello Lovely Studio

Enjoy these moments and lovely finds
to add French Farmhouse decor
to your own home (affiliate links - you won't
pay anything extra!).

Letellier Wood Bench

Meet me at the finish line and let me
know the number of your favorites!


Moment No. 2: The architecture and thoughtfulness of Brooke
and Steve Giannetti's patina-ed piece of paradise radiate
a European sensibility alive and well in Cali.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 3: Who could bear to go inside
with this much beauty on the exterior?

French Farmhouse room with muted tranquil color palette on Hello Lovely Studio
French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 4: I love the celebration of imperfection
here which works so well in a farmhouse setting whether
it is French, Scandinavian, or American.

French farmhouse style bedroom with stone wall and crystal chandelier on Hello Lovely Studio
French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
French farmhouse carved wood lamp
French Farmhouse Carved Wood Lamp (aff)

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 5: What's more French farmhouse
than a posse of ducks crossing the road?

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

French Farmhouse Country Chandelier (aff)

Moment No. 6: Galvanized buckets of lavender anyone?
(Oui, s'il vous plait.)
See how Maria of dreamywhites displays galvanized buckets.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 7: A beautiful gilded mirror.

Breathtaking French farmhouse room with exposed rafters and pastels on Hello Lovely Studio

Moment No. 8: Aqua shutters that function.

French farmhouse living room with antiques, limestone, and shutters on Hello Lovely Studio
French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration (Pamela Pierce)

Moment No. 9: Pamela Pierce + Texas magic.

Elegant French farmhouse bedroom with magnificent bed and weathered shutter on Hello Lovely Studio
French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
Upholstered Linen Bed (aff)

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 10: French linens in a romantic bedroom are timelessly perfect.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 11: What is it about French blues
that instantly lift the mood?
(see what i did there?)

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 12: European grainsacks add such rustic charm.

French farmhouse kitchen with antiques and rustic elegance by Pamela Pierce
French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration (Pamela Pierce)
Charlot French Pitcher

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 13: A lesson in texture to be sure.

Jones Design Company
Moment No. 14: I want to marry the basket of hydrangea
(and have an affair with the picnic basket atop the chair).


Moment No. 15: What was I saying again about French
farmhouse style and the color blue...?

Jennifer Robertson
Moment No. 16: A crisper way to do French country style.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
Copper Tray Set

Moment No. 17: A marble surface for kneading dough
is an everyday layer of country French luxury.

Annie Selke
Accent Chair (aff)

Moment No. 19: Such an elegant interpretation
of farmhouse lovely.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 20: Nice legs, France.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
Moment No. 21: Move over, enormous American kitchen with
mediocre cooker, and make room for fun-sized French with fancy range.

Moment No. 22: A rustic ladder can be sculptural with French style.

Vintage French Iron Table (aff)

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
Moment No. 23: Twinsies.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
Moment No. 24: Getting better with age.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 25: What if every morning began with
this flavor of an enchanted breakfast room?

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 26: Linen closets are one possibility...

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 27: Deep Versailles sigh.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 28: It's chevron on Pinterest...
herringbone in House Beautiful.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment 29: I am so grateful there is such a thing
as a French door.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 30: You had me at basket gallery wall.

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Moment No. 31: (above) Maria's farmhouse has such an authentic feel,
and I can imagine romantic days of dreamywhites slow living here among
the many treasures she brings home from the French countryside.

Thinking of all of you as you prepare
your homes, menus, and hearts
for Thanksgiving, and reminding
you of a simple Navajo prayer:

Hello Lovely Studio

Farmhouse style tablescape with roses, white and green by Hello Lovely Studio
My Simple Thrifty Farmhouse Holiday Tablescape
Pin Me!

Thanks for reading, and to peek inside
an incredible modern French Farmhouse kitchen,
visit this story.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hi Michele,
    What are you trying to do to us out here???? Drive us totally insane? I'm drowning in French loveliness with this post and loving every moment of it! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. yes! i won't rest until the french farmhouse loveliness renders us all begging for mercy! happy thanksgiving, beautiful holly. xox

  2. I agree. Now I want to redecorate my whole house!!

  3. Hi Michele! What a lovely post, as usual! This is a bit random, but do you know what breed the dog is in the first picture? My best friend had a dog that looked exactly like it over 15 years ago. Her family always wanted to find out what breed she was but since they got her from a shelter they never got a definitive answer. Eventually they gave up the quest, but when my bestie and I were looking over your post she suggested we ask you. I mean, it's worth a shot! Thank you in advance and again, really amazing post! Definitely got my redecorating juices flowing :p

    1. Hi Kinga! Thanks for the kind words. I love that dog! Doesn't she look like a Schnoodle--a schnauzer poodle mix? Wondering if the image may be from Rachael Hale's book about dogs in France. I'll keep searching, and let me know if you discover the breed/mix. :)


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