White Decor Inspiration: Serene White Inspiration

January 26, 2017

beautiful white horse majestic by lucy snowe

Time to take a deep breath and just
chat for a few moments since life
moves relentlessly fast,
and if we don't slow
down, we may
just miss

White Cellar Door

Inspiring us today?
A holy trifecta of snowy white wonder.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio

Shots of ceramicist Justine Lacoste's atelier,
hand-typed quotes from White Cellar Door
and gorgeous fine art photographs
by the brilliant Lucy Snowe.

White floral still life photo by Lucy Snowe
Lucy Snowe
I have been a busy blogger as you may have
noticed and have been challenging
myself to post lovely every single day
to develop more discipline as
a blogger, increase my traffic, expand
my audience, improve my SEO,
and get my entrepreneur on.

White Cellar Door

I'm not revealing all of my secrets in
this post, but I will say I managed
to surpass all of the goals I set for myself
back in September and nearly doubled
my traffic with a lot of thoughtful
modifications and intentionality.
Since I took notes every step of the way,
I will soon be able to share them with others.

White Cellar Door

Have you ever considered starting a blog?
Do you have a blog you'd like to see grow?
Ever considered monetizing an existing blog?

White Cellar Door

I'll be addressing some hot blog topics in the
coming weeks (cuz in case you can't
tell...I like to share stories and sweet finds)!

Just a couple of years ago, a bunch of
blogs I followed disappeared, and there
was a message  out there that
"blogging was dead"
and also that you somehow had to identify
as either a hobbyist or a business.

I never felt I fit in as a hybrid,
and it didn't matter to me that blogs
were disappearing because I just
kept logging the lovely,
bloggin' for the love of it.

I'm so glad I kept going because this
is an exciting time for influencers
and blogging entrepreneurs on the web.
If you are considering creating a blog
I would encourage you to get in the game
since I believe every person will eventually
have their own personal website, and why
not get a head start now?

On with the serene snow show.

* * * * *
Beautiful serene studio of Justine Lacoste
Justine Lacoste

Beautiful white sheep by Lucy Snowe
Lucy Snowe

 Baladeuse #2 - Epure Justine Lacoste

Beautiful white furry cow in the snow by Lucy Snowe
Lucy Snowe

Beautiul white Porcelain boards by ceramicst Justine Lacoste
Justine Lacoste

Beautiful white llama in wild grass by Lucy Snowe
Lucy Snowe

Beautiful studio of Justine Lacoste
Justine Lacoste

Pregnant wooly white sheep by Lucy Snowe
Lucy Snowe

Beautiful organic ceramic studio of Justine Lacoste
Justine Lacoste

Beautiful furry white cows by Lucy Snowe
Lucy Snowe

White ceramic dishes Assiettes by Justine Lacoste
Justine Lacoste
Beautiful serene shoreline seascape photo by Lucy Snowe
Lucy Snowe

Now that you are sufficiently zen-ed out, maybe
give these sweet little design stories some love,
and should you find lovely you wish to pass on, 
kindly share with those buttons under where it reads

Peace to you right where you are.

Hello Lovely Studio Michel pointe shoes ballet slippers denim

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  1. YES to the results of your blogging goals...YES Please looking forward to the blog growth knowledge share and being more intentional..and YES YES YES to the fantastic white zen show. Kudos to you, excited for more, and with heightened invigoration thank you Lovely Lady!

    1. so happy to share and help others grow! thanks for the encouragement, friend. you're energy is infectious. xox

  2. Hi Michele, I LOVE Lucy's animals. They're hauntingly beautiful!

    1. her subjects are incredible, aren't they!?!

  3. Good grief, Michelle. It certainly isn't "lovely" to use f**k in your blog.

    1. sorry to hear this offended you. please understand this is not a quote from me but an art piece which inspired me to get to it.

  4. It didn't offend me. It disappointed me. I have read your blog for a long time and was surprised to see the inclusion of that "art" piece. And that is not art.

    1. i understand. given that it jumps out in a post meant to soothe. i'm gonna remove it. i truly appreciate the feedback.

  5. I'm so glad!! You are way too much of a class act to have that in your blog.


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