Lovely Finds: McTavish Farm

September 25, 2011

McTavish Farm Shetlands

For more than a year now I have been
enamored with all things sheep.
I ordered fleece and supplies online,
watched youTube tutorials,
and began needle and wet felting
for relaxation and fun
(beads, crosses, and a cape for Bella!).

Just recently
I connected with
Tracy of
McTavish Farm Shetlands.

Tracy is my favorite shepherd.
A spinner and fiber artist,
she and her husband
have a small farm in Oregon
dedicated to raising quality
shetland sheep with
quirky personalities.
Shetlands are bitty.
Adults weigh 90-120 pounds.

Blackberries are one of their favorite delicacies.

McTavish has a new online shop
offering fleece in wonderfully natural colors.

Am I the only one who finds it beYond the COOLEST
to actually know the name of the sheep
from which my fleece came?????
I have fleece from Rory:
50% Gotland, 25% Finn, 25% Shetland.

all photos - McTavish Arm Shetlands

I will probably create some embellishments
for my collages and am so grateful
places like McTavish Farm exist
to supply quality fiber.
I'm not a fiber artist for heaven's sake!
I'm a suburban creative DIYer who
saw an expensive felted wool necklace in a
Garnet Hill catlogue and said

Tracy and her husband focus on breeding
for nice fiber and also sell lambs as fiber pets.
Not to be confused with CYBER pets...

This is the prize winning ram,
Jasper with his hottie Strudel
in the background.

I am unhappy that
my husband is not yet on board
about adopting a lamb. 

Isn't the farm breathtaking?

The be-dazzling,

Tracy says the best thing about shetlands
is their loving personalities, and even though I can't
welcome a shetland into my home,
I CAN incorporate a little of their
magic into my arts and crafts.
And so can you.

Talk to me, gorgeous friends...
ye who are (hopefully) grazing on
lovely images of blackberry-loving
sheepy chic sheep...
have you fallen for
wooly wonderfulness yet????

To learn more about the McTavish Farm,
visit the blog here.

Peace to you right where you are.

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with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. Uhhh, there is a painting in there... third photo, do you think they'd care if i painted that sweet face?
    It is beyond cool to have wool from a sheep you know by name... awesome!

    And oh Jasper, i just want to kiss your sweet face...


  2. oh i want one! and goats and chickens..........we live in area where we can have such lovilies but i have a husband who is not cooperating!

  3. @cindy
    i bet they would be beyond flattered for you to paint that beauty!

    i can just imagine how good for the soul it would be to care for these beautiful creatures.

  4. No need to twist my arm! I am all over this - and extra so when I see a little bit of Gotland sheep as part of those gorgeous creatures' DNA!

    Gotta support creative and quality minded entrepreneurs.

    I can't knit or felt to save my life. But perhaps I can buy something you make! (:

    Love, Mon

    P.S I saw that you called Meera, Meerkat somewhere. I thought it was so cute! Now I am calling her that too - and blaming it all on you! (:

  5. These are the sweetest little faces!! How cool that you know where your woolies are coming from and I can't think of a better place or a better sheep!!

  6. The picture of the farm made
    me yearn for my parent's home
    in Washington State; the view is
    so similar. I think these might be
    the sweetest faces, ever and I
    laughed out loud about Jasper
    and his hottie! Thanks for the
    lovely escape to this great farm.
    xx Suzanne


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