September 22, 2011

Are we over Scandinavian chic yet?

So happy to introduce you to new friend...
who runs the fabulous

THINK amazingly high quality reindeer leather
and lambskin bracelets with a reputation
for becoming wildly ADDICTIVE.

As much as a
face-to-face with Margareta
would be delightful
(she truly leads an inspired life),
I'm so grateful the busy Massachusetts
designer took time to chat.

Lapland Reindeer Leather Sami Bracelet, Pewter Braids, Antler Button, SMALL, Light Brown Tan, 1/2 Inch Wide, B17 Snowflake
Stunning snowflake design

Of course I had to ask about why we should honor creativity.

"Creativity tickles our minds…cultures evolve and expand
by using whatever is at hand to create items
needed for its existence.
Creativity should be encouraged
without restrictions
 from an early age. "

Sheryl Crow loves her some SwedArt!

"A good example are how Sami (Laplanders) artisans
 from their 10,000 year old culture have used
the hides, meat, milk, fur, antlers, and sinew on a reindeer
 for everything they need in their daily lives...
food, clothing, beds, tents, shoes, jewelry, art, craft,
household items, tools, sewing thread from the sinew, etc."

Margareta's sense of humor charmed me the minute we began corresponding.

"I love telling kids who come up to my booth to touch
the reindeer hide on the table why
I think Rudolph might be a female reindeer.
It is actually a true story and makes people smile.
Male reindeer shed their antlers after the rutting season in Sept and Oct.
Females are pregnant over the winter and need their antlers
to protect themselves and their unborn calf and
don’t shed them until late spring.
Yup, reindeer females are the only deer
animals to sport antlers."
(So if Rudolph had antlers in December...)
Then she turns to the mothers and says,
"And that is why Santa never gets lost!"

Three things inspiring her at the moment?

"My wonderful customers in 15 countries."

"Seeing how well my design of pearls and
hand faceted silver beads on leather bracelets
turned out, I am now looking to add more new materials
to keep customers coming back to look for new SwedArt creations."

"My garden starting to turn fall colors."

Guys love her bracelets as well.

Margareta's tips for finding lovely and sacredness in "the everyday."

"Reading blogs like the lovely and inspiring Hello Lovely Inc."
"Doing mini mediations when feeling stressed."
  "Long walks in the woods"

Thanks so much for your time, inspiration,
and uplifting energy, are as lovely
as your beautiful handmade bracelets!

Peace to you right where you are.

 Hello Lovely at times partners with
with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. Beautiful braclets and you can see all the work she puts into them. Thanks for introducing SwedArt to us!

  2. Silver lambskin bracelet, Im on my knees, will you marry my wrist! I cant take my eyes off it.

    Also Michele, I've written a little about you in my blog. Maybe you'd like to check out :)

  3. definitely check them out. margareta is so much fun--and passionate about her craft.


  4. These are SO gorgeous Michele!
    I would totally wear any and all of them. :)

    Missed you!
    Haven't been on lately.
    My bad.

    Met your friend Suzanne last weekend and we were complimenting you from afar! Were your ears burning? :)

  5. Thank you, Michele, for posting such a great feature on me and SwedArt!! And thank you for the kind comments of your followers as well! The Hello Lovely Inc blog is SO creative, delicous, lovely and impressive that I will tell all my friends and customers about it, in addition to posting it on my SwedArt Facebook Page. Can't wait to see more features and products since I really like your taste and style.

  6. Addicted, the word that best describes how much I love these bracelets. My husband wears them when he gigs out with his band, I stack all of them (6) on my wrist for an individual look, and of course, I buy them for my family and friends. Thank you for bringing beauty (and friendship) into my world, Margareta!

  7. We've been addicted to swedart bracelets for quite some time. It's the only other jewelry I'll wear besides my wedding ring. It's a trend that transcends age as my daughter who's only 3 LOVES her swedart!

  8. Thank you so much Elisabeth and Christy for your kind words! Check out this photo of Christy's daughter wearing her mom's butter soft and trendy ever/after top ( SwedArt bracelets.!/photo.php?fbid=10150306527732515&set=a.129114062514.104156.101362517514&type=1&theater

  9. The bracelets are gorgeous!!!!

  10. ooooh, Christy, i love this point you've made about the bracelets transcending age. you're so right!

  11. Great them..
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday!!

  12. I love that name. How clever. Sweetheart to SwedArt. I love it!! I really like clever wordplays and that's a FAB one!

    And the jewellery is FAB. Doesn't it look super-cool on that man?


  13. How fun is this!

    I bought a Lapland bracelet (in Sweden) like 20 years ago. I still have it! But I can need an upgrade. And especially from a creative and stylish Swede!

    Very nice Michele!

    And very nice meeting Margareta!

    En varm kram till er båda!



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