Personal Reflections: Random

January 22, 2012

A warm warm welcome to the new kids
to the blog...I hope you decide to stay
even after the giveaway is history.

There is time left to enter!!!

Brutal blog-tansparency:
giveaways are a serious hoot for the host
until the winner is announced and the number
of followers suddenly diminishes.

You already know we're fond of
stream of consciousness
on planet Michele so I know you won't be surprised
this blogger's wingin' it today with photos to give
you a nibble of life offline...

original art by my friend Nick; email me for more info

Which is not glamorous but full.
Not care-free but with light
always streaming in.

original art from friend Malik

The very best part of it has nothing to do with me.
It's that my life is jam packed with hope and l.o.v.e.

my sis

Serious in your face love.
Not the imitation.

i like having this saint around.

Speaking of the L-word,
I'm a wife to a very handsome man
who shares a first name with Shakespeare.
I'm a parent of sons who will report
I am neither saintly nor cool.

Saintly moms do not persistently request
(in front of their offspring's friends no less)
to be kissed twice like the French and
proceed to threaten spankings
for noncompliance.
Also, cool moms don't make a living
writing humor essays about their anxiety
and the trials of parenting adolescents.

a mood board

Oh goodness, I'm spillin' it all.

a few old things around and a few new feels right.

There will be nothing left to blog about,
ummmmmmm, you don't look that concerned.

starting ballet again...haven't danced since 1985.

There will always be more.

my bella luna

So thank you for reading me and opening
your hearts to this blog.

And a huge apology for the lamest post title
in the history of blogdom...even if you figured out
I was riffing on a past McDonald's campaign, it's
still quite mental, yes?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. You make me giggle! Much love, Lisa

  2. Completely inspired by the artwork you showed. Love your little Bella. I've got my Fergie curled up by my feet right now.

  3. I'm lovin' your "I'm Lovin' It" post.

  4. You're such a trip! I loved this post. And, you're going to start ballet again! That's wonderful! You gorgeous dancing beautiful crazy lady!


  5. i'm lovin it, for sure. especially bella luna's color blocked fur!! so cool. oh, and the fact that you are taking up ballet of luck with that, for sure!

  6. You were a ballet dancer?! Can you believe I was a cello performance major? I try to practice, but it's difficult with kids and building a home. I can't wait until things settle down. You inspire me girl, I love that you're taking it back up again!

    love ya,

  7. Lovely, I loved every word, and yes we will still come back cause you are the bomb. Di@cottage-wishes

  8. I'm so smiling, yep lame post but that's ok we still love you...;)We your loyal followers will always be here for you because this is what bloggin' is about!


  9. brave and nuts and fun in one. pretty runs in your family~from the dog to sis and you....lucky!

  10. I'm lovin this post!! And taking up ballet sounds like a gorgeous challenge, I'm so excited for you :) And yes, your 'real' followers will be with you because of everything your little corner of the blogosphere offers every day and not because of a couple of freebies ;) xxx

  11. I LOVED the post title!! No need for any apologies at all!! It made me laugh out loud!!


  12. Ahhh...Michele - you are such a witty, creative writer....and artist! I always love visiting you! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. You are beautiful inside and out girlie and YEAH for you for dancing again!! Oh and you are WAAYYY cool and as far as saintly, well, that would be a bit boring now wouldn't it. ;) Love you lovin' life!

  14. Thanks for making this girl laugh out loud amid a very dreary day in Georgia! Love that you're taking up ballet again. Look at it as Stress Management Therapy...something we all need while raising those teenagers!

  15. No you are - the coolest! Have you told everyone it is your birthday yet?! (: I rememeber those kinds of things + it is exactly a month prior to my royal day.

    HAPPY Birthday Lovely! (And please nix this comment, if I got it all wrong. I am a tad jet lagged...).

    Love and Happy rest of the week!


  16. You make me smile. I loved this post.

  17. awww... you have the cutest dog! ;)

  18. I read the title once, got the reference and re-read it in the McD's tune with a smile!

    You are so lovely, Michele, and so is the peek into your offline world. You know I'll keep popping by - freebies or no freebies, whether I'm still blogging or not.

    Wonderful to hear you're taking up ballet again! I can imagine you a graceful fairy-like dancer!

    Love and hugs,
    Meera xx

  19. In church on Sunday,
    the minister preaching
    said that "family life isn't
    all goodness and light; it's
    mundane and messy."
    So true, but if we embrace
    it, mess and all, we
    really experience the true
    essence of life. Love this
    little glimpse into YOURS.
    And hats off for getting
    those kisses. I can get
    hugs and kisses on demand
    from my girl, but my boy;
    forget about it. Makes me
    sad, sometimes.

    Love ya, sweet friend!

    xx Suzanne

  20. LOVE this post what a special lady you are my friend enjoy everyday is a blessing.

    Always Wendy

  21. M,

    It's hard for me to type bc Matthew isin my arms, but I had to say that I love this post... you an your sister r so beautiful!

    lots of love to u!:-)


    Luciane at

  22. Enjoy getting back into the dancing I stopped in 1998 & I so regret throwing my point shoes in a skip in 2005 what ever came over me I do not know :( still bugs me to think how silly I was.

  23. Wish I could start ballet again...have not done it in longer than you! I so wish I could give that precious face a smoochie kiss.....


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