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January 29, 2012

Casual Living: No-fuss Style for a Comfortable Home

"This is a book to help make home life easy,
while also showing how to put together a
casual, breezy style. There is a simple mantra:
make your home work hard for you,
so you don't have to."

--Judith Wilson

Does your home WORK for you?
Lord have mercy, I mostly feel enslaved  by mine
so I need all the help I can get.


Casual Living: No-fuss Style for a Comfortable Home
(Ryland Peters & Small)
is packed to the gills with
gorgeous inspiration to get our nests
more organized, relaxed, functional and beautiful.

casual home living room
casual home
glorious photography by Polly Wreford

For those of us who have yet to arrive
to a perfect, stress-free life
or designed the perfectly tranquil
fuss-free home to match said life
(girrrrrrl, pleez, you know that life aint for realz),
here is a book by Judith Wilson
to tickle the fancy and get the wheels a turnin.

casual home

With me?

I think you're gonna go bananas for this book
with all its chilled-out charm!!!!

Read it yet?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. That looks like a great one!!! Going to have to add it to my wish list :) thanks for sharing!

  2. It would take a LOT of work to get my house to be simple like those shown....but the book looks very inspirational!

  3. Yummy!!! Love all the inspiration.
    Mary Alice

  4. Gosh I'm with you Doll, totally enslaved by my home!!


  5. Goodness me! How awesome is that kitchen? TOTALLY awesome I'd say. Sending you extra love today, Michelle. Much love, Lisa

  6. I'm only half enslaved by my home and even that's to much so I'll take all the help I can to stop! Looks like a fabulous book with some common sense.


  7. Love the saying have your home work hard for you ,I so agree! I think I use to be a slave to my home and now I totally enjoy it and am relaxed about it. Love being home doing nothing if I choose. These books both sound like good reads,Happy Monday, Kathysue

  8. Looks like my kind of book full of loveliness and ideas. I am all about chilled out-charm!

  9. check out that heavenly thick chopping block on that kitchen island... whoa, love it. I'm not sure if my house works for me... i'm always so busy thinking about what i want to change, or add, i'm not sure if i often just appreciate it just as it is... And,... i'm clueless as to how to use the remote control for the tv!


  10. I thumbed through this book in a shop and the inspiration alone took my mind to a very serene and lovely place. The rooms with walls of books are my kind of places. This book is on my wishlist!

    Meera xx

  11. Another book I didn't know about - thanks to you I have found so many wonderful books!
    I NEED this one, thanks for the info pretty lady!


  12. The NO-FUSS siren
    is most definitely
    calling my name....

    xx Suzanne

  13. I really like this book, too, and that kitchen is just simply delish!


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