Books: 21st Century Palace (Geoffrey Bradfield}

June 22, 2012

We have decided to enlist the help of
the charming Geoffrey Bradfield
for our living room since it remains
a dull blank slate...

Geoffrey Bradfield is "the billionaire's designer," dear ones!
The KING of functional opulence.
The GODFATHER of interiors.
The millenial modern MACDADDY of
high brow style.

He is not making his way
to the ghetto just yet.
Not that there's anything wrong with ghetto living.

Hush now.
Allow us to dream on planet michele.
Dream the DEAN of American design
will see our blogdiggity post and feel
compelled to make ours a Cinderella story.
A charity case for a basket case, if you will.

He may have a soft spot for basketcases.
I read an interview with Bradfield,
and his sense of humor is refreshingly intact.
How to make a room look like a million bucks?

This I know.
The designer loves museum quality
contemporary art and New York
(note the cityscape wall coverings).

Bradfield's New York townhouse

the most casual GB space I could spot in googledom

Can't wait to get these non-billionaire paws
on his forthcoming book
 21st Century Palace
and share its dreamy deliciousness with you.

Bon weekend!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Well after this post I'm sure he'll be knocking on your door on Monday morning, ha :)

  2. Very magnificent, fun to see pics of it. :-)

  3. I can't wait for the book! I love his style, because I never know what he will do next.
    Love these images, Michele. I love the busyness of his spaces.
    Happy weekend, sweet lady.

  4. Great post! Love the quote!!! Leslie

  5. his quote! And remember just never know who is reading your blog post....maybe even him! :)

  6. Oh la la! Love that first picture and what if he show? :):) Get ready because you never know! Can't wait to see the book and you have amazing taste Michele.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  7. All I can say is WOW!!! Super super cool!! I have to say - I'm a huge fan of the unexpected and those walls are definitely unexpected! I can see why he's called the GODFATHER of interiors! Thanks for enlightening me once again my dear friend!

    much love to you!

  8. So the book is hard to get?? hmmm
    Increadible images, seems that he loves to impact the walls a lot (: love the city sky line wall paper in bedroom.... but love them all! Thanks for pointing it out...nice to learn about ...ciao Z

  9. the book hasn't hit the streets yet so no one can get their paws on it yet.


  10. Wow, the artwork is divine and everything is so luxuriou$!!!

    Nuttin' wrong with dreamy spaces my dear! Yum yum xxx

  11. OH woman!!! I couldn't take my eyes off his designs. How I wish I could spend a million to make my room look like that! *sigh* I think I need to decode elements and think of copy catting in the lowest possible bucks :P

  12. He should take a hike to the burbs and give you some "designing". Just cause he all famous and deserve it. Boy I love that bed against the wallpaper.

  13. You had me laughing left and right with this post...especially the $2M comment! Crazy. I'd bet your living room will look better than anything he could create - seriously. Money does not buy taste!

  14. Whoa... How bout the rug in that bedroom, talk about opulence. And, i love his use of the artwork..., might as well learn from the pros, and try to emulate their brilliance within our own budget and interpretations....
    (was that a sentence?)



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