A Healing Spirit

June 25, 2017

A Healing Spirit
Healing and wellness have rarely
strayed far from my mind
since I became seriously ill with
Crohn's Disease
back in adolescence...and I'm willing
to bet, they're important to you too.

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A lifetime ago at 19 years young
 No matter how you found your way here,
I hope you will open your heart to a story
about how the mission of
can light the path to recovery from illness,
bringing hope and transformation.

The other day with mom.
A theme in my personal history with illness
(Crohn's, BRCA2+ genetic mutation, and anxiety)
is that I keep discovering healing
in unexpected places.
Like in my mother's breast cancer.

My warrior mama, just hours after her last radiation treatment.

Journeying with my mother
(battling breast cancer, colon cancer, melanoma,
osteoporosis, degenerative arthritis, and BRCA2+
genetic mutation) has inspired me to increasingly
let go and discover both a spaciousness
and an increased capacity to enjoy gratitude.

Her strength and perseverance as she battles
have taught me more than I can say about
the power of a healing spirit...
and the shelter of love when
the storm winds blow.

My mother's pain and suffering,
and the crippling consequences of disease
to her daily living have healed and
transformed me in significant ways,
shifting my perspective and
shaping my desire.
Before My Sister's Prophylactic Surgery in Conjunction with BRCA2 Genetic Mutation.
My desire? To see with new eyes,
to grow in wisdom,
and to be aligned with healing
so much so
that my life becomes a healing
balm for others.
A Healing Spirit: Products and Services That Support Healing
Speaking of a healing balm for others,
I am so grateful to discover and share with you
a new source for healing and hope called
A Healing Spirit.

Founder Carol Cassara's passionate healing mission
is bound to move and inspire you.

Carol sent over A Healing Spirit's journal
and affirmation cards, and I have been
savoring these tools.

Do you struggle with illness or love someone who does?

A Healing Spirit: Products and Services That Support Healing
Healing Help is Near

Whether you’re grieving a loss, fighting cancer or
coping with another disease, suffer from chronic pain
or have anxiety, A Healing Spirit has affordable
products and services to support the healing you seek.

Founder Carol Cassara, M.S., is a trained,
master's level hypnotherapist certified in
Integrated Imagery (a hypnosis technique).

Carol is a wonderful friend to this blog, guys.
She's a healer with a long history of easing
the pain of others, and she truly understands
suffering personally as an overcomer herself.
I'm so thrilled to help Carol
spread the word about the healing support
over at
A Healing Spirit!

Products to Help You Heal

A Healing Spirit offers tools to harness the power
of the mind-body connection,
rooted in current scientific research.

Three important tools are detailed here,
and be sure to browse the others on
this beautiful site.

While the tools do not replace treatment,
they support it by helping to
engage the connection between
mind and body.


Even if you have never journaled before,
I would encourage you to go for it!
It's not simply a notebook full of blank pages;
it contains prompts designed to guide you
toward discovery and transformation.

The 5x7 beautifully-designed pink journal can be
brought along to treatment or to a quiet place
alone, to work through your deepest feelings
and thoughts about your diagnosis and journey.

Journaling makes a difference.
A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology,
 found women with breast cancer who wrote about
their feelings had the fewest symptoms and
fewer unscheduled visits to their doctors.

After three months, the groups who kept
a journal about their emotions,
"reported one-third fewer symptoms and
medical appointments than the group whose
writing was limited to the facts." (source)

Carol adds,
"The thing about a guided journal is you're not
at a loss as to what to write about--you respond
to a question or do an activity.
Also, you can draw or paste
images instead of write."



My personal opinion?
These cards are powerful medicine.

The affirmation card deck is business card sized
and portable enough to slip in a pocket or purse
or store in a bedside table.
(I continue to keep them close to me and turn to them
for quiet moments of centering myself.)

I love how the cards beautifully
keep support for healing
right at your fingertips.



Carol is masterful at integrated imagery, and
what comfort she offers to weary souls
in these downloads!

Downloadable audio of guided imagery
is designed for folks with cancer or chronic illness
to listen to at least once a day during chemo or at home.

The soothing audio delivers positive messages
about the immune system kicking in
to enhance healing.

Curious about the audio?
There's a short snippet on the site...

A Healing Spirit: Products and Services That Support Healing
Gift Someone With Healing Support

These healing products make thoughtful gifts
for loved ones, neighbors, employees, and
those who may feel too overwhelmed,
discouraged, or weak to order

While each product is effective on its own,
a set is even better.

A Healing Spirit: Products and Services That Support Healing
For someone starting a course of chemo,
a supportive and thoughtful gift
might be the set trio: Healing Journal,

My parents visited this week, and we
spent some time at the Japanese Gardens,
where I shared the affirmation cards
from A Healing Spirit with my mom.

We are both moved by the
subtle healing energies which emerge from
the affirmations...the power of the
written word and neuroscientific
implications just never gets old!

The spoken word is also powerful,
and I think you'll find

the guided imagery audio
speaks heart language.

Could you use some comfort just now
from A Healing Spirit for your
grief, journey with chronic illness, or anxiety?

Whatever brought you to this post today,
whatever affliction or physical challenge
lies before you...

I hope you know you are joined
and that an invitation for healing awaits.

May I ask a favor?
Can you help us spread the word
about this new source of support by
simply pinning images from this post
for others in need of such uplifting
encouragement and help?

Visit Carol and do explore the healing
support at A Healing Spirit for both you
and those whom you love.

Peace to you right where you are.

Hello Lovely Studio Michel pointe shoes ballet slippers denim
Thank you, A Healing Spirit, for partnering with me and
lighting the path of recovery from illness for souls everywhere.
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  1. Beautiful post. My favorite affirmation card- Miracles and magic surround me every minute of everyday. It's a great reminder when life brings us down. I'll be checking out the healing spirit site.
    As always, thanks for sharing your story with us.

  2. the cards are powerful! I know you'll love the site--we all know people battling cancer we could buy these cards for, and what could possibly be a more perfect gift? thanks for the kind words. xox

  3. Hi Michele,
    You and your Mom and your sisters are simply beautiful. Thank you for the courage and inspiration that you give me through sharing your story and your journey. The Healing Spirit makes so much sense with the body-mind-spirit connection and its impact on our health. Thanks for sharing this resource!

    1. It's an important one! thanks for your kind encouragement and inspiration as a woman and artist radiating love. xox

  4. Lovely post. Carol and her company are exceptional!

  5. Such a great way to view the challenges life throws at us. Inspiration for the rest of us. Thanks

  6. Michelle - Love this - it's so important to keep our minds hopeful and positive when life is calm because when the storms come that habit will help us calm... I've been diagnosed with a few chronic illnesses, when I was 13, 15, and another just recently... not that will necessarily kill me, but that require care and life changes... and being able to center mind my mind makes such a difference. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks for adding to the beauty here by sharing, marissa. and for your wisdom. peace to you.

  7. What a beautiful site you have. Fun to read about Carol's new venture. She wrote one of the stories in the anthology called Here In The Middle that I recently co-curated and edited. It was a beautiful story on friendship and loss.

    1. Thanks so much! I will definitely check out the anthology.

    2. Would you believe it's a piece about my late BFF who inspired AHealingSpirit.org? It is!

    3. Looking forward to reading the story, Carol, and what a tribute to your friend to pour your heart into helping others and take her on the journey with you. Love is truly stronger than death.

  8. Michele, I will check out the site and tag this post. We all need this sort of support and encouragement at some point. Thank you for sharing. Courageous women you ALL are and I have enjoyed following your journey. The top picture is so cute of you and we had the same hair back in the day;) ha.

    1. thanks for being with me on the journey with your beautiful, open heart, leslie. xox

  9. Journaling is so therapeutic during difficult seasons. The Psalms brought a lot of comfort to me during a rough time last year.

    1. I love the psalms, and I know just what you mean. I clung to them in a particularly devastating period of anxiety. peace to you, Bailey.

  10. Love your article <3 you radiate lots of positivity, and I adore the affirmation cards!

    1. thanks so much for those kind words. I'm so happy to discover the cards! :)

  11. The world needs more healers, that's for sure. Thanks for sending out this kind of energy into the world.

    1. thanks for your encouragement, Karen. peace to you.

  12. Thank you for an inspiring post with inspirational affirmations. It's good to know that there are resources available for those in need of physical and spiritual healing

  13. I am familiar with Carol's work and agree that she offers wonderful products as well as other healing services on her site. Nice to see her getting recognition for her work.

    1. So happy to hear! I look forward to seeing Carol's new venture bloom!

  14. Thank you for sharing in such a beautiful way. Both yourself and carol. Happy to pin. :)

    1. thanks, Barbara. I just love her work. thanks for pinning.

  15. Amazing post! I will definitely be sharing this. I know someone who may benefit from these products. And I love the positive affirmation cards! These would be great to keep close to you and steer yourself in a positive direction if you are feeling low. Thank you for this beautiful post.

    1. Thank you! I think we all know folks who would really benefit from these products. And yep, the affirmations can be powerful to our ability to fight disease. :)

  16. Love this! Getting through when your hurt, emotionally or physically can be so hard sometimes - I really love the quote that says "the wound is where the light enters" isn't that so true though!

    1. Thanks for adding to the beauty...yes, we must often be wounded for the light to get in! :)

  17. What a beautiful and inspiring post.


Your comments add to the beauty...thanks in advance for your kindness.


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