English Cottage Decor Inspiration {Kate Winslet's Cottage in The Holiday}

January 17, 2013

It's cold outside, and I'm craving
more than ever.

Shall we pay a visit to Kate Winslet's
cottage in The Holiday and dream
of owning a storybook charmer
of our own?

Cameron Diaz-cottage front door-large

What makes it cozy?

Spaces that are just the right size,
that don't overwhelm...timeworn textiles

Iris's living room-still-large
Pillows and nothing too precious.

Thoughtful lighting and a tub
for soaking.

I could kiss this front door on the lips.

Iris's mantel-Christmas
A fire.

Books always make it cozy.

 Iris's cottage bedroom-still

Casual, natural baskets and little trays
to keep clutter minimized.

In my own home, candles, linen, and throws
that beg to be touched keep it cozy.

As well as twinkly lights in a lantern
(in our bedroom).

building the cottage 2

It's Hollywood, baby...I love surmising
the scale of Kate's make believe cottage from this
perspective with the humans in it.

A key element of cozy in fact,
is human-scaled, approachable pieces.

Remember when you were a child?
Did you dream of a playhouse
with vaulted ceilings, or was it
just your size?

What are your own personal tips for
making a space extra cozy?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Beautiful door and tub, loved this post!!

  2. Love that movie. And that cabin is just so cosy!
    Have nice nigth :)

  3. Love it. Every time I see that movie I find something new I love in that cottage. And, here she had a fabulous house in LA. Nope, the cottage is the dreamy home. Love it! Your house is pretty dreamy too!

  4. The little cottage in that movie is amazing...I was so sad when I first found out it wasn't an actual house:( I think a fireplace always cozies up a home!

  5. Cozy = warmth...
    little lighting RE: your adorable lantern full of lights,
    small lamps in unexpected places
    art lighting
    dimmers on overhead lighting
    night lights (I even have a clear bubble night light that we leave in place all year :^)
    small lamps on timers
    small electric candles inserted into things like bird houses, tea cups, pitchers....(thank you Lord for a handy hubby who can do these things)
    incandescent light bulbs
    string lights in odd places....
    and if it's too "hot in Texas"...candles in the fireplace box :^)
    Thanks for asking and sharing your lovely pictures with us.

  6. You made me laugh out loud at work with your comment about kissing that door on the lips... oh my god, that's funny, plus... me too! I want to kiss it on the lips, and that blue tufted ottoman too! I LOVED that cottage to death. I wanted to live there! I think lighting is a huge deal for making things cozy, and a fireplace, i so wish i had a real wood fireplace...
    Your house looks so pretty, wow... i love your style!


  7. Oh, I a could use an escape to a cozy little cottage. But truly what I am missing most is my own home sweet home. Looks like it will be another month or so until I can get back to my own little life. But I know these days with my family are doing everyone good, so I'm staying focused on my blessings, and knowing that my home will be there when this phase in our lives comes to an end.

    Your wit and humor always makes me smile, smart girl! XOXO

  8. I too love this little cottage. Cozy to me means warm (fireplace), comforable and sized perfectly to wrap you in it's quaintness! The Holiday is one of my all time favorite movies!! Thanks for this fun post!

  9. I posted something about this cottage awhile back. I love this little place.
    I think a home with all your favorite things makes it COZY. (Oh I love that word, hah) Having mixed furniture, painted and original wood, antiques and modern......more of a mix than a match add to the coziness.

  10. I just love that movie, and the house is perfect :)

    Love from Norway

  11. I loved that cottage! that bathroom is to die for! And I love the front door too.

  12. I loved that movie ! And who wouldn't want to get cosy with Judd Law?!

  13. now you're talkin, barbara! don't you love him in this!?! that discussion merits an entire post!


  14. Oh how I love that house, Michele! The first thing I noticed was the layering. Layering of textures, patterns, fabrics....all makes it so warm and cozy. Yeah, I could be very happy living there! :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. I knew that first picture looked familiar..loved that movie and never tire of watching it!! Sooo cozy indeed. I would take just the blue ottoman as a souvenir and call it a day! Hope you are feeling better...and glad you are loving the apron and towel:)

  16. What!!!? You mean that cottage was all make believe? I didn't know that. I love it and could watch that movie over and over just to stare at the rooms. Loved the U.S. house too! Great post! It's been very gloomy, rainy, snowy and cold here. A lot of people don't like it but I love this weather. With warm soft lighting, wonderful smelling candles, something in the oven all the time....it's very cozy here. :)

  17. @lynne
    i know! i am feelin your brand of cozy...wonderful smells from the oven--yes! that is totes cozy!

  18. The house isn't real? Noooooooo!!!! I wonder if it was actually built in the English countryside tho. It sure looks it :)

  19. I agree .. the size of these spaces give it a cozy feel as well as the textures and colors of the fabrics. All gorgeous and speak to me!! .. SIT DOWN and snuggle up! Love the pieces you are showing of your own home too Michele :)


  20. Love it! I'll take cozy over big and showy anyday.
    Theresa N

  21. How cute is that, had no idea it was built for the movie (: I thought they went to England to film it ...smiles.
    Naive of me. Hollywood has tricks.
    Cozy means "not modern" for me I guess, I am not big fan of modern furniture or houses. I like traditional and that is just translated into cozy for me...a hint of modern in it is good, of course but I mean the very sleek modern style ...we see a lot in Calgary, I like new homes and furniture as well as antiques, but the look of them must be traditional, Louis XVI or XVII .... good night...hugs Z

  22. I was totally gutted to hear that it only existed for the movie and that it was dismantled after filming. I fell in love with it instantly! Candles, throw blankets and knitted pillows is exactly how I keep it warm and welcoming in my own home.

  23. Michele,
    I adore this cottage!! I have seen the movie so many times only to enjoy that gorgeous cottage!
    Oh dear I love that picture of your home!! Beautiful linen seat!!!
    Happy weekend my friend!

  24. Beautiful! Well in the winter time a fireplace is very cozy where I live!

  25. It's freezing here in DC. I'd love to sink into your gorgeous linen chairs....enjoy a cup of tea in front of a blazing fire!!! And I think it is time to rent this movie again.

  26. THis is my favorite movie and set! I love how they mix cottons, linens and velvets and EVERYTHING else about this "house." Thanks for sharing, I missed watching this, this year:). HAve a great weekend, Jen

  27. I LOVE the cottage interior, and I totally covet the reading corner with ALL THOSE BOOKS! Thanks so much for the tour!

  28. The images of your own home in this are by far my favorite....i love the art in the background and the linen and textiles....

  29. Love this movie and those images! I could never get tired of watching that movie! really one of my favorites ever!

  30. It's wonderful, cosy and fake ???


  31. Thank you for sharing...Can you take us to the 'tent in the play room' next?...Corey

  32. I like your house better than hers. :) I think soft colors, lots of texture and candles make a room very inviting - a roaring fire in winter doesn't hurt a bit either!

  33. I never get tired of this movie or that adorable cottage.

  34. One of my favorite cottages of all time! It's amazing what Hollywood can create!
    Love your living room... it definitely beckons! I love neutral linen couches with hints of color in pillows/blankets! This look is always warm and inviting... just like your living room!

    Much love,

  35. @coreen
    just what i was thinking! i will. it's the fort of my dreams, and my sis knows i still plan to create one for the ultimate girly photo shoot (for fun) with grownup girls!


  36. I dont know how many times I watched the movie but i do remember that half of the times were to steal decor ideas. Love that charming english cottage.

  37. I am escaping to a cottage in the middle of the English countryside next weekend for my upcoming birthday (we shall not talk about the age or it's implications, mmkay?) with my boy and some of my closest friends. Its nothing like this beauty (much more modern unfortunately on the inside) but I'm so looking forward to a cozy getaway in the middle of nowhere with a fireplace, friends and lots of laughter :) xxx

  38. I do love the idea of a cozy english cottage! i lived in a cozy little hundred year old cottage last year and the space was a challenge, but it was perfect for someone who lived alone! i tried to make it as warm & comfortable as possible. the interiors in this movie are so awesome!

  39. What a "lovely" tour...pinned it and am a new follower there, here and on FB.

  40. M, this is my all-time
    favorite movie home,
    followed by the house
    in "Something's Gotta
    Give" and then the one
    in "Parents of the Bride."

    I think cozy is being able
    to plop down anywhere
    and it is comfortable. Also,
    not too much clutter, which
    gets to me!!

    Thanks for the pics ~ off
    to pin them, including your
    sweet home, as well : )

    xo Suzanne

  41. I think the smell of a home is what makes it cozy. A clean fresh scent, with a little underlying scent of the fireplace, and something sweet (vanilla,cinnamon)baking in the oven. When I walk into a home, the smell is the first thing I notice :)


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