Books: Quiet Corners & Markets of Paris

February 12, 2013


You might find it odd that in my research
before our trip to Paris, I sought out
sources for peaceful hideaway spots
to retreat.

Buuuuut I am panic spice
in bustling crowds.

So the Louvre poses a challenge,
and Notre Dame...ummm, obnoxious visitors
barking loudly into cell phones...can
trigger hives.

Was MIGHTyyyy happy to find
the lovely
Quiet Corners of Paris
(Little Bookroom)
Jean-Christophe Napias.

Quiet Corners of Paris

Herein is a guide for those preferring
their city of amour on the down low.
Nice and quiet like.
For those who dare to discover
81 often overlooked beautiful
spots in Paris for escaping.

Are you with me, kittens?

You will find exquisite photography inside
this little gem, and perhaps even be inspired
(oh but I am!) to make a trip to exclusively visit
as many of these sweet quiet corners as possible.

Another sweet little charmer helping
us plan our Paris itinerary was this guide
by Dixon Long and Marjorie Williams:

 my photo

You will learn about the entire market scene
in Paris including Virtual Markets and Market Streets, Markets Open on Sunday, Artisan Bakers, Getting Along in the Food Markets, Brocante Fairs, and well, every
market but the stock one.

my photo

Of course you already know Clignancourt,
but Markets of Paris will help you discover
more than 100 others!

my photo

Can't wait to share more Paris goodness
with you (endless, mama!) and welcome
your own favorite secret quiet Paris spots
and market suggestions.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. If i could even get on an airplane to fly to Paris, i'm sure you're the one i would want to go with, because you would totally "get it" about needing the more quiet, less populated, more quaint spots... where there is an easy escape from the crowds


  2. If I ever get to Paris I will surely locate these hustle and bustle for me either!
    bec x

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  4. Love this little patio! Have a great day!

  5. What a neat idea for a book. Have to tell my friend who is headed there next month about it. There is no doubt about it, few places (if any) are as inspirational as the grande dame that is Paris. Never gets old talking about it!

  6. I so agree with you, Michele, always excited to find the quaint out of the way places in big cities. You learn so much about the locals when you do - love hearing all about it!!

  7. I have been to Paris many times but never tire of it. I'm always on the look-out for new interesting places. Beautiful images and book recommendations.

  8. i guess it's naive of me to encourage others to share their secret Paris places with us! it wouldn't be a secret for long, would it?

    email them, peeps! i won't tell!


  9. Many thanks for mentioning Markets of Paris on your beautiful blog! ~Marjorie

  10. What amazing books! I will have to look for them, thanks for sharing! I totally agree, I love finding quiet spots away from all of the noise and crowds. And visiting markets is one of my favorite things to do in Paris! We love visiting churches when in the city of lights. Great for a quiet little break!

  11. Great photos! And very peaceful settings. Makes me wish I was there!

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks

  12. Your market photos are so pretty Michele:). What a great little book! It's those little spots.. off the beaten path that are so fun to explore and take in the wonders of Paris. The crowds can be a bit much ..


  13. I'd prefer the quiet corners of Paris to the Louvre any day! I'll have to bookmark this post to remember for my next Paris vist (even if it might be fifteen+ years away)!

    I love your photo's....


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