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March 27, 2013

My mom cracked me up on the phone
the other night (that scary day
she was barely alive,
couldn't have chemo,
and needed a blood

With Gracie, the day before her surgery.

I asked if she had any of her
eyelashes left since I knew she
was dreading this side-effect.

"Welllllll....yes, I do." she informed.

In fact, to prepare for chemo
earlier, she had made a stellar
effort with eyelash curler,
eyeliner, and mascara to make
sparse shrimpy stubs appear
as fierce as possible.

That is my mom.
These things scare the bajeezus outta me.

Without oxygen in her blood
and barely breathing, she took
the time to make her remaining lashes
look as lovely as possible
though they are barely
hanging on.
 I kinda get it.
I always took my eyelashes for granted
until a few years ago when they began
 to thin and then disappear (hello, hormones).

Recently,  I began to grieve the lashes
not because I think I should look like I'm 30, but because
with no lashes, it can look unnatural and otherwordly.
Sue me, I like a natural look.
I consulted aesthetician Deanna Stellato.

She recommends Latisse from her
fountain of medical and spa-grade
beauty in Chicago called
Deanna's Beauty Bag.
After two months of using Latisse
(brushing on a drop
of the liquid before bed),
I look foxy as Brooke Shields!

Thank you, Latisse!
It's very exciting, kittycats.
To be perfectly honest,
I was truly hoping Latisse
wouldn't be worth the fuss
because I had no
intention of adding
the monthly expense.
Around a hundred bucks a bottle
(Deanna runs specials all the time).

However, I am still using my first bottle
after two months so the value is there.

Bonus Beauty from DBB to Share Because I Adore You:
Deanna's Beauty Bag offers other highend
effective skincare lovelies of which I am a fan
since with age, the needs of my skin
have evolved.
Here's what I use
(and no surprise, most of
my preferences are made in Paris):

GM Collin Bota-Peptide Eye Contour
After trying a ton of eye creams,
this lovely one delivers for me.

Also made by GM Collin,
H-50 Therapy Cream
 feels like a soothing dream
for my normal-to-dry-and-sensitive
skin...yo, the 50 means it is suitable for
skin that is a half-century old young.

Many of you have probably tried
retinol based products, but they
are new for me...the one I use
available from DBB is
SkinCeuticals Retinol.
It's powerful collagen building voodoo,
and if your skin is sensitive,
make sure to go easy
and get smart advice
from a professional
like Deanna.
After a memorable facial here, the esthetician
smoothed my barely there lips with
GM Collin Lip Plumping Complex Gloss Rose,
and I have been sweet on it ever since.

You can even email Deanna for concerns or
advice about medical and spa-grade products
to set you up for success.


Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Your mom is a champ - and good for you to find something that works! :-)


  2. how sweet. Seriously, I get it. My eyelashes have started thinning and I totally understand how your mom felt about wanting to make the most of what she had left. I would love to try the lash stuff but not sure I want the added expense. Getting old isn't cheap! LOL!

  3. god bless your mom! I have been wanting to try latisse for a long time. Is it really worth it???

  4. i know! the expense is what kept me, but as i mention in the post, a one month supply can last well beyond as i am still using the bottle starting my 3rd month! my thing was, if it really makes a difference, maybe i can cut something unnecessary from my monthly budget to balance it out. for now, i'm hooked, baby.


  5. Oh Michelle! (: speaking of your retinol cream... I tried for the first time ever and used every night for 3 days and was not supposed to do that! I look like a lizard and fear going out(: as I scare people! But I hope it goes away... And will continue do as the doctor said instead my own ideas.

    Your mom is amazing, I wish you and her strength and better health soon, miracles perhaps, what ever it takes!

    Hugs z

  6. I love reading about new to me beauty tips. Just love your Mom's spunk...a real inspiration!!

  7. Wow... I so need help with my eyelashes!! Thanks for the amazing tips as always! Sorry I have been so distant, I'm pregnant and really sick!! Sometimes everyday seems like a week... yikes! I'm just trying to embrace everyday with gratitude!
    You look so beautiful!!! Keep the beauty tips coming this way; next time you need to fill me in on how you keep such a killer figure!

    much love pretty lady!

  8. You all look beautiful and your mom is so cute and elegant!! I can see the goodness so clearly, wishing her well in these days ahead.
    I have heard so much about Lastisse, my friend swears by it. I am taking notes on all the products, love discovering something new and am in the market for a new eye cream. Thanks for the 411.
    Been away, home today but going again later for three days, next week everything gets back to normal. HAPPY EASTER!!

  9. I am buying them all!! I am shocked about the 50 comment and would be even more so if I thought you were anywhere close to that number. Thinking about your sweet Mom!! Have a Happy Happy Easter!! xo Leslie

  10. I wish I could use these wonderful products...anything with natural plant oils block my medication from working.....its very frustrating...I guess all I can do is Botox! Hehe....

  11. Good for your Mom! I love her attitude. And I totally get it. I need some of this lash stuff too, I'm on my way to check it out. :)
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  12. That'a so interesting. I've been curious about Latisse, but i heard it might change your eye color, so i haven't pursued it yet... well, and the budget thing... Still thinking about Botox too. That's so cute about your mom. Good for her!


  13. Hmm... I'm also thinking to try Latisse, because Dr. Jerome Edelstein, who is a well known doctor recommend it and I think it's something really useful. I don't think that it might change our eye color... but I would love to have blue eyes instead of brown... just kidding :D


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