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April 13, 2013

Amanda Peet at home with framed photos
Amanda Peet at home in Vogue

Hello, blogland.
Hello, lovers of:
and style.
Hello, lovely.

Amanda Peet at home in Vogue
 danish chairs and kermit make me tingle

Man alive, you bretheren have been checking up on me,
worried and schtuff...but I am good. Still weird, but good.
I tire easily at the moment but cannot complain one bit
as I recover from surgery and live with BRCA.

Hello Lovely Studio Amanda Peet Home Tour
Tap for the tour!
Amanda Peet entry way in Vogue

Oh, honeychild, please do not force mama to transform
the blog's agenda (essentially creativity, laughter, and style)
on accounta some new rotten freaky gene knowledge.
Cuz we gotta be freeeeeeee and random, up in heee-ahh *insert AMEN!*
Gotta keep our upbeat occasional irreverence *YES, LORD!*
Cannot nooooo wayyy be achangin into a blog-opera *oui?*

* * *
Let's remove our choir robes to
ditch the deep south, and discuss
Amanda Peet's pad now, shall we?

This loveliness is brought to you
by Vogue and Domino.

Eclectic charming bathroom with rose and white wallpaper of Amanda Peet in Vogue
Amanda Peet at home in Vogue

Daybed with pink stripes at Amanda Peet house
Amanda Peet at home
Amanda Peet home

Boho eclectic California informal family room of Amanda Peet
Mix those patterns like a Mofo

Eclectic Bohemian Laid back home of Amanda Peet in Vogue
Gives me permission to relax with my own shelves!

I could spend time here.

Eclectic art gallery wall in home of Amanda Peet in Vogue
An informal and charming gallery wall

An entry to stop you in your tracks, and the pink!

Isn't her place comfortingly humble,
personal, and lowkeylovely?

Amanda Peet and children outside on grass in Vogue
A picture of beauty

Fireplace and living room of Amanda Peet in Vogue
So simple and boho

Amanda Peet living room with pink sofa in Vogue
Amanda Peet Home
Library of books  on shelves in home of Amanda Peet in Vogue
Amanda Peet home
Boho chic bedroom of Amanda Peet
Amanda Peet bedroom

Built in sofas with stripes and mixed prints in Amanda Peet house in Vogue
Anyone else feelin the 70s?

Stairway in entry of Amanda Peet house in Vogue
Stairway in Amanda Peet house

If you are an experienced blacksmith and can
make us a stair railing like this to replace
our orangeycountryblah one, get in touch.

If you are not a blacksmith,
thank you for reading.
Thank you for smiling
with me if you are smiling.
Thank you for scrolling
quickly through the text
and just absorbing the
visuals cuz you have
no time to read
 the nonsensical,
(and by blabbering
i do mean poetic
language of angels...)
a self-deprecating

Peace to you right where you are.

I'm doing so much better with my BRCA diagnosis now.

Did you have a chance to read my
BRCA journey or see my new under one minute video?

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  1. I look nothing like you (sad me) but I am your sister just the same. You are both in my prayers. OUR prayers.
    Never stop babbling. I speak babble extremely well and am willing to translate for those in need.



  2. Wow! You....are....simply amazing. I am hanging on your every word lovely, honest, get down to it lady.
    Wishing you peace and love.......babble on....xx

  3. Sounds like you are doing well. Glad to hear it, you just never know, even without surgery how things are going to go. Take care, blessings Paula

  4. So glad you are in strong spirits my amazing bloggie friend! These piccies make me happy, I love the casual, slightly boho relaxed look, I could spend time here too. Yum! Big hugs baby xxx

  5. It isn't over until the babble stops so babble on my friend, babble on. Glad you're doing so well I'lll keep you in my prayers.

    Hugs to you my friend!

  6. Your strength and courage are inspiring, my sweet! Reading every word and smiling at your kookiness (I mean that in a good way). Imagining joining you in this lovely relaxed place for a natter over a cocktail :)
    Keep smiling! xxx

  7. Michele, you are such an inspiration. Seriously I am awe of your beautiful outlook and seeing the silver lining in everything.....to be admired. Sending you a hug and smiles across the miles and wishing you all the very best.
    Reading what you have to say always makes me smile:)
    Love Amanda s abode..charming, eclectic, warm and fun just like her..its a mirror reflection of how I think she must be.Enjoy your Sunday pretty lady!

  8. She´s a gorgeous girl - and her home as well! Glad everything is good with you sweetie! :-)

  9. what did i miss? is someone criticizing your style? shameful if that is the case!!! anyone who comes here comes for YOU, an original.
    can i join you and first sense for that cocktail?

  10. Prayers still headed your way, sweet friend.
    Gorgeous post as always.
    Happy Sunday.

  11. Always a pleasure reading you beautiful words, and YES love her relaxed style, it looks like a real home of a real person with a real life. I am all to keeping it REAL!!
    xo Kathysue

  12. Sincerely hope you are doing better, every day, getting hugs and love ++++! Yes, life, thank you, isn't just crap that comes are way, but also blue skies and flowers. Please, always flowers, and love and hugs and 2nd chances at everything. Cheers to you and your ballerina satin slippers! Patty/BC

  13. Sending your peace and light Michele..and im loving all this pretty babble:)

  14. ..and that should be YOU - I'm ont cell phone so anything can happen:)

  15. So glad that you are in good spirits - sending lots of hugs and strength your way. This home is my idea of perfection.

  16. Glad youre doing well ;o)
    Lovely pictures...love the picturewalls!

    Have a great week ;oD

    Hugs Elisabeth ;o)))

  17. Michele, please keep up the poetic language of angels, (aka as blabbering) it's nice to hear! Also thanks for sharing Amanda's pad. I'm a fan of her quirky and beautiful style. Did you see her in the cute, romantic movie with Ashton Kutcher? She was wonderful!
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  18. haha... you always make me laugh!! Your beautiful spirit and your amazing ability to write is so inspiring! What an amazing pad, I just loved her in Somthing's Gotta Give! This post made my evening!

    Best wishes!

  19. glad to hear you're doing well! thinking about you and wishing you a great day!
    xo Barbara

  20. Ha! I love to read you... and yes, her style is totally charming...


  21. The pics are great but i almost fell out when I got to the "chior robes"......loving that I am a new reader of your blog and sending positive and healing energy your way!!


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