Books: The French Dog {Rachael Hale}

September 13, 2013

Are you a dog lover like moi?

Then you may have seen this
irresistible book floating around town:
The French Dog
by Rachael Hale
(Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2012).

One glimpse of it at Anthropologie,
and it had to be mine!

Photographer Rachael Hale captured all sorts
of sweetlovely dogs from Dachshunds to Labs.
You'll see them cheezing for the camera in
charming settings ranging from stately chateaux
to the streets of Paris.

Who can resist a double wienie?

my photo

Here is my baby Bella Luna,
who is fond of being toted around
in an
ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier...

(perhaps the French would roll their this is not so chic?).

I want to be there, don't you?

If you have ever tried to snap a good photo of your
pet, you know how ridiculously difficult it is...
so you will appreciate the skill and artful eye
Hale possesses and the beauty she uncovers
in The French Dog.

You can never have too many photos of your pets.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Gosh that's a lovely book. Come to think of it I think I've seen it in England this summer and thought about buying it, but bought so many books already that I almost had to pay double freight to get them back to Vancouver. And even then I left a dozen or so in my home in England. It's so lovely to have beautiful books around. I really need them in my life. How are you doing? I've been reading back a little and it seems like you're doing well.Have a great weekend and big hugs. :)

  2. funny I bought my dog loving friend how is half French this very book as part of her birthday gift, she loved it and we had such fun going through it..the pictures are amazing. You highlighted a winner!
    How are you feeling? Hope this finds you doing super duper and hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness - I love these furry faces! :-)

  4. this book will inspire you and also make you yearn to go to france and see all these backdrops in person!

  5. Dog lover? Mais oui!!
    These days it seems all I'm doing when out&about
    is stare obsessing at other people's dogs.
    And keep thinking what breed it could be,
    but just can't seem to decide...
    Maybe this book could help,
    cause when I have there's no stopping me.
    Sorry for the rant, have had this on my chest for a while :)

  6. Oh, Bella Luna! What a sweetie. I have this book sitting on my coffee table and love, love, love it. Dogs? France? Mais bien sur! I only wish I could climb into the photos and give those darling French pups a scratch on the head! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!! XOXO

  7. I saw that book at Hammertown Store in Rhinebeck, I knew I should have bought it! WHat great images!!!
    Love It, Karolyn

  8. Oh my goodness I'm in love with these photos. I am such a dog person in fact everyone in my house is...who can resist those loyal eyes and sweet doggy smiles? What a happy post, thanks Michele. I hope you're having a relaxing weekend.

  9. Oh, boy - another book for Tom, me and all our doggie loving friends!!! What a great cover! Talk about attitude. Ooh, la, la!

  10. The dogs are so gorgoeus and the photos too !


  11. This looks so great. I have to get this for my mother in law who raises dogs and is the biggest dog lover I know.

  12. I own this book and it is wonderful! Beautiful photography and the dogs...all are gorgeous and should be famous!


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