Personal Reflections: Marigold Muse, Kate Towers Dress & BRCA update

September 26, 2013


I have been b.u.s.y and feel it's time for a
good long exhale...and ruffles.
So for you, images I shot of
my lovely summer muse
in the backyard.

Ilse Jacobsen boots

 Kate Towers handmade gown

She doesn't wear makeup. Can't take a bad photo.

Hers is the kindest heart.

As my in-house nurse after
she washed my hair and helped
with the unspeakable.

I found the can at Urban Farmgirl just down the road

Can you feel the gentle spirit of my muse
and this day?

So much gratitude for the beauty
penetrating my soul which becomes clearer
when I am vulnerable, weak, and even weary.

So many of you keep close tabs on me,
and I am happy to report I feel like
myself again.

My sister is recovering from her last
surgery, and my mom's battle
continues with breast cancer.

What an inspiration and warrior she is
through the suffering and harsh updates.

Thank you for the encouragement,
prayers, and cheer in these tough times
as I journey with BRCA genetic mutation.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Oh my gosh Michele.. what a beauty she is, and such a kind heart.. perfect. I am so glad you are feeling a little more like yourself. You are a warrior! Take it easy .. and do something special for yourself every day. Wishing your sister and mom well too. I have two friends that have had the same surgery you've had, my own health issues, and a dad that's suffering (you already know about that..) Life is not for sissy's .. that's for sure.

    Take care, xxL

  2. Michele the answer is yes. I do feel the gentle spirit of your muse as reflected in your photos. And there's something about the soft lighting and the encouraging updates about your mom, your sis and you that makes this post so lovely.I'm so glad to know you had such a kind caretaker when your body was weak and vulnerable. She looks so pretty in those ruffles.

  3. She is stunning and makes a wonderful subject. But more important SO happy to hear you are feeling yourself again! I can feel the good karma and energy oozing from these photos....I know its been a tough road for you and then to have to have it happen with your sister and mother is almost unimaginable. You have handled it with such grace and elegance....a true beautiful heroine. Wishing you many happy days ahead of good health, love and laughter:)

  4. We are sending you hope and encouragement all the way!! This is a tough battle but it sounds like you come from a strong line of women and I feel in my heart that you will do well. Heres to years and years of good health to come!
    Best and enjoy your weekend, Karolyn

  5. thanks so much. some harsh news yesterday about my mom who is doing everything she can to heal. if you pray, i hope you will whisper her name. a miracle would be great just now.

  6. Great pics of a beautiful girl! :-)

  7. She is beautiful... How wonderful to have her during this difficult time for you and your family. Wishing you continued good health. Happy for you to be feeling better... Enjoy your day

  8. Praise for the "Caregivers" of this world. Your muse is beautiful. Many blessings to you & her....

  9. so glad you are feeling well, darling! i am sending light and love to your mum.

  10. I'm so glad your feeling better...I hope your sister and mom are feeling better soon!

  11. You've captured your muse so beautifully - such a glow in her! Glad you are well, Michele. Thanks for the update. Sending my very best to you all ~

  12. Beautiul post (and photography!), GORGEOUS ladies (yes of course the one behind the camera too!), beautiful words.

    I am thinking of you all the time and mention you often. Just wish I could move your city closer to mine.

    Love to you and the young lady (Ford Models will be calling soon).

  13. Your care-giver looks like
    a beautiful soul, inside and
    out. I bet she was thrilled
    with these pictures! I am oh-
    so-happy to hear that you are
    feeling well and I hope that
    your sister is also on the mend.
    Your mom also remains in my
    prayers. Warrior women, all!

    Love & Hugs,
    Suzanne xo


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