Christmas Table Settings {Holiday Decor}

October 23, 2014

Hello Lovely Studio
I know, I know, it's October and good bloggers don't
bypass Thanksgiving and the Harvest-acular yadayada.

But m'mind skips right to the holidays when the leaves fall,
so I can't resist collecting inspiring tablescapes for December.

Could it really be as simple as a reflective pitcher filled
with aromatic rosemary and white dishes?
Mmmmmmmm, melike.



Maria at Dreamy Whites has a way of setting my heart a-flutter
with farmhouse lovely.
Hello Lovely Studio
A memorable lunch with friends..... in blue and white

Tina knows her way around an enchanted tablescape,
and even though this isn't a holiday table, her beloved
blue and white make for an elegant winter celebration.

In other news,
I must get my flabby self to the gym!
It's not even CHRISMOWEENA
(dark time when Americans over-indulge and gain weight between Halloween and New Year's) 
and already I've got FLABS (fat abs).

Hello, lovely menopause.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Michele-isms.. love them;) Such pretty inspiration for what is to come. Hope you get to the gym and start doing sit ups for all the goodness that is to come!

  2. fo sho. the fairy with flabs needs cardio too!

  3. Oh Michele the blue and white service is amazing, the setting fit for the queen.

    I tend to skip Halloween, and then Thanksgiving moving right into my favorite "Christmas" not for the presents but for the music, holiday meal, homemade fudges, the decorating even if it's simple. It's all just so romantics. Then after I have posted some Christmas ideas I tend to go back to ThanksGiving.

    I am looking forward to your decor and table settings.

    1. ahhhh yes, the romance, of which you reign supreme, dore. i love soaking up inspiration and have been attending my fair share of markets and exhibits to get the creative juices flowing. and the crafting has begun...although i am a lazy crafter and stick to my 'imperfect is beautiful' mantra!

  4. Incredible christmas table settings. I love all of these tables. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. They are really helpful.
    Marble polishing Fulham

  5. Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?

    1. something like 9 more fridays after today. oy!

  6. Ha! The next two months are the absolute worst for keeping my girlish figure. Way too many treats and I know the crazy begins next Friday on Halloween and won't let up until January 2nd. Yikes.

    Never too early to be imagining a pretty table scape! We are hosting a party the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so I've been thinking about the transition between the Big Feast and Christmas...

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend, dear! XOXO

    1. i cannot wait to see your artful tablescapes and just know they will be unique since they will feature your original strokes of genius...share please! am i wrong about this? one cannot eat food after age 48.75. and also this. one cannot stay asleep for more than 90 minutes at a stretch.

  7. Hmmm....My comment
    seemed to disappear. Will
    use this as as test to see
    if I need to repeat myself : )

    xo Suzanne

  8. Well, must have been a
    computer pixie.....

    Just wanted to say that
    I wish Christmas decorating
    could be as simple as the
    rosemary picture. It's fresh
    and simple, which is how I
    am loving things these days.

    And, let the ab flab worry go.
    As Nora Ephron said near the
    end of her life, "Eat the donut!"

    xo Suzanne

    1. hahaha! oh nora. if only letting the worry go was as simple as letting the waistline go!

  9. Pretty tables Michele. I like the simple one with the rosemary too. It's funny how that little bouquet of green just makes everything good.



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