timothy whealon

January 24, 2016

I love his work, and when I heard Timothy Whealon's first New York apartment used to be home to MTV's Downtown Julie Brown, I thought perhaps this designer could not be any cooler.

I was wrong.

Because Whealon also says his goal in creating classic design
is to achieve the openness of an Agnes Martin painting--
whooaaa Nelly, I'm nutty for the genius of Agnes!

"As a kid, I spent every cent I earned from my paper route at auction houses. The first thing I ever bought was a George II mahogany chair with a needlepoint seat--I was twelve."
~ Timothy Whealon

Timothy Whealon's work shines in the glorious
(Rizzoli, 2015).

I am smitten with his pursuit and have much
to learn from his thoughtful approach to creating
unforgettable design as I devour every word and
image on the pages of this blissful journey.


He shares:

"I like color that gradually reveals itself,
and no color has the capacity to do that
quite like complex whites."
                                 ~Timothy Whealon

A dapper ambassador for the rainbow of whites?
Now that's a lovely friend of mine!

In Pursuit of Beauty...
a perfectly fitting title since
every lovely project featured within
reflects both the passion and calling
of this exceptional designer.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Oh yes! yes Michele, I to am a fan of his designs. You look at that bathroom, nothing pretentious but every bit the classic design of a classic feel to it clean simple space. What about the Windows, I love all the lighted panes on the black metal tracking.
    The grey sofa plenty of seating for a great gathering. Could you imagine living here, I know I sure could.

    As for your paper route, my brother and I had one we shared and we were about your same age, I spent my money decorating my room :) when I got my first real, job at 15 passing for 16, they just did not seam to check that closely, on my break in the local mall I would put antiques on layaway and pay for them with my checks every two weeks, what these deals must have thought of me? My mother always knew I would become a designer, or artist, something to do with creating beauty in a home. My bedroom was over flowing with great pieces, and when I moved out at 18 I felt so mature with my mature antiques.

    Keep me post on when you come to Ca. Laguna beach... Will be fun to meet up and take a bit of time to enjoy the beauty and a great conversation of what inspires us.

    Email me so I can get my contact numbers to you.

    Talk soon.

    Stay beautiful and oh so interesting :)


    1. unfortunately, that tidbit about buying the needlepoint chair at auction was a quote from timothy whealon, not moi! i could never have managed a newspaper route since it requires a good throwing arm and above average physical coordination. at 12, i swept poop from the docks and raked the sand for the lifeguards! i'll keep you posted on cali, dore!

  2. What wonderful details and simple elegance! LOVE! XO Karolyn

  3. I will have to get this one! Loved all the rooms, especially the blush pink in the first room-my new color crush!! Thanks for introducing him!! xo Leslie Sinclair

  4. The blush and green in the first photo ..love those botanicals! The bathroom is one of my favorite rooms and that stool! Thanks for introducing us;)


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