House Tour: A Paris Apartment in the Marais {Apartments Actually}

March 22, 2016

Daydreaming about visiting Paris again on this overcast day,
and I think I'd like to rent this apartment in the Marais offered by

Founder Sarah Pank says of her company:
"Apartments Actually" allows me to combine
my love of France, travel, interiors, people and food,
and share this with my clients."

The name of this particular property is Charlot, and I love
all the subdued tones and understated style.

If you require a rental for a Paris rendezvous,
do tell Sarah I sent you!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. This is lovely and calm and welcoming. Charlot is the nickname for Charlie Chaplin....
    Is this exclusively for short-term rentals or does somebody live here? It seems like it has an amazing amount of storage space for a short-term rental.

    1. we can lease it for a minimum of 3 yes, short term!

  2. Hi Michelle, It's quite perfect, actually! I would be right at home with this soothing palette and those gorgeous herringbone floors! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Really pretty and I too like the subdued colors. The grays are gorgeous and those floors!!!

  4. I love this place! My favourite colours, cozy, clean and... some kind of friendly. That's how I love it to be. I like minimalistic but not in my place, not in my space. So, this is my kind of perfection :)


    1. thanks for reading, ipek! i guess a rental's minimalism is obligatory so it must be a challenge to make it cozy and inviting...unless it is in Paris with bones and light like this place!

  5. Hi Michele, I'm captivated by the colors and mood of this place. Someday I hope to visit Paris--maybe when we stop paying those college tuition payments the meantime I can keep visiting your beautiful, ethereal images .. I'm always transported when I come here. :)


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