My Art Colors of Haliewa

July 13, 2011

Our family adores
on Oahu's North Shore.

It's old Hawaii
so there's not a single hotel
and NO ONE rushes
or worries about much at all.

Snapped these images
at Pipeline in '08
of amateur
surfers down the beach
from the pros where everyone
else hovered.

all photos mine

Living in my swimsuit,
watching my family surf
(they're still learning),
hiking the beach,
visiting with sea turtles and seals
(they come right up to shore),
and eating shrimp and sticky rice
from a graffiti-inked truck
for lunch is my paradise.

And the moments shared
with my husband and sons
at our secret beach are like
sea glass gems in my crown.

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Revisiting the colors of
sea, sand, and sky,
the scent of plumeria infused air,
the warm sand,
and the roar of the waves
is a reminder even now

To let it go.

To hang loose.

No matter where we
are planted.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Lovely post!
    Now that i live on the Pacific Northwest Island i hope to one day visit Hawaii. Always been a dream of mine!

    Pamela xo

  2. I just saw your kitchen there and left a comment. I love your house.. it's so serene, almost spiritual.

    Listen, these pictures rock! I can't get tired of seeing the 2 surfers, it looks out of a movie. So profound.... the 1st pict is also amazing. That sky! The last one represents paradise.

    So much love to you, sweetie.


    Luciane at

  3. thank you so much, luciane!! i must admit at first when i saw the post i thought 'what in the world have i opened myself up to?' then i saw the humor in it all. it's a friggin spare kitchen used by crazy teens and their very tidy parents! i'm glad we all have different comfort levels and tastes, it keeps things spicylovely.


  4. That looks like a gorgeous place. The colors are wonderful. I would love to visit one day. And I agree, enjoy where we are planted!

  5. Beautiful images, would love to spend a week or two or three there...
    Love your words...after a hectic two weeks they speak to my soul. I think a drive to the coast is in order this weekend....
    Have a lovely day, Kerry

  6. Michele, sounds like you and your family have a wonderful time and make many beautiful memories here. Loved your kitchen and left a comment. We have to admint we were a bit steamed at the negative comments. You have to just laugh at rude people. XO Angela and Renee

  7. Hey gorgeous,

    Oh my goodness! I've just come over from following your link to your kitchen. Are you okay? I know there were some lovely comments (as there jolly well should be - your kitchen is gorgeous) but also some rather strongly worded ones. I guess people forget that the rooms we see belong to a REALLY person with REAL feelings!!

    But I know you (in all your Stepford Wife glory! Haha!!! I'm sure there was a alimentary in r there somewhere in that particular comment) and you rock, missus.


  8. How gorgeous! And how wise you are to realize the need to slow down, breathe, take it in and enjoy!

    Lou Cinda

  9. *This* is paradise! I cannot imagine a more amazing and blissful holiday.

    I wish I had visited sooner, my lovely... I've just visited desire to inspire and I really hope you're only taking in the lovely comments (including mine) and shrugging off the pathetic unsavoury ones.

    Love to you, sweet lady!

    Meera xx

  10. It really does sound like paradise! Your photos are gorgeous!

  11. how beautiful! these are gorgeous photos. stopping by from savvy southern style.


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