Designer Inspiration: LYN GARDENER: even the everyday is art

July 21, 2011

Aussie designer
Lyn Gardener
is known as Melbourne's
queen of vintage,
for her shop
Empire Village,
and for her ability
to source one-off vintage pieces
oozing interest and charm.

These images feature a cozy
guesthouse in Daylesford
designed by Gardener.

Amanda Henderson-Marks
makes up the other half of

and together the duo transform
residential and commercial spaces
with their signature flair.

Their mantra is one that resonates
with this blogger:

Even the everyday is art
and you don't have to
break the bank.

Is that not the loveliest music to your ears?

There's a bit of edginess
to the guesthouse kitchen, yes?

I am reminded of my talented friend
Monika of Splendid Willow
who so brilliantly infuses just the right
touch of edge into her spaces.

Monika was kind enough to include me
in her Two Cents series today...

where I was asked to share a
summer obsession...

Perhaps you'll find a moment to
pop over, show Mon some love,
and make me feel all fancy
by reading the post.

And if you're visiting from Splendid Willow,
welcome, and I so hope you'll follow
and say hey so I can follow you back!

Gardener & Marks

These creative ladies appear to have
so much fun designing fabulous spaces
with an eye on budget,
and you can see more of their
Aussie magic at their site.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hi I am new to your blog, I just ready your post over at monika's. What you said about the ocean/beach is exactly how I feel about going to the beach, I just had to come by and introduce myself and meet the lady that has the same mindset about the beach as I do, Happy Thursday,

  2. What a lovely post..I love Lynne's store, have popped in with my shopping buddy and bought some vintage goodies. Both girls are lovely, friendly women...Amanda told us once how she used to work at Liberty in London...but she just couldn't stand still all day and would fidget and slouch...much to the dismay of the floor managers...she's a bit of a character and her home has been featured in various articles too...of course it's gorgeous also. Robx
    p.s. My friend and I have plans to stay at Lynne's holiday rental in Daylesford one day!!

  3. Such loveliness! I am going straight away to check out the post. Looking forward to another one of your interviews.

  4. I just found your blog over at Monika's! The interiors you show in this post here are amazing! I love the chalkboard wall in the kitchen. How beautiful and practical. :) Have a great day!

  5. What a great post. I love the lady in the first photo, with her crazy sexy vintage mix outfit. She looks wonderful...


  6. Popping over to check out Monika's post!
    Angela and Renee

  7. Wonderful post....have long been an admirer of Gardener & Marks and a visit to the White House at Daylesford should be on everyone's to do list!

    XO Kerry

  8. These spaces are yummy!!!! I am in love love with the bedroom with all the delicious white planks!!
    I loved what you said about your summer obsession, I couldn't agree with you more on being by the sea.

  9. Wonderful rooms, Michele! I have seen some of Lyn's work before, but that first image is all new to me. What a spot! I can imagine myself being in that bed reading a good book, with a gentle breeze going through those windows (the shutters are wonderful). I wonder if she designed the room with the placement of the bed in mind?

    Thank you for participating in my series! A fun bunch of ladies, don't you think?

    I adore you!


  10. I love their mantra. It's just perfect! The spaces are all so calm, casual and classic. I could live in every one of them and be so happy! Adore your summer obsession too over on Monika's blog today. So fun to be part of her series!

  11. 'Even the everyday is art' - I LOVE that!

    Popping over to Mon's now!

    Happy happy weekend, sweet lady!

    Meera xx

  12. What beautiful images, Michele. Loved your beach thoughts on Monika's blog, and hope your weekend is wonderful!!

  13. I will pop over
    between kid gigs,
    tonight!! Lovely
    post, as always.
    Love Mon, too, so
    this is a double-dipper!
    xx Suzanne

  14. As Cindy says 'she looks wonderful', that hair, the smile and those boobs! Fab! Rather like her style!
    Z xx

  15. there's such a happy factor to lyn's design that i'm convinced MUST come from a huge heart and free spirit--so refreshing!


  16. Lovely post. I could live in every one of them and be so happy!A fun bunch of ladies.

  17. I'm in love with the images in this post! Just found your blog today and I'm already a fan - your newest follower!


  18. Nevermind the rooms (ok, not really because yes they are fab in a simple and stylish way and have a slightly industrial edge which I go crazy for) but oh my god how cool does that lady LOOK?? I am digging the hair, the shoes, the dress, her AMAZING cleavage. Dear god, you could lose a puppy in there.

    Just sayin'.


  19. Thank for sharing this great post.I really love this image..


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