Lovely Finds: Med Beach Heart Shaped Stones

July 27, 2011

Simple stones.
Lived once in the Mediterranean.
And now with me.

my photo: Recognize the back cover of PATINA STYLE?
Brooke Gianetti's beautiful office
is but one lovely moment inside this must read book.

Hand selected
by Ravit of
Med Beach Stones,
these heart-shaped lovelies
spoke to me even before
they traveled here from Israel.

photo by Med Beach Stones

Why a collection
of stone hearts?

my photo (and another snippet from PATINA STYLE)

You already know of my love for all things beachy chic.
And when I saw a photo of one of Ravit's stones,
I intuitively knew someone special
gathered these natural wonders.

I was not wrong.
Ravit has a deep passion for the sea.

"It all started as I spent lots of time on that amazing beach,
walking, swimming, lying on the sand and got to know
the sea in an 'intimate' way."

Offering these finds to others
across the universe is one small
way Ravit may share this passion.

Some of the stones have holes
(they were not drilled)
perfect for creating jewelry.

A little love stone also makes a sweet gift
perhaps for no particular reason
for a special friend so do consider
picking up a few at the shop.

The unusual stones are
smooth after years at sea
to be held
and cherished.

The wonder of it all
charms me...does it charm you?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. these love stones are so gorgeous and to think, created just by nature! i would love some...have to check out the shop. LOVE the title of this post too...CLEVAH!!

  2. Michele~
    I just fell in pure love!
    Thank you!
    Cricket @ Gypsea Nurse

  3. fast was that... got me a stone!

  4. Oh Michele!
    These are so lovely and I have never seen nor heard of them. Think I need some myself!
    I LOVE your meat and marmalade pots!
    Oh dear, now I want to collect those too and you know I have a couple collections already.
    Ok, more than a couple, who am I kidding???

    Love your images and collages.
    So pretty!

  5. I love the concept and now desperately want to start collecting them.

  6. Thanks so much Michele.
    This post is Gorgeaous!
    Its nice to see the rocks from someone elses eyes..
    The pictures are amazing!

    Much love from sunny Israel

  7. And I thought I was the only one who picked up heart shaped lovelies where ever i go - may they be stones or leaves or anything.

    What a beautiful gift they will make...

  8. Yes, totally charmed! I want to get me some of these too :)

    Meera xx

  9. Oh my... what cute and charming heart shaped stones.

    I'd love to have one too,
    maybe for luck ♥

  10. I found a heart shaped rock once and gave it to my husband to carry in his pocket. Now we have a son so it would be great to get one for him. XO Angela

  11. i will now be on the lookout for heart shaped lovelies in nature--so special and a reminder of love every time you admire them.


  12. Sigh... how perfectly lovely in every way...

    No collections as such here... how many of an item do you need to have before it becomes a 'collection' I wonder? I am always afraid of then tipping the balance and having 'too much' of something. Like when I was young and said I liked sheep and then every year for every occasion I seemed to get SHEEP STUFF in every conceivable bit of tat imaginable. I had to finally just tell people to STOP. I had plenty of sheep stuff and didn't really want anymore. [oh the disappointment in their eyes when they had to think of something else to buy...] I don't want to be one of those people who's little collection suddenly turns to being 'oh my god how many [insert thing here] can one person have?'... so yeah, I tend to avoid them. Perhaps these little stones would make a lovely discrete one, however...

    ANYWAY sorry for the ramble ;) Hope you are well my lovely lady xxx

  13. These are so beautiful, I can see why you collect them. Definitely a love message from the sea. :)
    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  14. Ok, you are going to love me even more! (:

    In our living room we have a large pweter plate with hand picked heart shaped rocks! I even know which stone started the entire collection = Frida's find at the old railway track (at the age of 4).

    Lovely post my friend. Creative and inspirational as always.

    ox, Mon

  15. Gorgeous-now this is a holiday souvenir that I would be happy to have around.

  16. arent they just stunning to look at i can imagine walking along the beach and finding such a beautiful piece i will never be looking up while i walk the shores anymore maybe only to find a special piece as this xoxo i new to your blob i too have the love of the beach xoxo sherri


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