Artist Inspiration: Sandra Suy

July 28, 2011

I am old.

Oh MY lord.
I initially titled this post
about Sandra Suy's lovely prints for your home
"5 Lovelies for Your Lady Cave"
thinking Lady Cave was pretty
dang clever...
the female equivalent of
a man cave, right?

Just before clicking "publish"
my mind swooped into the gutter, and
I hopped over to
just to be safe.

Sweet mother on a wafflecone.
Occasionally hormonal vixens and blogs make for a toxic combo.

On the other hand,
may have been the most popular post
in blogger history...

But let's get our minds off
"downtown" and talk uptown
lovely, shall we?

Let's talk shop.

Barcelona-based artist
S a n d r a   S u y
makes me so proud
to be a shop owner
on etsy!

Her shop blooms with
fashionable lovelies
such as these,
and wouldn't one or nine
of her vogue illustrations
be overthetop incredible massed
in a dressing area, powder room,
or "equivalent of a female man cave?"

DANIELLE 11.7 x 16.5

Are you feelin' the attitude Danielle oozes?
Love the feminine strength Suy captures in her work.


Prada and Chanel
The whisper-y pink is
ooh mama gorgeous-spice, yes?

One last confession, and
I am counting on you to laugh out loud
at my nearly tragic faux pas...

Toward the end of the original ladycave post
I actually typed:

"Email me pics of your lady cave if you're fortunate
enough to have one and ESPECIALLY if it is
littered with Twilight posters or Tiffany boxes."

Pics of your lady cave!!!!!
Kill me in the face.
If you have to un-follow me, this is certainly understandable.
But maybe just maybe you can dig deep and love
me just a little more in all my pathetic splendor.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hahaha, you are SO CUTE! I am not going to be able to HELP calling it my 'lady cave' from now on! I can just see the look on Colin's face....

    ANYWAY... I am a huge fan of Sandra Suy's art and have her website bookmarked. The way she captures the female spirit and attitude is astounding and the pieces you have chosen are fabulously lovely!

    Meera xx

  2. You crack me up Michele, we don’t need to un-follow you we’ll just simply say “oh that Michele”… Love the Prada and Chanel print…beautiful. As for my lady cave it’s only my studio that you’ll get to see soon enough. Happy Friday!

  3. You definitely made me laugh... but that dosen't mean i'm mailing you pictures of my lady cave...

    I absolutely LOVE this artist's work. Whoa, it is so cool. And the expressions on these women's faces and their whole attitude is so great...


  4. Thanks for the laughs and for posting such beautiful work! Your blog is a pleasure to read!

  5. When I stop laughing, I plan on forgiving you.

  6. IF YOU ARE FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO HAVE ONE. thank goodness for urbandictionary. and meera, yes. i too am going to refer to it as a ladycave. it's one of the best euphemisms i've heard yet!

  7. Oh, that is just too funny. Love the prints.

  8. Hahahahah!!!!! Witty you are! I have not been blogging for days (this comment is no. 2 after no. 1 also being posted on your blog!) - and I am glad I am visiting here first.

    You gave me just the energy I was looking for.

    Or are you not talking to me after Prince William's bedroom makeover? I am pretty sure some people thought it was awful. But William is beaming - so I could honestly care less! (See!)

    Yes, Sandra Suy is very talented. You creative artists you!

    ox, Mon


    (to the point where W had to ask me what was up)

    Oh Michele, if there is anywhere I can count on for giving me a very good laugh, it's here! While I am fortunate enough to have a lady cave, thankfully it contains no Twilight posters or W might have an issue with coming near me! lol

    The art on the other hand? So gorgeous!

    Thanks for the laugh my lovely and hope you are having a fab weekend ;) xxxx

  10. that's hilarious!!!

    I love love love these prints so even such a vulgar (but funny) blog post title won't sway me.


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