Lovely Finds: Felted Wool Handmade Goodness

October 13, 2011

Wooly goodness from Kristen of 13 Chestnuts...
this baby shoe with bell was worn be me!

Upon eyeing the little felt wolf
in sheep's clothing, I realized I
stumbled upon my sort of
lovely handmade.

My idea was to customize two wolf babies
with a lettah on the sweatah.
L & J are my sons.
Didn't the artist create magic?!?

They're irresistible, well made, and
just the lovely I had in mind for
my sons (shhhhhh! Christmas gifts!).

Do keep 13 Chestnuts in mind
when you're shopping this holiday season.

oh so bitty beautiful and good at headstands!

By day, Kristen works in a local art gallery,
and by night she creates these precious felt animals.

so much character!

I think of the woolen bitties
as future heirlooms...and
the perfect gift since
one size fits all.


Meet Nicole of Parvana.
A California girl who loves
working with merino wool and mulberry silk.
When she combines the two...magic happens.

such a statement piece!

If you have ever crafted with wool,
then you know the effort and care
required to create these lovely scarves...
aren't they luscious and dreamy?


A warning.

You may be unprepared for how
chic you'll look and feel in Nicole's designs.
(Uncommonly drama queenish here. Ahem. But truly surprised.)
The overly self-critical me with the
Parvana scarf draped around the turkeyish neck
gazed in the mirror, then said it.
DANG, mama. THAT is chic.

Pieced Together Design

It is such pure pleasure to spotlight
the work of artists like Betty
of Pieced Together Design,
whose passion for
textiles and fiber
inspires me.

Pieced Together Design

Handmade with 100% wool,
Betty recommends these wee bowls:
as a hostess gift, for storing little bits,
for candy.
(Deliciously genius, Betty.)

I mean.
Felted wool bowls.
In luscious hues.
Created by such lovely hands.

Think I need 'em in every room.
Each artful piece filled with candy, baby!

Vintage Skye

Okay, a find in the mix not made of wool.

Vintage Skye

How can one avoid being smittenly hypnotized
by wooly sheep tags from Vintage Skye?

Vintage Skye

And knobs for a vintage cupboard
to store woolen lovelies!

statement pieces will elicit smiles everywhere.

Lovelies like those created by my friend Kyra
in the Netherlands via Eexterhout.
The pieces are happy, sweetly priced,
and lovely enough to display as art...
(shhhhhh. My felted wool necklace will be
making more appearances on the
blog as decor.).

If you are keeping score,
that is twice I have shushed you.
How rude...I'll work on this.

One more thing.
First Sense is giving away
my vintage bling or original art
(your choice) here.

one of my panels and an enamel bracelet i love (and am not selling!)
My turn to listen.
Perhaps  you could direct me to a
fiber addict recovery program?

Ever crafted with wool?

Peace to you right where you are.

my sincerest apologies to
the letter I comes after the D, not an A!!!!
i have been spelling this
region's name wrong
my entire life and only
wish i had spellchecked
to save myself from
further humiliation.
i have probably typed
it wrong 300 times in blog posts!
sorry, Scandinavia.
it PROBABLY won't happen again...

 Hello Lovely at times partners with
with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. Baa! Baa! Baa!
    Miss Sheep here to say that Zoe is being rubbish at commenting at the moment.
    Baa! Baa! Baa!
    Z xx

  2. Those sheep are so cute and I'm going to have to get a few for a girlfriend and those scarfs, Im off to have a look!

    Have a wonderful weekend Michele!

  3. I'm officially obsessed...those sheep are adorable!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~

  4. those little wool babies
    are simple sweet

    and all those handmade crafts
    make me smile and sigh with
    creative envy

    thanks for sharing the loveliness on fridays unfolded.


    p.s. i thought i had been following but realized today that i wasn't
    so now i am


  5. Michelle, I am really touched by your sweet comments and lovely blog. There are so many beautiful things made in this world, and behind every thing is a very special person. Let us keep that in mind when we watch the news on TV!! Nice people are everywhere, in all countries! Lovey feeling, heh?

  6. Scandinavia.... practicing too! ;-)

    Love this post! My husband and I are L and J too... :-) Lovely idea! So sweet. I'll keep this in mind.

    Have a great weekend, M.


    Luciane at

  7. You find some of the best things! The animals are so adorable. Love them!

  8. Lovely woolly goodies, they're all so cute! ADORE the little wolf felt animals, can't resist, I'm going to get me the lion from 13Chestnuts :-)

    I've posted about your art+shop and giveaway. Thank you again for your generosity, my lovely.

    Happy weekend!

    Lots of love,
    Meera xx

  9. Wool love lovely, lovely clay tag love. Michele, you have the best things to show us ya know! How i wish one of those clay knobs or that wee sheep. These are beautiful.

    By the way, my pc had been behaving paranormal lately. It randomly posts even when I'm drafting. So just in case you receive an unfinished comment, ignore this dumb machine.

  10. What beautiful stuff! Thank you so much for the lovely write up about Parvana. You and your blog rock!

  11. I love that Parvana scarf! Off to check it out - thanks for the recommendations!

  12. The sheep are adorable, hmmm maybe time for me to get out of my gardening clothes. :)
    However, I'm still reading your interviews with Rachel Ashwell...
    Hugs Rosemary...x

  13. a confession:
    i have a THIRD wolfbaby who sits protectedly beside my bed on the nightstand, and i'm growing attached to him. grey, cream and a little black...who can resist?

    i'm heading over to see the blog post...thank you so much!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. This post is so darling, you have such an eye for detail and charming items that bring joy and happiness!
    I'm gushing over your interview with Rachel Ashwell, she's such an inspiration on so many levels and I love her work.


  16. I love this wooly cute & scrumptious all at the same time.
    I am so enjoying visiting your blog and find something new each time I explore...thank you for the great early morning coffee reading !

  17. You find so many wonderfully awesome things but those little woolen wolf in sheeps clothing - DYING. So incredibly cute.


  18. don't you think we need a wool campaign like the cotton one? and i could write a theme song for the TV ads as good as the cotton one. OR MAYBE NOT...the cotton one is CRAZYgood.

  19. You crack me up, Michele!
    Shhh.... we won't tell anyone you misspelled a word!
    Thank goodness for spell check. Now that I blog I think the "spelling correctness" part of my brain has melted and disappeared! I am forever asking whomever is in the room how to spell something!

    LOVE your woolie sheepie babies.
    OMG they are so cute.

    Also love the felted wool bowls and the colorful necklaces. Have seen huge bowls full of felted balls on Etsy and always want to buy the entire lot. Wish I knew how they are made!

    Rehab for me too, Michele. I'll pick you up. We can go together, k?


  20. Michele,
    Truly enjoyed visiting your blog. I think the woolies are so sweet. I also love the Sara Miles quote on prayer. Joined your blog...looking forward to reading more.



    i have almost mastered it.

  22. Hello,
    I visited your blog today - I saw you on 'A Cozy Cottage in the City.' Your blog is so pretty, colorful, and full of life! You have a lot of creative ideas. I loved the verse on "Humility" beautiful. Me and my daughters started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you. Your blog is charming and filled with beauty, and I am leaving here today with a smile. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day. Oh, I just love your HEADER!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  23. Oh those wooly little critters are pure adorableness!

  24. Okay, fabulous! Thanks for stopping by bees knees bungalow.
    Now, I'm stopping by right back.
    Thanks for the invite!
    SOO glad you popped in.
    xo jeanne.

  25. Scandiiiinaaavia! (:

    I am so a wool girl. And you will be happy to hear that I often wear a felted scarf (in hot purple) from Etsy!

    Those wolfs are adorable! I am following your link! And the scarf and the bowls and all the rest...!

    (It gets expensive following you! (:)



  26. ha! i--whom i consider a skilled speller!!--was doing the a-thing, too! and i'm scandinavian, too, so i've been seeing that word my entire life!

    love your features so much that i think i'm gonna follow you!


  27. Love it and I love your blog - so glad you visited and left such a sweet comment! I'm a former ballerina and so I realllllly love the pointe shoes! I'm your newest follower...

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  28. Darling how could I miss this lovely wooly post! I ADORE the wolf babies!! :) Crazy cute!!

    Hope you are well.

    Hugs from Sweden (p.s. also in S C A N D I N A V I A.. HA HA! :))

    xx Charlotta

  29. As someone who
    is currently struggling
    to regain energy, I
    am constantly amazed
    by all that you are able
    to accomplish.....Lovely
    blogger, painter, crafter,
    mom, wife....and probably
    a great cook, too, darn you : )
    How you find the time to
    explore and bring us these
    cool artists is beyond me.
    But I'm thankful for it.
    Thankful for you.
    Love all that you have brought
    us, here!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Off to enter the
    giveaway. I need to win!


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