Interview With Myself

April 09, 2012

One of you won a snazzy bracelet.
But first...
The lovely author of the tastytextile wonderland
Acquired Objects (Debra)
bravely posted responses to
an 11 question interview and tagged me
so here I go...
1. Personal style when it comes to design?
Ethereal, tranquil, soulful.

my photo
2. Your one must have item for a room?
Symbols of l.o.v.e.
House Beautiful

3. Your favorite designer?
Sooooo many.
Sarah Richardson's down to earth practicality.
Rachel Ashwell's soulful brilliance.
Michael Del Piero's intelligent design and palette.
Brooke Giannetti's passion for patina.
Tine Kjeldsen's tranquil minimalism.
Anything touched by Mariette Gomez or Gerrie Bremmermann.

Brooke Giannetti
4. Favorite room to decorate?

5. Biggest pet peeve in design?

Steadfast rules  or
total lack of sense of humor and imagination.

Life is hard some days; we need relief.

my entry
6. Favorite piece of furniture?

Ooooooh, definitely chairs.
And tables.
You know what?

7.  In your dream home?
If not what’s your dream home like?

Dreamy but not THE dream home.
This was our first build so we're still learning.
The dream home will be significantly smaller,
smarter, and breathing with quality...
natural materials everywhere.

found this from gorgeous desiree at decor de provence

8. If you could only have two rooms
in your home which would they be?

Bathroom (obvi).
And kitchen.
I mean.
You can sleep in a kitchen,
but you can't bake a quiche in the boudoir.

9. Why did you start blogging?

Initially, to catalog the lovely creativity,
people, and inspiration stirring my heart.
But I stuck with it because you just never know...
it sort of makes some of my dreams come true.
some of my mixed media
10. Hidden talents we don’t know about?

I sing and write music.
Not fabulously, but I've got some notes.
My schtick is sort of a 'Bo Burnham's twisted aunt' deal.
If you didn't know Bo, so sorry to corrupt you.
I write gospel but mostly lounge-y ballads for the insane.

11. Have a pet and if so tell us about
who shares your home?
Bella Luna is our treasured baby.
Her given name is actually a mile long and begins with Cielo.
Girl has spread more love than I can say,
and even atheists say 'there IS a God'
upon encountering her.
And the winner of the giveaway?

Karena of Art by Karena.
Congratulations, lovely lady.
Email over your shipping info!

In other news...Anything exciting in the land of blog for you?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Michele, adore your style and learning more about you!! Oh I am so thrilled!! I will send you an email. Thank you so very much!!

    Art by Karena

  2. lovely getting to know you a little bit, love, LOVE the shot of your entry!!

  3. You're an artist and you sing and write? I think I'm a tad jealous in a good way! Fun learning more about you but I was hoping you would say more about your cooking! It's a food thing....;)

    Happy Monday!

  4. I love any opportunity to get to know you better, sweet Michelle. You continue to fill my heart with fluttery, lovey, kindred-spirit feelings. Much love, Lisa

  5. yay, karena!!!!

    i like blogging about other people much more than blabbing bout me. i'm muddling through afterall, not saving whales.


  6. So you can sing and write songs!? That's really neat to know, and you're a dancer too right? You are pure plum loaded with creativity in every way... with your body, your voice, and with your hands...


  7. i'm not a dancer, cindy! i'm klutzy so just a lover of dance (and a wedding reception dancer).

  8. Hah! I'm a wedding
    reception dancer, too!
    What joy that is!

    Love your vision of a
    dream home. I'm with
    you all the way...smaller,
    top quality, smart house
    with a soul.

    As I cull through our
    stuff, I ask myself whether
    the item{s} in question
    would go along with me
    to said Dream House. If
    not absolutely YES!, then
    it has to be a zing. It may
    not happen for years, but
    dang, I'll be READY!

    Love how you roll. You're
    the best!

    xx Suzanne

  9. I love your thoughts. I share your ideas on the perfect dream home...what a wonderful kitchen that is :)

  10. Loved knowing more about you... And oh me that barn door. I'm a little green by now... A happy green!


  11. Thanks for sharing.....your quite special :)

  12. Michele you already know how much I love you and your style,the more I get to know about you the more endearing you become, xo Kathysue
    PS I got my green earrings and thank you so much for the gold monet, they are perfect for my style, how did you know? ♥♥♥

  13. Bravo Michele!! So well done, so great to know more about you...your answers drew me right in and made me want to keep reading more more more. You have wonderful personal style and decorating all that you love. Thanks for sharing:)

    Congrats to Karena too!

  14. Hello my lovely one, I'm so behind in my blog visiting but wanted to say how fabulous this post is and how utterly fabulous YOU are.

    Big hugs baby xxx

  15. Love it! Thank you so much for you message. Following you too! Nice blog! Hege x


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