Travel Inspiration: Our Paris Apartment

November 23, 2012

More pics from the Paris trip in October...
today is all about the apartment in the Latin quarter
we booked through Haven in Paris.
I wish I did, but I don't work for them.
Girlfriend couldn't even snag a discount upon
alerting them to this bitchenlovely blog & brethren.

We entered through these blue doors from the street.
What shade is it, design freaky friends?

Once inside, the charm of the old building seduced.
Look at the gorgeous paneling of the vestibule!

We rarely took the stairs since a modernlicious
elevator was always available up to the 5th floor.

For a week, we lived like Parisians
in this heavenly 1-bedroom near Notre Dame.

I think you'll agree it has a Scandinavian feel
which we loved, and it was much
more spacious (more than 600 s.f.) than
a typical hotel suite costing the same.

So much glorious streaming light, and
the living/dining combination suited us perfectly.

The kitchen is a tiny galley outfitted
with state-of-the-art modern appliances
including a washer/dryer combo.
A grocery store is steps away.

And more light and fresh air...we never heard
a peep or spotted a soul from our kitchen window.

 view from kitchen

Are you picky about clean?
Me too.
The place was spotless.

The bedroom is roomier than expected, and except
for creaky wood floors, was peacefully quiet.

The armoire multitasks as a closet.

 Specifics for the Notre Dame apartment we rented.

A fabulous amenity was the desk area in the dining
room, complete with a Mac and a telephone
with unlimited free calls home.

A modern, well-appointed bath
(yummy towel warmer)
with a powerful shower.
Yes m'am I missed my Park Hyatt dream bath,
but this was definitely not roughin' it.

Awful hair week...for that fact alone, I must return. Yes? With good hair.

How did we find the apartment?

 I have read the Haven in Paris blog
for years, and even without a personal
reference was comfortable booking with HIP.
Every step of the process went smoothly,
and I will definitely turn to them again...
the trick is CHOOSING from so many
 beautiful properties!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. That video made me belly laugh.... so funny!

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous Michelle! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. That is just stunning and charming! I bet you had the best most peaceful time there. Thank you for sharing your lovely vacay apartment. Oooh la la, those shoes!!

  4. wow!! i bet you didn't want to leave.

  5. What a gorgeous apartment Michele! I wouldn't want to leave!

  6. It looks like a place I can be for a vacation in Paris :)


  7. It's so beautiful and spotless! My favourite has to be the view of the ornate railings peaking through the window in the kitchen!

  8. Elevator? You had an elevator to the flat? Do you have any idea how extremely rare that is in Paris? Lucky girl! Yes I know you went to Paris and I'm focusing on the elevator but it's rare! Gorgeous apartment and looks so clean and the views are to die for! Lucky, lucky you!


  9. well hot midwestern mama, look at those shoes!!

    i would be terrified to wear them but they look very sexy on the parisian balcony, perfect for a photo shoot.
    stunning flat, off to check out HIP

  10. Oh wow! How beautiful is that apartment? Will have to check out their website (and blog!).
    That video is so funny...not only the model but the presenters too. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so much.
    Z xx

  11. I've just re-posted the video on my blog. I've done a link to you. Hope that's OK?
    Z xx

  12. What a beautiful place to stay.....I would have to be hospitalized if I wore those shoes! I have to go back and watch the video......

  13. Beautiful apartment! You found a gem! I don't do heals.If I did that is exactly what would happen to me LOL!

  14. This is so great, getting to gush over Paris in sync :)
    This is definitely the dream way to stay in Paris,
    that link is going to be firmly tucked in my bookmarks for future reference
    - looks amazing, x

  15. What a beautiful, cozy, and chic apartment, Michele. Thank you for sharing, sweet lady!
    Happy Saturday.

  16. Very pretty flat, Michele. It looks fresh, stylish and comfortable. I love those 3 French windows with the great iron balcony guard. I'd definitely stay here.

  17. Michele, this is so lovely! Isn't it fun to pretend you live in Paris. I decided that I could really get use to that lifestyle quite easily?! Even your hair that you are calling bad, is still gorgeous!! such a pretty lady!!
    xo Kathysue

  18. @acquired objects
    yep. a wonderful elevator was such a perk!

    i could never live here! it's just not me. always a pleasure to visit cities for urban renewal, but there is no place like a quiet country home for me.


  19. What a fabulous apartment, Michele! Just gorgeous! The furniture, the space, the sunlight, the decor.....just perfection! And you look just like a gorgeous Parisiene girl standing there. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  20. Gee Mich! Its delicious if it can be said. The kitchen resembles mine though- as tiny as it gets.
    Love the paneling, the rosy feel, the grandeur in simplicity. Hopefully I'll be there one day. "Hopefully".

  21. GORGEOUS flat Michele! You look like you belong there and those shoes are perfect! Can't think of a more perfect spot to slip those babies on. Time for a taxi.. forget walking on the cobble stones.


  22. Just beautiful pictures, love the blue door and the bed.


  23. WOW!!!!!!! How tempted were you to just stay there and claim ownership and start living there? LOL....sooooo beautiful. And you look gorgeous along with your beautiful shoes:) Its such a comfortable, elegant and beautiful space. Everything about Paris is simple perfection in my book.
    Really hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. We just got back and I so missed being in blogland, have lots of catching up to do! How is your mom??

  24. Oh wow, what a STUNNING place! Love every inch of it! And don't you look sassy and perfect in that backdrop you gorgeous thing you.

    Oh cobblestones are pure evil. They are everywhere here in the UK and makes graceful walking in heels a bit of an impossibility - I have often had to hang on for dear life to a friend whilst walking across them. Classy. xxx

  25. I think your hair looks great! And you look fabulous! The apartment is just darling. What a great place to stay. I would love to go there someday.

  26. Oh my word. Love love love! So fun to see - you had to totally enjoy that!!! I so want to go to Paris someday!

  27. You know how to travel girl!!! How fun is that apartment?!! It's so perfectly Parisian... and those views are incredible!! I think you look like perfection standing on that balcony... bad hair day... whatever!! hahaha love love love!!


  28. omg.... you are livin' large, gf!
    I would love a week in Paris right about NOW!
    "Calgon take me away?"

    Never really works.

    Looks dreamy.
    Thanks for sharing!

  29. LOVE your apartment! I rented one too when I went and it's the only way to go! So much more space and it's so fun living like a real Parisian while you're there! How gorgeous are you on the balcony!!! So pretty!

  30. Those windows are to die for! Gorgeous.

  31. It's beautiful! Whoa... i mean, good grief, could it be any more charming!


  32. I simply love that French blue!! Wish I could figure out that paint color! What a great rip all images are great!

  33. that's it. i'm taking you all with me next time.

    thanks for joining me on this lovely journey.


  34. The apartment is delightful. I love those blue doors. Europeans seems to enjoy painting their doors a bright welcoming color.

  35. One word - breathtaking! I'm now following!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  36. Michele,
    We were in Paris and Normandy in September. I loved the Paris apartment photos-thanks for sharing your experience. I'm planning a trip again next year and absolutely would consider an apartment over a hotel next time.
    Have a great weekend!

  37. I'm amazed you ever left
    the building ~ so much
    loveliness to shoot with
    your camera right there.....

    Funny about having a bad
    hair week. Try London in
    November. Not pretty!!
    But fun!

    xo Suzanne

  38. Michele,

    I envy you! To be blonde and beautiful in Paris!

    Thank you so much for visiting me!



  39. Wow, it looks fab!
    You look great too. Bad hairday... not!

  40. Good Lord.....did you feel like royalty staying there? So pretty.....and I really COULD not walk in those shoes....but I could walk from the taxi to the restaurant and eat.....then back to the taxi:).

  41. We're going to Paris this summer, so I am so checking out your link. The only prob is that we will only be there a few days then onto Italy, so we'll see if it makes sense to rent an a flat. Oh this looks so heavenly and you look just perfect on the balcony!!

  42. A beautiful apartment. I adore Paris and if I get to go back I'd definitely love to stay somewhere like this!

  43. Wow, what an amazing Parisian apartment! I recognize the view out your window, too! We always stay at the same little hotel on Rue Ecoles, just a few blocks away. (We've gone in that little patisserie down below quite a few times!) Though we've always fantasized about renting a little apartment there. Sounds like you had an awesome time!

  44. I never saw this tour of your Paris "apartment" is lovely! My european hotels were NEVER this spacious.....if I get to go back soon I know where to look to find a place to stay.....


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