Guest Posting at The Enchanted Home

November 29, 2012

Tina of The Enchanted Home is truly a
most beloved blogger in the galaxy
(including planet Michele),
and if you have not read of her
chronicles of dreamhouse-building,
legendary love of blue and white,
delicious cooking,
or her beautiful online shop,
then you must delve into her archives.

I contributed gift ideas*
to her post today
right here.

Wanna peek inside Tina's glorious new construction?

A dreamy guest room I would be more
than delighted to test out.

Speaking of dreamy...
Artist Jeanne of I Dream Of has created
enchanting new watercolors for Tina which
capture the spirit of this fine home and business.

Aren't Jeanne's paintings classy and lovely?

Tina often quickly snaps random shots like this one
around her home (no styling required) with a
phone, and still there is no denying the enchantment!
I would curl up with her assistant Teddy on that gorgeous floor if allowed.

In other news, I am in Arizona at the moment,
to help care for my mom after another surgery.
Thank you for all your positive thoughts.

The image above is is my folks' gorgeous bedroom,
and their entire home is magazine worthy!

The Enchanted Home

See you over at my friend Tina's, kittycats.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. OK a few things....wanna be my PR person? sure know how to make someone feel good and very happy:) Thank you for this wonderful post and all the accolades, loved how I "held you hostage" and that my weapons of choice were the napkins and bread board, clever but we all expect that wit and quick thinking from you Michele!
    Your parents room is just stunning, so calm and favorite colors. Wishing you all the bset, your mom a very speedy recovery and all the joys of the season, dear friend.
    Thanks so much for sprinkling a bit of your beautiful sunshine on my blog today!! Your paintings are SO beautiful and your talents know no bounds:)

  2. Hi, Michele - I hope your mother has a speedy recovery! Sending you both best wishes! I'll check out your gift ideas at Tina's fabulous blog :)
    Take care,

  3. My dear Michele, first and foremost, sending lots and lots of warm thoughts and plenty of hugs to you and your mom. Wishing her a very speedy recovery. Secondly, have I mentioned how much I love your paintings? I do, I do! Finally, what a nice surprise! Thanks so very much for the shout out, you lovely thing, you! XOXO

  4. Wow, what a beautiful home - those windows are just stunning. And your parents bedroom is so pretty and peaceful. Sending lots of hugs and best wishes to your mum, honey, that she has a very speedy recovery xxx

  5. Hi sweet girl, It was so fun to share a page with you and so many other wonderful bloggers over at Tina's today. I am totally in love with the glass bottles from your shop!!
    Sending you and your Mom good thoughts, and special prayers and maybe a few angels along the way, xo Kathysue

  6. I hope your mother is feeling better soon. They do have a gorgeous master bedroom. I love those vintage bottles you have for sale!

  7. Her home is absolutely stunning!! Looking at that outside image is like stepping back in time riding up to a gorgeous chateau! I haven't seen these images and I'm so happy you posted them! I hope all is well with your Mom, she's so lucky to have you!! Enjoy sunny Arizona pretty lady!

    much love,

  8. Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.


  9. Hey there!

    Well.. I didn't realize your trip to Arizona was to visit your Mom. I'm sending you strength and hoping that her recovery goes well. I know.. this is a tough time.

    So funny Michele :) Always a great sense of humor :)


  10. Michele I hope your Mom is doing much better and is up and around soon. I'm sending you nothing but love and positive thoughts!


  11. Loved seeing you over on Tina's blog! Wishing your mom a very speedy recovery. xo

  12. my mom is recovering nicely. we are so encouraged by her strength and courage.

    thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!


  13. Oh yes, i was watching the wondrousness of the Enchanted Home being built. I'm so glad you reminded me to find her again, somehow i lost track of this charming lady and her blog! And, very very happy to hear your mom is doing well. YAY!


  14. Some lovely shots I will pop by the Enchanted house and have a look, looks inspiring!

  15. Hope your mom is doing well and up and about soon. Love Tina's blog and I'm headed there now.

  16. I love Tinas blog and love you too! Heading on over NOW! xxBarbara

  17. Who doesn't love Tina.....or you...:).

  18. It's lovely.
    Take care, Michele. hx


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