Books: Twelve French Gardens {Louis Benech}

August 10, 2013

Louis Benech is passionate
about plants and flowers.

Although trained in law, Benech became
a garden designer and was commissioned with
Pascal Cribier and Francois Roubaud in the '90s
to restore the ancient part of a
famous garden you may have visited.

Jardin des Tuileries - my photo, October 2012

Have you visited this treasure in Paris?

my photo

Benech has created
over 300 garden and park projects
and is humbly more comfortable
with the designation
'gardener' than 'landscape designer.'
 To learn more about the famous artful Benech,
take a peek at this interview at Architectural Digest
where he reveals his favorite flower...

photography - Bjorn Wallender

Benech designs private gardens as well,
such as the home of fashion designer
Stefano Pilati, whose Paris duplex
above makes one faible dans les genoux
(weak in the knees).

Louis Benech: Twelve French Gardens
Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Erik, Eric, and Eric collaborated.

Intrigued by Benech's work? You are soooo in luck.

The gorgeous volume
Louis Benech: Twelve French Gardens
by Eric Jansen and Eric Sander
(Gourcuff Gradenigo, October 2013)
showcases a dozen harmonious
projects by the master
and can be ordered here:
Louis Benech: Twelve French Gardens.

If Benech's work fascinates you, put
this title on your list...I'll be reminding
you when it gets closer to its launch date.

In other news, our summer has
been rich and full of wonder
like Benech's gardens.
* * *
Fully recovered, my body has mostly healed.
I find myself still learning to adapt to
lifestyle changes and new spiritual eyes
through which I view my world.
There are days I don't accomplish a thing and
feel like a complete dweeb; others I feel like Beyonce...

Are you savoring your gardens and summer?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. I'm relieved and delighted you are doing well, Michele. That is fantastic news!! And this looks like another lovely book for my garden library. Just penciled its release date on my calender.
    x Loi

  2. Michele, these photographs are so pretty and I'm sure this book will be filled with lots of eye candy

    I'm so glad you are feeling better these days. Time heals and having a good sense of humor helps us get through the tough days. You are to be admired and are an amazing role model for your kids.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. So pleased you are feeling strong my friend - these gardens are simply blissful, I love how structured they are yet with wild elements! The perfect combination. Stay well my dear - and on the days you do nothing, those are the days your body is giving itself a chance to heal xxx

  4. thanks for all the support, friends.

    i have had lots of time to rest and savor advance copies of some gorgeous titles like this one! benech is a master!


  5. Hi Michele...I'm so happy your doing well! YAAAA....this book looks amazing...what a talented man!

  6. What an amazing career then to be doing something you really love and are passionate about! These pictures and jobs are simply breathtaking. And yes I am really enjoying the outdoors..know the time is precious.

    SOOOO happy to hear you are on the mend and doing well, Michele. Best news possible for a well deserving super mama like yourself:)

  7. Each image is so dreamy! I wish I had more of a green thumb, thank goodness my husband does or our yard would be scary!! This book looks inspiring and I need to familiarize myself more in this area!

    Thanks for the inspiration and I hope all is well!

  8. My garden is very unattended this year....too much rain [?] and laziness!!

  9. i was not familiar with this designer extraordinaire, thank you for the intro michele
    thrilled to hear of your healing

  10. Benech has a gift so special Michele! I know that his book will be delightful, and love that he does designs for both large and small spaces.
    Thank you!

    2013 Designer Series

  11. I never know if i like messy cottage gardens or more sculpted orderly gardens. Both appeal. Glad to hear you are leveling out somewhat.. and relieved that all that is behind you and you will be around for a good long while...



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