Personal Reflections: let's chat in my pretty closet

August 25, 2013

I would prefer that summer not end.

That my nest feel less empty.

That my body feel stronger.

That my thoughts be less scattered.

But I am not in charge of the universe.
Thinkin about applying for the job though.
Cancer, BRCA, La menopause, and insomnia
would be the first
 things to go...
The growing pains I feel now
(seriously, it's what they are)
are maybe necessary for new
blessings waiting to be born.

I hope you don't mind hanging out
in my little dressing room today
and whispering about life.
What's on top of the dresser?

Familiar with painter Betsy Eby's work?
This is a catalog from a past exhibit
called Ayres and Fantasies.
I am sort of in love with her encaustics.
On top is a handmade bracelet found in Paris.

Some of my favorite jewelry pieces to wear
including a sterling ring from Splendid Avenue
and assorted artful bracelets by Emma Cassi.

This is my all-time favorite piece from
Splendid Avenue: chunky beaded silver
cross necklace in greige
(that's me modeling it on my girlfriend
Monika's site).

When I began brainstorming a name for my blog
years ago, I considered the French version of
Hello Lovely...what do you think?

Sending you light and tranquility
right where you are.
And hope.
Oh, hope, you're so gorgeous.
so are you.

i transformed this dressing room here using this.

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  1. Such beautiful photos, love them all! :-)

  2. What a lovely place to be when in deep or splendid thoughts. Always such a pleasure to read how you are thinking, nice way to start the week,
    xo Kathysue

  3. Bonjour beau! Such a lovely space you've created. Michele, I can relate to your growing pains. And I really don't want summer to end, either. I think it has something to do with realizing that the summer of my own life is pretty much at Labor Day weekend - or past it - and I am moving toward my own autumn. And I am not feeling like I want to age gracefully at all. But like you, I'm not in charge of the Universe! So I think I'll take a hint from you and go breath deep while getting lost in Betsy Eby. So much depth there to sooth one. Hope you have a lovely week, dear! XO

  4. What a wonderful space to contemplate the difficult transitions in life. I wish I had read this at 3:00 am this morning when my head was busy with all of the issues in my world. Thankful for my connections with other bloggers and friends. take care, ebh

  5. Michele, Wishing you well... as far as insomnia, and menopause... i've recently discovered that melatonin works great... I know it's not new news, but I was skeptical ... believe me, it's amazing how well I sleep now by using it, you might consider it if your doctors allow. Take Care, Mary

  6. I enjoyed the visit to your dreamy atelier, mon amie!! Enjoy this last week of August ~ xo, Loi

  7. Oh Michele, I love the soft ethereal feeling in your photos. Can I move in there? Park myself next to those delicate ballet slippers? It would be such a welcome little retreat from the realities of my pesky hot flashes and menopausal insomnia. And hang in there with those stirrings of loss, there’s some exciting beginnings that are on the other side of all that. I feel it already….for me and for you!
    Leslie (aka gwen moss)

  8. Michelle-
    This is a beautiful and heartfelt post. I love your closet, and the jewelry is amazing. I love Monika.
    Happy day.

  9. Ohh you couldn't help but feel uplifted in a dressing room like that. So delicate and pretty and all your gorgeous jewellery... sigh. As for your transitions, my love, I do feel it this year more than any other. Not the big M yet for me but past the bloom as it goes... and it's hard. But I know so many amazing women older than I am that are so strong and so fabulous that it's hard not to think maybe there's still some really good stuff around the corner :) Sending big hugs xxx

    P.S. If you are thinking of changing your blog name to Bonjour Beau, I would say go for it ;) Change isn't always bad, especially when we're in control of it ;) xxx

  10. What a pretty girlie! Your necklace is wonderful...hope your feeling stronger and have been able to enjoy the rest of summer!

  11. That light is only
    second to the beautiful
    spirit I see illuminated

    I have thought about you
    so much this summer as
    you grapple with many
    changes. Our first chick
    fluttered away last week
    and I'm still in weepy mode.
    Add that to the challenges
    that you face and I'm in awe
    that you are still able to
    bring such beauty to this
    space. You need to bottle
    that verve and optimism!

    Love and hugs, beautiful,
    spirited, light-filled friend.

    xo Suzanne

  12. Bonjour Beau!! On my way to this pretty closet:)to hang out with my beautiful blond friend Michele;)

    The perfect spot to just BE. We are fighters Michele and we all are in the midst of one battle or another. This is how it is .. life. I get where you're at and I'm with you. There is lots of strength in the blogging community!


  13. So hope you are feeling better in this beautiful space of yours. Love the necklace!!

  14. I want a pretty closet!! I will just live vicariously through yours!!
    XO karolyn

  15. I love your blog name "Hello Lovely" it's perfectly perfect in every way. Look at all your pretties... What is it that has that wonderful red in the first photo? Is it a painting? It grabbed my eyes and won't let go...
    Yeah, i get sad when the summer comes to an end and the days get shorter. I need the sun... and hey, cancer, menopause, insomnia... you left out constipation... smile


  16. Dear Michele, it seems this past year so many of us have been through so very much!
    Just remember I am here for you always and things will get better! Enjoyed you lovely dressing room so much!

    2013 Authors Series
    "Love Where You Live"

  17. That may be the most fabulous closet I have ever seen. Tres tres belle.
    I do think you picked the right name for your blog, though -- Hello, Lovely says it all.

    By the way, I'd like to apply for that Queen of the Universe job, too. Think we have a shot at getting it?

  18. p.s. Just added your lovely closet to my Pinterest "Every Girl Needs A Closet of Her Own" :)

  19. Bonjour beaute or bonjour belles. Bonjour beau is just not proper French. I hope you don't mind my "French" opinion!

  20. Bonjour Mes Belles is better than Bonjour Beau. Hello Lovely is difficult to translate especially since lovely is an adjective unless you can find a slang word like lovely in French. But it should definitely be in the feminine form. I like Hello Lovely Inc. as is without the French counter part anyway!♥

  21. merci merci! bonjour belles has a beautiful ring to my ears. thank you so much for minding my lackluster french language skills and helping a sista out! thank you, micheline!

  22. I can't get over how splendid your closet is! Good thing you haven't seen mine. I can't tell you how talented you are, your writing and cleverness lifts and inspires me! You are so right on not being able to control the universe - all we can do is learn and grow from what it sends! Thanks for being that pillar for me;)

    much love!

  23. oh darling, i know all about pain and menopause and insomnia...oy....i am constantly learning from pain. what a lesson.
    your closet is beautiful and enveloping. i could hang there, for sure.
    sending you prayers, love and light.


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