Books: The Bald Mermaid {Sheila Bridges}

August 22, 2013

Wanna give your senses a rare treat?

Simply mosey on over to the colorful portfolio
of designer and self-proclaimed mermaid

You won't be sorry.

Once you get a satifying dose of her talent
as a designer
(you may recall Bill Clinton hired her a few years back),
you can take a peek
explores among other issues,
baldness (an auto-immune disease),
and bad boyfriends.
The Bald Mermaid: A Memoir
(Pointed Leaf Press, 2013)
There are accompanying illustrations too.)

I'm not gonna spoil the book,
but there's a part about one of the
bad boyfriends (a contractor)
which may cause you to
snap your fingers
in a 'z' pattern.
Go Sheila!

The walls of one of her guest rooms are graced
by words from her favorite authors in
lieu of dusty piles of books.

Are you lovin this whimsical Harlem apartment
designed by Ms. Bridges?

Food for thought...
Know what impresses me about this place?
How perfectly APPETIZING every room is.
I can imagine entertaining in every room;
eating delicious yum in every corner.
That's a very Marie Antoinette kind of lovely
if you ask me, ya know?

interior design: Sheila Bridges
photography: Trevor Tondro for the NY Times

Click for a list of beautiful design books to inspire.

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  1. Unique, shows her personality and individuality. I love to see spaces thru your eyes,

  2. Oh yeah! And her colors are really cool... pretty. I like the words from the books on the walls, and i am very curious about her now. I want to know more!


  3. Hi Michele, finally back in the U.S and can use my phone! Gorgeous design and colors. I think eating something yummy in each corner sounds perfect. I like the plates on the wall and the painting. Very simple and pretty.

    Hope you have a nice weekend ahead!


  4. Such style, sophistication and pizazz! Love her eclectic interiors!! And she uses painted furniture so well. I remember her home in Elle Decor a while back.
    x Loi

  5. did I miss this. What stunning colors...everything feels very classic but with a twist. The colors are sensational.

    Hope you are feeling well pretty mama and enjoy your Sunday.

  6. loved that guest room...she is one heck of a designer~!

  7. i have admired her for years and always recognize her work when i see it!

  8. A very Marie Antoinette kind of lovely, indeed (love that turn of phrase!)! Shelia Bridges has such a wonderful point of view so uniquely her own. I love the spaces she creates, they have so much personality. Her work is unmistakable! The book sounds quite interesting, too, and if course I love anything with illustrations!
    Hope you are having a lovely week!XOXO

  9. Ohhh wow, amazing... Fun but elegant! Fabulous xxx


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