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March 08, 2014

A little more lovely to share from around the house today.

Someone asked about the fuzzy jacket I wore in my video
the other's called the Oslo jacket by Laundry. 

My sister has been purging her closets, and up for sale
is this custom-made large tote by Bent Tree Design
which was never used.

Lovin the quality of the bag and the fact it's one of a kind.

Also making its debut in my video is
this new oil painting by artist Cindy Austin!
Sometimes Cindy offers up original art
for a song on her beautiful blog.

This is one of those pieces I love no matter
where I place it. 

Burlap Luxe

I am so grateful Dore Calloway of Burlap Luxe alerted us
to this Smith & Hawken box on sale at Target!
I found one, followed her instructions for sanding,
and wound up with this attractive finish (below).
Merci, lovely Dore!
(Dore also has a most charming online shop!)

painting by Cindy Austin

Inside the box is a rosary blessed by the Pope,
a gift my sister brought back from the Vatican.

Another item spied on Burlap Luxe was this gorgeous title:

by Josephine Ryan
(Ryland Peters & Small, 2013)

josephine ryan french home 6.jpg

Familiar with British designer Josephine Ryan's work?
I was not.

Just. So. Romantic.

Last but not least is a wee lil' pig found
in an antique mall's basement.

He said he'd huff and puff until
I brought him home to reside
on a driftwood sailboat.
Home he came.

One more lovely in case you missed the last post:
adorable mini business/calling cards for 10% off
when you use this code.

Today was the first day I went out without
wellies in what feels like a year.
I do believe it's time to
get our spring break

Peace to you right where you are.

 Hello Lovely at times partners
with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. J'aime aussi, Michele. Am coveting the fuzzy coat and have fallen for the little piggy! Happy Saturday to you! XO

    1. i love it when a trend brings back sweet memories of the 70s like these shaggy cropped coats!

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Your pictures are D R E A M Y!!! Love them:)

  3. I had a coat similar to this. I guess someone threw it away! Sad.
    Have a blessed Sunday, sweet Michele.

  4. Lovely images! :-)

  5. May i borrow the coat? ;) that little pig is darling and nice work on the tray!

  6. God have I mentioned how much I love that stencilled wall?? LOVE. IT. And the oil painting is mega gorg. Also, that itty bitty pig? WANT. Enjoy that spring weather baby ;) xxx

  7. So many lovelies :) I have a couple of Josephine Ryan's books, and even visited her former shop in London. That painting very charming!!! I love it propped just the way you show it. xoxo L

  8. Ahhhhhhh! Michele, love it all... and i was wondering about the furry jacket too, it's wonderful. This room is the best...


  9. Oh wow, my computer must have been whack yesterday, because i didn't really see all of this post, and some of the beautiful images... Josephine Ryan's work is insanely cool... wow! Love your business cards, and the little pig - also in love with those rough pottery plates of Dore's ... and actually Dore too - she is so special. Thanks for the plug about my artwork too! I like "Night light" at your house...



Your comments add to the beauty...thanks in advance for your kindness.


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