My New MOO Calling Cards are THE CUTEST {Lovely Finds}

March 05, 2014

window seat designed and painted by me, built by husband

Excited to share my new mini business cards with you,
and if you like em enough to
order a set for yourself and use my code
you'll get 10% off your first order!

They are by MOO
 and are half the size of standard cards
yet twice as nice...thick luxe paper, and here's the part
you'll freak about:

They come in packs of 100, and you can upload up to 100 images
so the pack can serve as a sort of portfolio!

Are you kiddin me?
What printer lets you order 100 cards with a different image
on each one for no extra charge?????
(They also have designs if you need one.)

I uploaded three images in the same palette and am
in love with the harmony!)

You have a choice of standard or luxe paper, 

which feels as sumptuous as it sounds...

Luxe =  Finest paper stock.

Four layers of sumptuous Mohawk Superfine sandwiched together

 to create the ultimate MiniCard.

With the 10% off, I paid less than $30 for pure luxury.

They will arrive in a fabulously chic and durable
little white box, perfect for storing the minis.

A few of my friends loved em so much they ordered them
for personal calling cards...a great way to include the
web address for your blog or for sharing if you are a
work-at-home mom.

This is not a sponsored post; I'm simply overjoyed
and think you should take this friendly priced
luxe product for a spin yourself! 

Peace to you right where you are.

 Hello Lovely at times partners
with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. Gorgeous, Michele! And perfect for you. I am a sucker for good, rich paper stock and will have to check out your friends at MOO! XOXO

  2. Think I will check these out, I need new cards and I love how yours turned out!

    1. hi dawn! you have been missed. you will love these without a doubt.

  3. Love those, now I have to think what fabulous photo to place on back!!

    1. i highly recommend choosing a few different photos--it's fun!

  4. Wow! his really is a great deal, Michele! Thank you for sharing!

  5. love them, they really seem to reflect your impeccable sense of style!

  6. These are lovely. I always create my own cards and am very happy with them, but I may just have to order some of these because they are so pretty. thanks for the discount offer.

    1. as an artist, i bet you will love these since you can upload up to 100 images of your work--instant portfolio!

  7. Wow! I really like the pictures you have selected for your cards.
    They're super cute! x

  8. I love a nice thick paper stock Michele. These are perfect! I like the size and your design is simple and pretty. I've got a (medical) business card through my docs office.. it's just standard and boring. I hope you are enjoying your Friday! xxleslie

  9. I ordered some Michele and can't wait to get them! xxo

  10. LOVE these!!! These are stunning and so "you", the pictures are soo gorgeous. Always helps when you have a great beautiful subject and that would be YOU!

  11. I just found MOO (UK) a few weeks ago and had some gorgeous business cards done. I am now looking to make some Thank You cards and like the size of your cards. Do you think I can use your discount code for the UK?

  12. Fabulous cards! I like the slimmer profile - very streamlined and chic!! Thanks for sharing this source, Michele.
    Ciao ciao

    1. lovin the ciao ciao comment closing, loi. if ya don't mind, i plan to start signing off with ciao ciao ciao. to both one up you and give purina their props. :)

      ciao ciao ciao

  13. So pretty and so you! Love them!! xxx

  14. Adorable! Love the charming size, and your colors and images on the card are perfect!


  15. Thank you so much for posting this. I am just about to purchase business cards online, and was stuck between Impression EMEDIA and Moo. This was really helpful. I’m excited to purchase with Moo now.


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