My Home: Around the House in March

March 25, 2014

It has been a long while since I took photos at home.
Too many doctor appointments and dreary days sitting
at the computer...but today I had a reason to
get snapcrackalackin.

My place may or may not get spotlighted in
a magazine, and I'll not say more until
I get the word (and then you will
be invited for champagne).

But enough of me.

Wait, no.
I also wanna brag that two of my paintings
sold today in Seattle to a cool and chic East Coast cat.

Now I'm done for real.
Remember this majorly foxy grain sack from
A Beautiful Mess?
It's starring as a runner on the dining room table now.

The sunlight's pretty, oui?
The round table that used to be in the foyer
is downstairs in the mancave for now
where the men watch Fight Club
and work puzzles.
I can't do puzzles. Isn't it so sad that all
I can do is refill Mountain Dews,
stand by, and applaud them?

The plates are by Rae Dunn and have been
our everyday dishes for many years now.

One more ridiculous random story
(you are not allowed to judge) and some good news to share.

The story is kind of about the wool handknit throw
on the bench in the kitchen, but not really.

I found it the other day at Goodwill,
and it was this pathetic yellowy-white hue
(not cute & creamy as it appears at left).
I figured someday I would dye it.

A few days later I had this scary doctor visit
followed by a brain MRI followed by two days
of waiting, and in my anxiety I decided: screw it.

I cannot live with that color in my house.
I don't think I am up for shaving an already
radically thinned baby fine head of hair
if it's a lesion or a tumor, and I am 98%
certain I cannot face another year like last year.

I dipdyed the exquisitely knit throw
in a vintage punchbowl
filled with black paint and water,
and it was SO GRATIFYING.
Seeeeeeeee...this I can change.
And now that throw is a color you can't really name.
(Those colors are always my favorites.)

And my brain seems to be ok.
And I'm not having panic attacks but
rather ocular migraines (without pain).
And life is good, friends.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Your home is beautiful and would be a wonderful feature in a magazine spread. Best of luck to you.

  2. I also want to say, glad your MRI turned out OK. You have been through a lot of health concerns and deserve wellness sweet one.

  3. So much to say, Michele. First off, I'm sooo relieved that your brain is OK. I'm sorry you had that hanging over you - enough already! Secondly, your home is definitely magazine worthy. I'm crossing my fingers that we get to flip through some pages and see it soon. Not to mention how wonderful that you've sold a couple paintings (in Seattle, yay!) and the blanket. How clever you are and such a good reminder not to live with things that you have the power to change for one more day than you need to. I think we should just go ahead and drink champagne. Thanks for these gorgeous pictures, lovely one! XOXO

    1. i still am not sure how dye-ing this crazy blanket is related to what's going on but that's why i write. to discover a little more. you're so kind, jeanne. thanks.

  4. Michele, Your home is lovely, your throw looks great and I'm happy for you that your brain is ok! Wishing you a happy day…
    XO Mary

  5. Oh cool! Your house is gorgeous... peaceful, soft, uncluttered, calming and so pretty. It will look great in a magazine! just your closet is enough for a whole magazine photo shoot!


  6. sometimes all you need is to transform a humble piece of cloth and sell a few paintings to send sunbeams of hope streaming through your life. I'm so happy to hear the scary brain questions have been answered and nothing is wrong. Thank the dear Lord. And your house looks positively chic and peaceful at the same time. Crossing my fingers about the magazine feature.

  7. Always love peeks of your home, which should be in a magazine!! Congrats on placing more of your beautiful art, Michele. Take care, L

  8. Hi Michele, Just said a prayer for you, my dear. I love everything about your home, including those enchanting little dishes! You have a wonderful light about you and it transcends into your home!

  9.'s about time that someone featured your gorgeous home in a magazine, Michele! It's totally amazing!!! I've been keeping you in my prayers, sweet friend...and am so glad that God answered another one. I pray that he continues to hold you in the palm of his healing hand. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  10. Michele, thank God you are okay. I am so sorry you are going through so much .. the worry of this MRI on top of everything else. It's very difficult and I can only imagine as life is difficult enough WITHOUT all this stuff.

    I so love your spirit despite life's challenges. Dye the throw.. paint a room.. take a bubble bath. .. sip champagne. That's perfect;) Sending light to you. xxL

    (congrats on the paintings!!!)

  11. Your blog feels like my own special magazine... way better than anything that's out there on the stands. Your beautiful personality and inspiring gifts lift and bless my life in ways more than you know!

    Much love to you beautiful lady!

  12. That snapshot it glorious.....the texture of the throw is perfect!

  13. ROCK ON!! I think that is the color of a "rock!" franki

  14. I'm so glad your MRI came out good....that must of been a relief! Your house looks beautiful and I love your front doors...

  15. Hi Michele, your rooms are amazing, so calm and serene. that zinc bucket of dried hydrangeas is perfect! thanks so much for coming over to share this with everyone!

  16. OMG, my heart skipped
    a beat when you mentioned
    brain and MRI in the same
    sentence. So glad that you
    got good news and that you
    didn't have to wait for more
    than the tortuous two days!!!

    Love your dip dye job. Wrap
    yourself up in it and give yourself
    a big old squeeze, girlie!

    xo Suzanne

  17. Awww sweet sweet lady, I'm so pleased everything turned out okay - you've had much too much to deal with. Wrap yourself up in that fabby newly dyed throw and revel in the fact that your home is so indeed magazine-worthy that I'm surprised it's not been featured already! Happy days pretty lady! xxx

  18. Oh good grief! Not ANOTHER scary thing!!!... Thank goodness it's nothing... Well, not nothing, but not brain cancer for goodness sake.
    Love your dining room and your big metal bucket of dried hydrangeas. I like that you just dove in and died that throw. The color is cool. It's like a nature earthy soft color. You could name and sell that accidental color mix!



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