{Celebrity Homes} Yolanda Foster's Malibu Pad

March 14, 2014

My family is disgusted the 'spiritually evolved' me occasionally tunes into Real Housewives...a show on Bravo which strangely calms me (a weird sedative effect...go ahead
and shrink me) while it triggers hives for them.

Say what you will about the 'reality' of women past their
prime competing for air time by betching and one upping each other;  frankly, I think they're all in on the joke and getting paid for having a blast while pretending to behave badly.

My favorite housewife to watch is Dutch beauty
Yolanda Foster, who oozes chic and cares so lovingly
for her gorgeous oceanfront property.

Yolanda's frig

I actually don't covet the glorious closet.
It would make this neurotic blogger a nervous wreck
and obsess about home invasion and dust.

It IS pretty swell though.

And one could get used to color coordinated stacks of t-shirts.

The space feels like a special boutique, ya?

Oh Malibu, I think you might complete me.

Have a favorite Real Housewives interior or personality?
Have a love/hate relationship with the show?
Have a Malibu beach house for me to house-sit?

Ordered the cutest mini calling cards in the history of card-dom?
Use this code to score 10% off.

Peace to you right where you are.

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with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. Just had to pop on over to tell you that I got my mini luxe moo cards today and I LOVE them!!!! I will share them on my blog when I return to blogging after Lent with credit to you for letting us know about them.
    I already want to order more using photos from my new camera...but I will wait till Autumn. xxo

    1. i'm so glad to hear this, kerrie! thanks for letting me know, you sweet blogger.

  2. Michèle, oh dear one i am right there with you on this lady of Beverly Hills Housewives !
    Visiting the show often, guilty pleasure I have to agree with you about Yolanda Foster being a favorite, in fact my daughter 21 loves the show as well, we have traded loyalties from Lisa to Yolanda. That home of hers, the fridg that cold like a curio cabinet, her prized lemon grove, and her up front bold brave up front forwardness is liberating. Of course she has a doll baby husband who plays piano for her with romantic tunes who adores her.
    Her home is something and my favorite, what do you think of Gigi's first apartment off to college?
    I also have gotten a little hung up on Vanderpump! Another shameful show, yikes! I glad I can come back to reality and take it for all it's worth. My daughter is friends with some of the young in this group. Where photo shoots are often part of play.

    I have to lol, at your comment on your hubby and son and what they think, it's such a girl thing lol
    Have fun this weekend, enjoy the warmth, thank you dearly for taking time to visit me adding joy to my decision to hang such a mirror over a kitchen table, Yikes forcing me to look good in the mornings or not look over my left shoulder.


    1. hahahaha. this is so fun to hear that you also favor yolanda. have watched vanderpump rules as well WITH AWE. what a genius that lisa vanderpump (with the cutest alopecia-ed vanderPUP!) is at drawing an international audience to her restaurant and servers. how fun that your daughter is familiar with that crowd. i am so grateful to you for pointing me to the smith & hawken box and french home book. your taste is so lovely! happy weekend to you, dore.


  3. Michele I love Yolanda, she seems one of the most "normal" of the group of housewives!!
    Cannot get over that refrigerator!!

    Jay Jeffers, Collected Cool!

  4. You are too funny! I cant watch them they make me uncomfortable, but you are probably right its probably just a good act! Well at least I hope you are right!
    The fridge is crazy organized and lovely! Wish mine was a 10th like that! Enjoy your weekend, Karolyn

    1. haha. i am confident there is no 'reality' where folks are not being secretly filmed. the more air time=the more opportunity for pimping their projects/products!

  5. I wish I had a Malibu beach house for you to sit! That first picture has me longing for lavender, roses and sunshine. I don't watch any of the housewives, but have to admit that there are times at the gym when they are on the overhead TVs and it's like a car wreck - I can't turn away. In the end I say whatever makes you happy!

    And no, my refrigerator looks nothing like that.

    Happy weekend, dear! XO

    1. i read 'car wreck' as 'crack! that's what it is for me. it does make me laugh and it's addictive!

  6. Ha ha Michele… I LOVE watching the Real Housewives, and I also like Yolanda. I just don't take any of it too seriously, but it is entertaining in all it's shallowness! Enjoy your weekend.
    Ciao bella,

    1. maybe it's the shallowness that sucks me in. so much else in my life is deep territory. happy weekend, mary!

  7. She was a lovely model in her day. I've seen some gorgeous photos recently of here family modeling their Equestrian style. They own some beautiful horses! I did hear that the house was for sale and I think I know where it is in Malibu.. it's in an easy location to spot from a distance. Anyway, I must confess to watching..guilty pleasure;) The refrigerator is kinda strange and she has to get on a stool to style it. The closet is over the top and definitely has the feel of a boutique. Fun post Michele! xxL

    1. you're so right--and still a gorgeous model at her age now. did you see her new bob haircut? didn't know about the horses!

  8. I don't watch any of those "housewives" shows, but holy moly....this house is amazing! The views and the closets left me speechless! lol

    xoxo laurie

  9. i lost track counting the birkin bags! and that fridge, the view, the.......my jaw is gapping!

  10. I have never watched the show, but her pool is incredible!


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